Spirit rover photographed a UFO in the skies of Mars




U.S. robot Spirit, performing surveying the sky with a green filter, found an unusually bright object which moved four degrees of arc in a time exposure shot (15 seconds).

According to the first assumption, it could be one of the seven spacecraft orbiting around the planet right

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In the village zabuyanil brownie




"Voronezh Courier", 01.04.2003, Voronezh, n39, p.3

Author: E. Andreeva

_ * Flying Saucers, footprints on grain fields attract attention as evidence of aliens visiting Earth. But enraged stools, beds samodvigayuschiesya soaring as in weightlessness, furniture, dishes, boots — it is usually referred to devilry and other unexplained

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Greece is the cradle of civilization

This cultural country, has long been considered one of the most powerful and civilized. therefore, it is considered — the cradle of civilization. She also is the father, all modern technologies.

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And everything that people have made over the last 2000 years, they are required to Greece.

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Where and when a UFO appeared in the Kama




"Komsomolskaya Pravda", 30.12.2003, Perm, nn241-242

About 20 years ago in the center of the lake village of Sala dropped object like a meteorite. After his fall in the lake water is boiling, and another two hours above the village swirling steam. After a year in the Sala

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Torsion fields — reality or fiction?

Even a person infinitely far from the science at least a couple of times, but heard about the torsion fields and the associated prospect of truly fantastic.

They are called the "fifth state" of matter, they are explained by supernatural phenomena such as telepathy, telekinesis, meetings with ghosts, etc. On this basis, designed fundamentally new weapons and means of communication are made miraculous units with an efficiency greater than 100%. However, people close to science, for sure tell that all this is nonsense, nothing in this area is not designed

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Predictions about the end of the world 2008-2049

List of the most impressive predictions that we are predicting imminent end of the world

2008y Earth will face a huge asteroid (with a diameter of more than 800 m).

2009y Armageddon based racshifrovok Centuries of Nostradamus Peter Laurie.

2010y Run out of oil, war for resources. Another promise that the Earth turns away from the sun. But it will be "temporary" end of the world.

2011y The end of the Mayan calendar cycle. Is a common date on which, according to various beliefs, held an end. Perhaps the asteroid collision will happen in 2005 YU55.

2012y End of the

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Science in disarray




Religious tradition claims that the disease — this car man for his sins. The sins should be aware of and ask forgiveness for them, and if this is not done and hide behind drugs — still sick. That is the law of retribution from the Christians and

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Mat causes mutations



During the experiments, it was shown that swear words are harmful to others. Gospel says, "You were called to freedom, brethren, only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but through love serve one another. For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. If one bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another "(Galatians 5:13-15). What is said in the Scriptures, was confirmed

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Insidious hill




"Red North", 15.01.2004, Vologda, n7

_ * In the area of the village Dal'negorsk Primorye crashed object of unknown origin * _

Rounding out the ordinary, unremarkable day — Jan. 29, 1986. None of the residents of a small village did not know that in a few

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Little green men from Mercury




"UFO", 08.09.2003, St. Petersburg, n37 (304), p.14

Author: Solomon Naffert

November 7 at the meteorological station was greeted as it should be — a celebratory cake, a walk around the house in single file with cries of "Hurrah," a salute of rifle and pistol but listening to

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