You beast, sir

"Interlocutor", 20.02.2002, Moscow, n7, p.11

11-year-old Indian Balaji Qureshi was the real star of this winter Hindu temples. Thousands of people worship the deity for a teenager, the next incarnation of Hanuman obezyanolikogo — because Balaji born tailed. Grandfather grandson carries on the country and shows his 10-centimeter process for the money. And if this indian lucky — his ugliness is not so hard to hide, there is a will, — other beastmen rarely boast that the nature of the joke was as harmless.

Mermaids jumped overboard

The greatest pride of the museum of the town Tombstone (southern

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Where did our ancestors?

Some scientists have concluded that the Earth from Mars could come not only microorganisms, but also rational beings. Cro-Magnon ancestors have not been found in some excavations. Therefore, researchers have been suggested that they came from another planet — Mars.


It is possible that humans — the descendants of Martians. There is a hypothesis that the Cro-Magnon man appeared on Earth in connection with the disaster on Mars, or earlier Martian civilization was so highly developed that the Earth was transferred part of their population. And if you

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Russian amateur astronomers were awarded

Three Russian amateur astronomers received an international prize for the discovery of comets

Smithsonian Astrophysical Laboratory in the U.S. city of Cambridge (Massachusetts) has announced the winners of the prestigious international award named Edgar Wilson, awarded for the discovery of new comets. Among them were three Russians — Leonid Elenin, Artem Novichonok and Vladimir Gerke.

Elenin, Institute of Applied Mathematics. Keldysh Academy of Sciences, was awarded the prize for the discovery in July 2011 of the comet R/2011 N1. Scientist receives this award the second time in a row. Last year, he was awarded the prize for the

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In search Vyatkian leshego

"Vyatskiy edge", 29.11.2002, Kirov, n219

Recently in our field expedition visited the famous Moscow ufologist Vadim Chernobrov. Together with experts of scientific and public association "Kosmopoisk" in Verhoshizhemsky area in search of Bigfoot, avdoshki, or Bigfoot, and went kirovchanin Anton Goldfinches.

In the wake of avdoshki

— Why such a strange, unearthly name from the association "Kosmopoisk"? — I asked in Shcheglova. — Yes, because the ufologists are studying the most incredible phenomena that can not be explained by mainstream science. No wonder the logo "Kosmopoisk" — our galaxy, where billions of stars like a grain of sand

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Revived after death

A lot of discussion of the fact that NV Gogol was buried alive. The death was passed lethargy. After the funeral, the great writer wakes up in a coffin and have truly died there. It is known that during the life of Gogol most feared precisely this — to be buried alive.

In XVIII-XIX centuries, there was even a so-called tafofobiya (ancient Greek "grave" and "fear"). Many succumbed to this fear. Constantly information surfaced that suddenly stood up at the funeral of the deceased coffin. Many of the resurrected later

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Fairy palace Persian Princess

Russ, XVII century, the Volga River on canoes sailing Stenka Razin and his colleagues next to him Persian beauty-princess. The girl does not even suspect that there are last minutes of her life. Splash — and the Princess went to the bottom, and a drunken squad continued its journey.

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Fairy palace Persian Princess

Mysterious objects in the old cemetery

The old cemetery is both frightening and attract people. Since childhood, each of us had heard terrible stories about the dead coming out of their graves, disappearances, dared to walk there at night. One of these abandoned graves located near Chicago.

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Thus, miracles begin already on the outskirts of Chicago cemetery: many drivers of passing cars saw a ghostly houses standing near the

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The professor is looking for a woman for carrying Neanderthal

Harvard professor is looking for a woman for carrying Neanderthal

The American scientist said about the possibility of cloning a Neanderthal, and expressed willingness to do this.

He announced the search for the "adventurous woman" who agrees to make an ancient relative of a person who has lost in the evolutionary struggle with it.

According to Harvard University professor George Church, found the remains of Neanderthals is enough to restore their genome, suitable for cloning. The only obstacle to the implementation of the experiment he called the lack of women willing to bear the cloned Homo neanderthalensis.

While his

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In the den of fire devil

"Work", 09.06.2001, Moscow, n105, page 6 Fireball — one of the complex mysteries of nature. Science still can not explain its origin. Our reporter visited the "den" where the "nest" fireballs …

One of the major anomalous zones, where "deep" mysterious fireballs, ufologists believe Medveditsky ridge, in the Volgograd region. But there are some unusual places and in the far suburbs. For some reason, most of the fiery ghost "love" southern and south-western direction. On the highway Moscow — Kaluga this time of year can be found strange young men: dressed in traveling and in backpacks sensitive search technique.

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The spirit of a cave in Peru

In a deserted area in the mountains of Peru is an interesting cave. Native American Indians are trying to stay away from her, and, moreover, do not go inside. Ancient legends handed down from mouth to mouth, warn that lives in the cave of the evil spirit that feeds on the blood of intruders.

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