Monster of Icelandic legends

Icelandic farmer incredibly managed to shoot the monster that looks like a giant worm that crawled across the frozen surface of Lake Lagarfljot.

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The most interesting is that the locals is not a bit surprised that fact. In this lake before seen a monster resembling a snake.

Among Icelanders long is a legend about how the monster appeared

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New theory: an intelligent being created the universe




Every night, thousands, maybe even millions of people lifted his eyes to heaven, and set two fundamental questions: are we alone here and why we are here … A lawyer and a lover of science from Portland (USA) believes that the universe is not only full of

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Ghosts of fascism

The responses of the Second World War to the present day have an effect. Until now, scientists are trying to explain the strange events associated with fascism. After all, the Nazis have always sought to master the occult energies.

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A lot of anomalies were recorded in the concentration camps. According to parapsychologists, the territory of the

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UK: life on Earth originated from the Moon




Life on Earth would never have arisen if not for the Earth's lifeless satellite, the Moon. This latest theory of the origin of life on Earth belongs to the British biologist Richard Letsu. 4 million years ago, the Moon was much closer to the Earth orbit, and

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Phantom sensations can occur without loss of limbs


Everyone knows what a "phenomenon of phantom pain" when a person hurts missing, amputated limb. It is believed that the brain remains handprint or foot, and with that brain phantom lives, as something actually existing.

Researchers from Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) tried to create a phantom sensation in humans without any amputations. The experiment took place as follows: volunteers planted at a table with a partition on one side of which a man put his hand. He thus looked to the other half of the table, that is a hand saw. The experimenter, who was sitting opposite, began stroking

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By the Earth fly by two asteroids

On the eve of the end of the world to the Earth asteroid fly two

The inhabitants of the Earth are waiting for the end of the world, and it flies right past the two asteroids — one familiar to astronomers and a complete unknown. However, no apocalypse on them should not wait.

Newbie 2012 XE54 was opened a few days ago, on December 9. According to the calculations, the closest approach to the Earth of its trajectory will take place between us and the Moon, about 60% of the distance to it — to 226 thousand kilometers.


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Astronomers do not have the ability to track all the asteroids approaching Earth




The lack of global monitoring system of astronomical not to track all the asteroids approaching the Earth. This was reported by head of the department of space astrometry Institute of Astronomy Lydia Rykhlova. According to her, "The Earth is not immune from the asteroid hazard." In this

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Protection of bio technology




Andrew gums

  Protection techniques and purification of bio alien energy-overlays are very relevant, since the presence of induced states prevents the full potential of their innate happiness. And such

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Kylie Minogue communicates with the dead




The owner of a perfect fifth point, Australian singer Kylie Minogue, it turns out, has the ability to medium. This mystically minded star recently admitted to reporters. According to Miss Minogue, she had long talks with the late Michael Hutchence, lead singer of INXS and her ex-boyfriend.

Kylie Minogue communicates with the dead

Wheat canvas

More than 50 years of public puzzled by figures on wheat fields in England. On the surface of a strange way there are interesting images — the figures, called "Crop Circles".


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They are "painted" with unknown devices by twisting ears and clearly visible from the air. The shape of his drawings

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