Megaliths of the Maltese Islands

Megaliths and stone structures of prehistory found in different parts of the world, the most famous English Stonehenge and Carnac French, but not everyone knows that the most ancient buildings of stone slabs are on the small archipelago of Malta in the Mediterranean. Feature of the Maltese megaliths is that it does not separate facilities, and huge complexes, which are called cromlechs.

On the island of Gozo is the oldest stone megaliths, which, according to scientists, was elevated more than five thousand years ago. His name Ġgantija megalith was a

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Iran launched into space monkey

Iran launched into space monkey — are preparing for manned flight

Iran launched a carrier rocket for launching the so-called "capsule of life" — the machine, carrying the monkey, AFP reports citing the Iranian Arabic-language TV channel Al-Alam.

Space launch primate was a preparatory step for Iran to fly a manned spacecraft. According to the head of Iran's space agency Fizeli Hamid, a project for human space flight, planned for the next five — eight years. Launch a man into space must take place no later than 2020.

The device successfully returned to Earth, flying monkey

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Solo on the body of the rocket tubes. Continued Part 2

A mystery to the Patriot

Externally "Antey-2500" is very similar to the C-300B, which is sometimes called the "Russian Patriot." The same "self-propelled" — tracked chassis in all six machines that are included in the package. The same as if the body in the Christian cathedral, pipes containers launchers with missiles "Giant" and "Gladiator." Rockets, as before, developed at the Yekaterinburg KB "Innovator". But now they are, of course, is much more powerful and effective than ever before. Although it could fit in the "old" weight dimensions. The same system and the command post. But naturally, the other

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The hypothesis about the Bermuda Triangle — twelve black spots

This hypothesis was put forward American scientist J. Sanderson. He suggested that all the mysterious phenomena that occur in the Bermuda Triangle, fully covered by the theory of turbulence with strong magnetic fields.


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Such turbulence, according to this theory, cause a malfunction of the onboard equipment, and are the cause of even a number of anomalies. The Bermuda Triangle

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Summer 2003 found the hottest in 500 years




Swiss Dr. Jörg Laterbaker (Juerg Luterbacher) and his colleagues at the University of Bern (Universitat Bern) analyzed the data of the "thermal history" of Europe and found that the summer of 2003 was the hottest in the last five centuries.

In particular, the researchers analyzed the

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Astrologer analyzed numbers of candidates on the ballot




Contrary to the disbelief of most politicians in the "magic numbers", people nevertheless provided each of the numbers a certain sense, accurately describing the situation. So says the writer and astrologer Viktor Firsov. In his opinion, is not accidental contenders for the presidency of the Russian Federation

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The physicist-turned-parapsychologist


Once there was a light at the English chemist and physicist who has not only seen a ghost — he studied them. William Crookes made many scientific discoveries. In his later years he became interested in spiritualism, joined the Theosophical Society, and called himself a parapsychologist. Scientist engaged mysticism, excluding any mysticism, and this confirmed the existence of the afterlife.

William Crookes (William Crookes) was the eldest son of a wealthy tailor Joseph Crookes and his second wife, Mary Scott (Mary Scott). William Crookes was born in London on 17 June 1832. In

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From Cyprus to Atlantis — 11 km!




Has not ceased to rush around finding a coastal shelf of Cyprus significant reserves of oil and natural gas, as it became known that the seven miles (11 km) from the island's Mediterranean waters conceal a much more enigmatic treasure — lost, seemingly forever Atlantis. "The whole

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Secrets Bermuda — New York is not flew to Jamaica

In the Bermuda Triangle February 2, 1953 under mysterious circumstances was gone English military transport aircraft "New York", which belonged to the company "Skayveys." The plane was flying by skyway to the Azores to Gander (Newfoundland).

On board were 39 crew members and the military. Suddenly communication with the aircraft was lost, then was recorded only a faint, as if from a distance, a signal of distress. Signals «SOS» «City» sent is 500 kilometers south-east of Gander. According to the reports of meteorologists, while the area was a storm, hurricane

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USA: new puzzles Sargasso Sea




The staff of the American Institute of alternative bioenergy found in the Sargasso Sea near two thousand organisms previously unknown to science.

The combination of these microbes contain at least one million two hundred thousand genes, the study of which can bring many serious discoveries.

These include

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