Hypnotic session with a woman from United States

The author of "P."

I want you to quote hypnotic session held in 1994, 95g. was one woman who lives in the United States. Actions described in this dream relate to our time. And describe the arrival of the wave (quantum leap), was given to the concept of the arrival of a wave after 18 years:

Q: What do you see now — it's embedded memories shielding or what actually happened? A: That is what happened. Q: All right. Continue to describe what you see on the screen. Anything else? A: Hmmm … all I can see

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Life on Mars is found, but the Americans again its hidden




Journalists covering the work of the current U.S. mission to Mars, full of vague doubt that the rovers have made a sensational discovery, which is kept secret from the public. The reason for such thoughts was the fact that the experts Laboratory in Pasadena, of which the

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Evidence of an ancient civilization

Physical evidence of an ancient culture, related to 10-11 centuries BC, discovered expedition of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography in Novosibirsk in the vicinity of the village Dezhnev Jewish Autonomous Region. Found during autopsies burial arrowheads, knives, bronze jewelry, necklace of chalcedony belong, as scientists believe, the Jurchen, the ancestors of today's historic aborigines.

Worth finding suggests that many centuries ago the shore of the Great River were settled and there was an ancient civilization of the indigenous ethnic group of the Amur. After examining the findings in Novosibirsk,

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Persons breath leaves a unique mark, like a fingerprint



Chemical trace on your breath is as unique as fingerprints and may be used to identify you. Moreover, it can be used to diagnose diseases. Medical traditionally based on this data analyzing blood, urine and tissues. In these biological samples contained metabolites — the remnants after the biochemical processes in the body. Metabolic profile depends on a number of factors: diet, infections, circadian rhythms, and live in the intestines of microorganisms. All this affects the type and amount of chemicals

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H2O for aliens




Is it possible to quench your thirst on Mars?

On Tuesday night, America has decided to make all sensation. Deputy Director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration USA Ed Weiler told a press conference that the Mars rover "Opportunity" located on the Red Planet traces of

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About the contacts of people with elonavtami

At present, the world has already recorded more than 1,000 reports of "temporary" in UFO abductions, including 30 in England, 20 — in Italy, 7 — in France and a major amount — in the U.S., Canada and South America.

The most famous of them, and deep enough to explore — it is the case with spouses Hill, which has been widely covered in the western UFO literature.

In our country, it was described in the newspapers "Youth of Estonia" (1968. February 4) and the "Donetsk Worker" (1968. February 13). Here is his summary.

On the

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NASA announced that Mars was alive




The American Opportunity rover has found something for which flew to Mars — evidence of the existence here in the past a lot of liquid water. Skuayers Steve (Steve Squyres), a leading scientist of the mission, said: "The question is — these rocks were altered by liquid

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Interesting archaeological finds

In Iraq, archaeologists have unearthed a strange crafts two-thousand-year-old, who can serve as an electric battery when it pour acid. The subject consists of an iron core surrounded by a copper tube, and all of this is enclosed in an earthen vessel.

A unique archaeological find discovered in the vicinity of the Italian town of Cerveteri (Lazio metropolitan area). Workers during construction came upon an ancient (1st millennium BC. E.) Etruscan burial.

In the area of Altentreptow (GDR) has recently discovered during excavations 67 — centimeter iron

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Egypt archaeologists find out the name of the ancient king




Archaeologists have discovered perhaps the name of the ancient king of Egypt. According to today's chairwoman of the international group of archaeologists Salima Ikram, in El-Kharga oasis in the south of the country on a rock found carved the name of an ancient ruler — Aa.


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DNA analysis Kyshtymskoye dwarf




Finished second attempt to conduct genetic analysis of sample "Kyshtymskoye dwarf" (strange creature, found and lost in the Chelyabinsk region in 1996, in search of that "Kosmopoisk" expedition fitted out 4). In the near future, as soon as the report comes in, "Kosmopoisk", excerpts from it will

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