Strange hostel

In Troitsk near Moscow in 1908, was built bunkhouse worsted mill. The people called strange hostel, and blame was not clear architecture, not the typical, even for that era — the meandering walkways, the lack of symmetry of one entrance could safely get to the other.

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People are told that when someone in the house began to swear, during an argument might appear

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Essence of another world




Weis Emirametov I would like to share with you the knowledge, the information that has acquired during contact with the world, which for most people does not exist.

More than 2.5 years I will contact with a variety of otherworldly beings (ghosts, goblins, guardian angels). It all

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The explosion UFOs are still charred stones




Ends expedition groups "Kosmopoisk", "Dal'negorsk-Kosmopoisk" and "pomegranate" in Primorsky Krai, the purpose of which was to investigate the anomalous areas, heights, 611 and Nicholas cave. Produce new topographic mapping of Mykolayiv Caves (500 km from Vladivostok) failed because the search for old, blown-up entrances to the cave

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Water Maiden

"Yaik", 21.03.2002, Orenburg, n12

On the water Virgins — mermaids — anciently walks a lot of rumors and speculation. Do you believe in the reality of their existence? Do not rush to say "no" …

So who are those — Water virgins? According to ancient legends, the mermaid — a beautiful long-haired girl who lives in the seas, lakes, rivers, and even wells. In Russia they settle predominantly in the pool, and they are drowned, unbaptized children, cursed people and betrothed girls, do not have lived up to their wedding. Fish (dolphin or snake) tail is not a

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Mars rover Spirit begins to dig unusual dunes




U.S. rover Spirit, now studying Bonneville crater, discovered the unusual long drifts.

One of the closest to the car such formations called "Snake" (Serpent). This dune and became the new Mars rover to at least one nearest day.

Judging from the first to the spectrometer,

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What is that tramples rover Russian vegetable garden?




The Yankees were only going to launch a rocket to Mars, when our countrymen have bought up on a distant planet thousands of hectares of land


What is that tramples rover Russian vegetable garden?

The mysterious parchment

In the scientific world has caused a big stir the Voynich manuscript. According to the established knowledge, the book was written by an unknown author with the pen, 600 years ago, and got its name from the surname of a person who acquired it in the early XX century. It represents a loose parchment, 3 cm thick, of 240 pages, and, judging by numbering them was much more. Its interesting colored pictures and text messages still remain unsolved.

The content of the book suggests that it was not compiled by

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Spanish police found a hornets nest the size of a room


Looks like it's a world record. Hornet's nest with a diameter of seven meters was in one of the abandoned houses of San Sebastian de la Gomera (Spain) — it occupied one of the rooms almost completely! This jack is found by police, who arrived, in response to the complaints of neighbors.

Then abnormal nest surveyed experts. They assured that the ordinary wasps would never build such a huge structure. Rather, experts have suggested, this is some kind of migrated, flown to Europe from Africa. Canary Islands separates Morocco from less than a

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A woman with a tail

"Megapolis Continent", 29.10.2001, Moscow, n44, p.15 Called and called these tailed temptresses everywhere in different ways and mollusks, and nymphs, and the Nereids, and sirens, and Undine, and mouth guards, and mermaids. Some live only in sea water, the other even in the swamps and Naiad — only in fresh water. Some drown passing boats and other rescue. Some help the fishermen, others destroy them, and even allegedly drink human blood …

In Scandinavia, the local mermaid in size close to the sea cow. But Japanese — petite and instead of tears from their eyes rolling course pearls.

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By the Earth at a record close distance closer asteroid




"Echo of Moscow". 10:40:26

NASA experts have discovered an asteroid that tomorrow will approach Earth at a distance of a record low. This asteroid is not very big — about 30 feet in diameter. On Friday around 1:00 am, he will fly at a distance of 43 million miles from Earth.

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