Hayvenmeny — dark forces of roads


About the ghosts, who are the travelers on the road, walking a lot of legends. In England they are called hayveymenami or traffic in human beings. Stories about hayveymenov could be taken as pure fiction, though not a huge amount of evidence: such a meeting — not a rarity …

They say that on the road the French province of Brittany is possible to meet a phantom … death! Anka — a name he was given the locals — it looks like a tall, very gaunt man with long white hair, dressed in all black. On his

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Chelyabinsk meteorite. Photo, video



Chelyabinsk meteorite flying over Chelyabinsk area February 15, 2013 at about 9.20 am local time (7.20 am Moscow time). After thirty seconds (32, 5 seconds) after entering the environment meteorite collapsed, and the largest of its fragments, as initially reported to have fallen in the Lake District Tchebarkul. In further studies wreckage Meteorite different sizes were found in several places Chelyabinsk region, the exact coordinates of the locations of some scientists kept secret. Subsequent scientific estimates of the size and

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Artificial Phobos


In 2012 started the whole hysteria around the mysterious Mars. The red planet, its moons, the possibility of colonization, the rover Kyuriositi discuss work wherever possible.

From time to time, make very strong statements reputable organization. For example, the European Space Agency. Most recently, representatives of the organizations stated that Phobos, a mysterious Martian moon is artificial.  


At least one-third of it is hollow, and the origin of the satellite is not natural, alien in nature. Astrophysicist Dr. Iosif Shklovsky Samuilovich first calculated the orbital motion of Phobos, the Martian satellite. He

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Underwater bar in New York City



Within the advertising of a large swimming pool in New York City has been transformed into an underwater bar.

Innovative diving helmets will easily become a patron of the underwater night club. They can move freely and breathe under water.

This company has provided modern equipment Sea Trek. In general, such an unusual design was created to advertise Thinkmodo waterproof watch TechnoMarine.


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The experts of the British Ministry of Defense, after consultation with scientists and engineers said: the next 30 years of supernormal person will become a reality. In whom we have become? Upgrading a secret Wish list is quite extensive super-powers — the ability to move quickly through the water or air, more security, increased focus, vision, hearing, endurance, memory expansion, the ability to process more information, go without food and sleep. All this is available only until the heroes of

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The flight to other worlds — eyewitness


Sometimes there are accidents that baffled even seasoned investigators of anomalous phenomena. One such incident was the flight to an unknown planet Volga stalker, many years exploring the anomalous zone "Medveditskaya ridge."

Fifty-year-Valery Moskaliev led expeditionary force "Volga-Kosmopoisk" and every year for a few weeks lost in the Zone, becoming the kind of people here stalker, like the hero of the Strugatsky. As a true stalker, he sees a lot out there, with many confusing meeting face to face. He carries on the extraordinary scene

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New report: Since 1997, there was an annual increase in global temperature.


Stop global temperatures — a reality. As the thegwpf.org, in a new report, written by Dr. David Whitehouse and published in the Global Warming Policy Foundation, concludes that since 1997, there was no statistically significant increase in the annual global temperature.

After a review of the scientific literature, the report concludes that the stability is an empirical fact and a reality that defies the modern climate models. During the time that the global temperature of the Earth remains the same, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased from 370 to 390

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Nine year old prodigy from Ukraine lectures to third-



Fourth grader, who has something to say third year! Unique lecturer appeared in Cherkassy University. He is 9 years old. Vitaly Nechayev known throughout Ukraine. For incredible ability prodigy even received a national award. A curious fact: up to three years Vitaly did not speak. And then one day, suddenly picked up a newspaper and began to read aloud. Acne Nechayev dream became president, but the policy quickly disappointed. Is now preparing for a career in science. Before the first

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Sea monster … or not?



For example, I hope it's just an illusion, or I would not swim in the sea. However, the original owner claims it is a monster who was thrown into the sea at the nearby beach. Discovery Channel also claimed that unbelievable sea creatures live in deep water, and that we are not aware of their existence. This is probably one representative … but I doubt it. Decide for yourself.


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In the U.S., on a stone slab, found record 10 Commandments and signs Tetragrammaton made 3000 years ago?


Caption can not be fake. At the foot of this hill is the ancient stone inscriptions, according to alien-ufo-community.ning.com

Many scientists now believe that the inscription on the stone contains the Ten Commandments, including the 3 digit Tetragrammaton, inscribed in the texts of the Hebrew language.


The inscription is unique for several reasons. First, it is made in ancient Hebrew. Second, it is located near the small town of Los Lunas in New Mexico, USA. Thirdly, the inscription contains the "Ten Commandments".

This proves that

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