Wang left a follower

Great prophetess Vanga shook the world with their predictions. World froze as a great woman died. It would seem that no one else to predict the future, but the mankind has been wrong.

During the life of Wang said that after she is born on Earth its successor, and that the birth of her will in a small village in France. Wang claimed that the girl will be blind, but the whole world will be talking about it. The girl will have a great deal of knowledge and extraordinary abilities.


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Ancient treasure hunters crossed the road Klim Queen

"Red Flag", 10.08.2001, Syktyvkar, n147, page 2 First Vychegodskii squad Institute of Language, Literature and History, Komi Science Center completed a "reconnaissance in force" on the Middle Vychegda bridgehead. Not far from Lake Paula, in the anomalous zone Podelsk-Podtybok-Novick two years opened by about two hundred square meters of area, moved tens of cubic meters of sand and loam. The excavations were conducted on the "two-humped" cape, in ancient times, surrounded by water, and from the forest protected by a moat that has survived so far, and the fence. Candidate of historical sciences Klim Queen helped a history teacher

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Over the Mexican volcano Popocatepetl seen UFOs

Over the Mexican volcano Popocatepetl seen a UFO. Thrilled and ufologists, and journalists

Mass UFO aspiration to the foot of the volcano Popocatepetl in Latin America was caused commotion among the journalists of local TV channels — contrary to the usual situation where, on the contrary, shots taken by amateurs anomalies, it is difficult to show on TV, reports International Business Times.

The footage obtained near the site of the event, you can see how a few moving lights, similar to the glowing volume terms, fly up to the volcano from different sides and at the back of

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What will happen to the Earth in the period up to the year 5080

Vanga predicted many events that relate to Earthlings in the next three thousand years. According to the predictions of the great prophetess, in the early 21st century must break into a third world war. From previous wars, it will be of high achievements in science and engineering. The enemy will destroy and suppress completely different. The primary means of struggle — chemical and nuclear weapons.

The war will have dire consequences. People's lives change dramatically. Plants and animals are almost completely gone. The planet would be hunger. Forces swap: the

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Media: The Earth has entered a new ice age




Russian scientist Nikolai Zharvin states: a new ice age will come to Earth in 50 years, which will lead to the most disastrous consequences. This writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". A few winter nights freeze the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. That first winter cold glacial destroy millions

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Anomalschina: in the footsteps of dwarf Kyshtymskoye




"Arguments and Facts", 01.01.2004, Moscow, n1, p.20

Author: Dmitry Pisarenko

* Home in the "AIF" NN44, 46-48, 50.

After the publication of "AIF" of the mysterious circles that occur on wheat and other fields, the editors began to address the readers. They offer a variety of hypotheses

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Base 211. Antarctic stronghold of the Third Reich

Many historians believe that the plans of Hitler's government recently took the colonization of Antarctica and its use of virgin resources in the war for world domination.

In 1938, the German ship Swabialand with seaplane on board explored a large section of Antarctica, now known as Queen Maud Land. Were found vast areas of land, ice-free, and according to some, even a system of underground voids. Surveyed area was named New Swabia and was declared belonging to Germany.

The study results so impressed the leaders of the

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In Lima found dozens of Inca mummies




Dozens of mummies have been found by archaeologists in the way of the planned highway on the outskirts of the capital of Peru, near the graves of the Incas. Archaeologists have found 26 burial shrouds, each of which had one or more Inca mummies adults and children,

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At Oke died Chupacabra?




Nizhny Novgorod hunters found the snow skeleton of a mysterious substance

Skeleton found in the snowy forest near Nizhny Novgorod.

Eighth of March, three of Nizhny Novgorod hunters decided to make their wives a picnic on the banks of the Oka River. And right in the

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Falsification of our history

Have often heard and read on the Internet about the massive and monstrous scale falsification of the facts of the history of Russia. Many of you have probably heard of the works of Fomenko and H. Nosovsky. These historians, for example, questioned the existence of the Tatar-Mongol yoke and argue that the history of ancient Russia is fundamentally wrong. Many sources confirm that they are right. Too many inconsistencies in the official textbooks. Of course, I followed with interest the likes of discussions, but it has no clear evidence, is doomed to failure. All these discussions are not

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