Woman Sensor




Wang once confirmed by Svetlana Kuleshov from Sochi really see the internal organs

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" on February 21 announced the congress of people with a unique gift: shine through people and see their internal organs. At the congress, which will take place in our editorial this summer,

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Moon of Saturn is a huge spaceship


It is this version of the first climb to the head researcher, ufologist, when it considers that an unusual image of Enceladus the sixth largest moon of Saturn.

Version of NASA (2007) explains the effect of exposure to this lower water vapor "At the south pole of Enceladus are icy geysers that release of a crust of ice jets of water vapor (steam emitting a height of hundreds of kilometers). In all probability, the matter leaving the companion of the couple turns to ice and replenishes Saturn's E ring "

It is believed that

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U.S.: Opportunity Mars photographed rabbit!




Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity on Mars photographed a mysterious object, the nature of which scientists can not yet explain. On the first few pictures of the rover transmitted its point of landing in a Martian Meridian Planum region, clearly visible to a yellowish color, very reminiscent of the

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The cause of the catastrophe module Beagle-2 could be a UFO




European scientists analyzed the photos module Beagle-2, made at the time of his separation from the station Mars-Express, say to the module is seen Unidentified Flying Object.

The mysterious "point" in the photo has already become the subject of close study. Scientists do not exclude the possibility

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Kroglin Grange

Once in the house Kroglin Grange (who was in England, had one floor, a beautiful veranda and a huge plot of land) were settled by two brothers and a sister. They were decent people and respected in the area. Their neighbors are always invited to syakie parties and celebrations.


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One day turned out to be a very hot and all, after an early breakfast, gathered together

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Ural tomb

"Rossiya", 01.10.2002, Moscow, n176, p.14 In Ufa delivered construction of burial, which is not less than 3.5 thousand years.

In Baimaksky region of Bashkortostan, scientists have found the so-called Bronze Age stone box. It dates back to the second millennium BC. Now it can be argued that this is the oldest known to date stone structures of the Southern Urals.

Head of the Department of Archaeology of the National Museum of Bashkortostan candidate of historical sciences Fedorov considers himself among scientists realists. Perhaps that is why people like him, do not really favor in the newspaper world. In fact,

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Prophecies that shook the world

Not in a world better known fortune teller than Wang. Its predictions were stunning people have changed their fate and injected into shock, "the powers that be."

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Prophecies of Vanga — not just empty words. She spoke of the human soul, life after death, saying that there is a single cosmic mind.

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Target M

"Evening Stavropol ', 27.11.2002, Stavropol, n219, page 7

Author: Andrei Panasenko

In May 1992, we were shooting a documentary about the study of UFOs in Estonia. We have been idle most of the day, and my old friend, the famous ufologist in Estonia, let's call it, Mr. X., offered to go "to an interesting place." And while we played on the streets of Tallinn, and then raced down the suburban road, X. said a strange, like a detective story … It began in the mid-60s. A resident of the small village of Moscow, not far from Tallinn, mechanic Virgo

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Aliens, space, paranormal and mysticism | Page 52

This book is dedicated to the human race — So that we understand where we came from and where we are going.

The evolution of the human race — This is just one of the many mysteries that can not be explained by conventional science. The discovery of the secret passage in the Great Pyramid and the dating of the construction of the pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, referred to godm 10500-8000 BC, captured the imagination of scientists. Read more →

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What Lies Antarctica?

The legendary Atlantis is deprived of sleep of many scientists, but its location has not been established. Most scientists are inclined to believe that the Atlantis hides the Atlantic Ocean, but recently there was another version. Scientists sorting through the mass of evidence, we stopped at a new hypothesis — the sunken continent hides Antarctica. More precisely, Antarctica — this is Atlantis, which was destined to die.

There is a science that studies the vanished civilization. Many ancient writings are the proof that the mainland does exist, and it was

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