The exposure of the pyramid. Continued Part 2

We assume radiation on breast?

What kind of "miracle" today does not serve charlatans. And clung like a pyramid abound. As soon as the smell of money, they are right there. In the course are tricky hypnotic spells, some unknown cosmic formula. "Miracle" takes on scientific-sounding convincing form. In this verbal meditation is easy to believe, but it is impossible to understand. Ingenuity quacks sometimes gush all limits. This is the book "White Magic." It was published in Kiev in 1991. As we know, the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant — it's a pain in Ukraine.

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Ghost Train




"New Review", 27.02.2002, Omsk, n8, p.26

Author: Terence Mihnuha

A terrible discovery had expected the company pickers near the village Balakovki Vologda region. September 15, four mushroom found on the railway leading to the abandoned peat extraction, torn to shreds body of a man. Several meters have

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A unique find of Iranian archaeologists




During the archaeological excavations of the burial ground, "Tariq Kula" in the Iranian province of Kurdistan, was found a unique stone seal with the image of the ancient mythical gods and humans. Its uniqueness is determined, first of all, the fact that such signets still not found,

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Nostradamus prophecies come true already 449 years




449 years ago, the French astrologer Nostradamus published his first book of predictions. Book of prophecies "Centuries" became the main business of life of the famous doctor.

The first 4 "Centuries" came out March 1 in Lyon in 1555, the rest of the predictions were published in

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The patent for UFO


July 4th all the progressive community celebrates the International Day ufologist. It was on this date in 1947, had the most remarkable event in the world of "flying saucers" — near a U.S. military base in Rockwell crashed unidentified flying object in the depths of which were found out of order "little green men". On this subject, filmed several takers for heart blockbusters, and in the Rockwell deployed a thriving business in the only museum in the world of UFOs.

But July 4, 2000 The apron

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Three cars from the past




"Vladivostok", 21.11.2003, Vladivostok, n176

According to the magazine "Miracles and Adventures"

Occurrences of the shadows of people and animals — are countless. But the technique was flickering in the "other-worldly" Statistics recently. There are numerous tales of ghostly sailing ships and carriages. Progress, as we know, does

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Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has called humanity to escape from the Earth



Humanity can not survive thousands of years, if it does not find a new habitat — outside "of our fragile planet." So says famed British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, which entered the top ten geniuses of our time. 71-year-old scientist has called for the salvation of the human race to actively explore the cosmos.

His opinion was expressed by a lecture in one of the medical centers in Los Angeles, reports CBS. "It is necessary to understand how the universe works,

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Civilization aged

Scientists have shown that the urban culture existed 6,000 years ago. Scientists have greatly lengthened the period of existence of human civilization. This week in Copenhagen at an international conference on the archeology of ancient Mesopotamia, researchers from the Institute of Oriental Studies in Chicago are going to announce his discovery, significantly changes the perception about the time of the urban culture. In Syria were found the remains of the city, dating back four thousand years BC This disproves the old notion that the urban culture emerged around this time in the south

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Frozen Light




A graduate of Physical-Technical Institute has created a prototype time machine

Andrew Vaganov

Laser phantom replaces man. Photo: Reuters

The photon flux is stopped. It seems that the current experimental physicists took Goethe's famous line — "Stop a moment, you're great!" — That as a guide to

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SOHO in pursuit of a UFO




Withour solar telescope SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) went into space eight years ago, on December 2, 1995. The project was carried out jointly by the European Space Agency and NASA. The telescope is in the first Lagrange point (the point of equal attraction) between the Earth and the Sun at a distance of

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