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Victor NasonovWe promised to publish the memories of people who knew Nikolai A. Kozyrev. This intention was motivated by a desire to pay tribute to the wonderful devotee of science, is not valued in life. The first word we provide long-term collaborator, friend and helper of Kozyrev Viktor Nasonov, who died prematurely in 1986, courtesy of the widow of the late Tamara Nasonova which is sending the wording of the note her husband, dating to 1985, we find in them about Kozyrev with the closest distance at which many years was Viktor Nasonov.zaochnoe familiarity with Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev

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In the Sahara desert Martian meteorite found

In the Sahara desert discovered Martian meteorite whose age is 2.1 billion years old

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 4. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Alexander Urusova /. A team of scientists from the University of New Mexico announced the discovery of a Martian meteorite in the Sahara desert, the age of which more than 2.1 billion years. These conclusions were based on studies undertaken during the year analyzes of meteorite called NWA 7034.

The stone weighing 320 grams was found by Bedouins in Morocco, and was then sold to the American Research Centre.

According to study leader Carl Agee, "found a special

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Gravity is regionovski




Flying objects and burning light bulb without wires. This was made possible thanks to the experiments of Thomas Brown and Nikola Tesla. The discoveries of these scientists formed the basis of modern electronics. Some of them explain the mysteries of the UFO.

Today, the great physicists of

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Life after death




Alex Aristanov knows what will happen to us and to the country. Photo: Anna Korshunova.

The boy began to see the future …

Miracles in the family Aristanovyh started happening recently. Mystical abilities 16-year-old Alex found after the light went on. In the most that neither is

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Give tsyplenkozavra!

Scientists sometimes frightening world of surprise discoveries. Now the distinguished Harvard University, so there know how to do the chicken with a beak like a crocodile. Hatch, they still have not allowed for ethical reasons. In addition, no one knows what and who will eat a little monster.


The work carried out by geneticists, is striking: changing the DNA of embryos at an early stage of their development, they have returned to them the features of ancient ancestors. The ancestors of birds were small dinosaurs Maniraptora,

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The signal from an extraterrestrial civilization?





Explanation: No one understands how did this signal. Some even think that he was sent extraterrestrial civilization. Bright mark on a

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People come from clones of aliens




Aleksinskoye ufologists have developed their own perspective on the emergence of human civilization. Mankind was not from a monkey. Our ancestors, in their opinion — the clones of alien beings. Artifacts — the main proof of the conjecture aleksintsev. A few years ago, they began archaeological excavations

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UK: three-headed frog found a mutant




In the UK, the three-headed frog found a mutant.

She was found on the lawn of a kindergarten in the English county of Somerset.

Children delight knew no bounds when they saw them jumping frog with three heads. Amphibian move around on six legs.

Tutors kindergarten at first

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On what we stand?. Continued Part 2

Thus, in the north-west of Moscow, where in the years 1920-1940 was only observed gully and river erosion, now have developed karst processes that cause surface subsidence. From this accident Khoroshovskoe area. Many of its residents remember the incidents on the streets Kuusinena, Tukhachevsky, Khoroshevskoye highway where houses were destroyed. And it is in this area are located TEP-16, Khladokombinat N7 and several other vulnerable and dangerous industries in the event of an accident. — Pumping of ground water has broken the balance of nature? — Certainly. Violation of the natural ways of groundwater migration, the total dry before

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The disaster has brought life on Mars to Earth




Perhaps we are the Martians. While it is a scientific theory. Some scientists hold to the theory that life originated on Mars, then to emigrate to Earth millions of years ago, an Italian newspaper reported today La Stampa (translation online Inopressa).


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