Underwater Pyramids

Archaeologists have recently started to study the remains of various ancient structures on the bottom of lakes, seas and oceans. In different parts of the world at the bottom of various reservoirs were discovered mysterious constructions, its shape reminiscent of the famous pyramids of Egypt.

So even fifty years ago, at the bottom of the American Rock Lake, which is located in Wisconsin, scientists have discovered several objects that have a pyramidal structure. Buildings have quite the right shape with the base 10h9 meters. Scientists surveying the pyramid, have come

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Incredible UFO Photo in St. Louis




This image was shot by Christina Minard (Kristina Minard) Dunevan and Eric (Eric Dunevant), they sent the picture to Michael Rutherford (Michael Rutherford, UK UFO Investigator), who sent me this picture, this photo was taken in Forest Park (St. Louis, USA ) 28.02.2004. (photo)

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Frost on the palms




Nine-year-old Darcy Samrani of the Iranian city of Zahedan much puzzled their loved ones, relatives and neighbors. The case was a hot June day. My mother and father decided to see what makes their son. He was sitting on his haunches, stretching out his hand, and on the frozen ground lay motionless insects. The

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Samara Bend — one of the most anomalous zones of the world

Only in the last few years there have been more than 1,000 paranormal. Often, there are such things as "cat ears" — rays of light that appear out of nowhere. A so-called "cat's eyes" — some glowing lights seen over Zhiguli mountains.

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Encounters with Sasquatch — also uncommon event for local residents. For example, one of these meetings took place in 1950 on

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Dialogue with reasonable tree


Another of the school program, I learned that we, the people, the pinnacle of creation of nature. Nature as expressed Michuryn, only our workshop. But once the attitude to it I changed. And so it happened. In the heart of the six acres of wetlands, allocated to us for gardening, was a young pine.  

While she never stopped anyone, it will not be disturbed. But somehow during the deepening of the drainage ditch I chopped off her one root. Pine

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Train spirits in the capital of Indonesia




Indonesians tend to blame otherworldly forces, spirits and black magic in an unusual accident — train without a driver was about 45 km. Train standing on a siding in Bogor, mysteriously wound up suddenly and began to move away from the hills of Java to the outskirts of Jakarta. Train has a top speed of

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On the island of the wild devil




Exactly 12 years ago, the New Earth has officially become a central Russian nuclear test site       In the "Book of Secrets" — an informal Bible Russian followers of UFO and paranormal phenomena — the archipelago given its rightful place. "By the nature of the object in

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Electrical life of people

People with a variety of unexpected abilities in the world are not uncommon. Among the most spectacular deviations considered human immunity to electrical current. Experts believe that the world is living a few dozen people with the unexpected abilities. So-called electric people live in different parts of our country, but for unknown reasons, in China they number more often.

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So here is very famous

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The terrible secret Mountain Dead

"Tribune", 07.02.2004, Moscow, n21, p.8

Author: Andrew Karkin

Exactly 45 years ago, in the Ural Mountains killed a group of students of Sverdlovsk

Winter of 1959, ten students UPI went camping the third and most difficult category. Squad leader was Igor Dyatlov, after whom is named the pass now. The guys got to Serov, then — to Ivdel, and from him to ride to get to Vizhaya. Then, the guys were going to go skiing over the pass, descend along the creek and go uphill Holat Sjahyl. Seemed to have the titles of the local mountains, translated from

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Remains of ancient civilization found at the bottom of the North Sea




While some scientists are searching for Atlantis, other researchers have found the remains of some ancient civilizations, which was located in what is now the North Sea. With the latest technology to archaeologists managed to reconstruct the pieces of the ancient world, now buried under a layer

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