Earths magnetic field and clairvoyance

In addition to the wave theory of Schumann, there is another, which, at first glance, it seems the opposite. What is it?


The essence of the method

Conducted a study in which future astronauts put on ten days in a special chamber, fully shielded from magnetic fields. During this time there were no serious psychological or physiological abnormalities, although some discoveries were kept secret for some reason (some say, in the absence of an external magnetic field of human ability to fully open telepathy greatly enhanced talent in predicting the future and open up many other

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Will there be an end, at last?

Well as you can! Is it time to stop the bully us? The Lord commanded us to think in terms of hope, not despair. Fortune-tellers, seers, futurologists, prophets, visionaries somehow just look to the future, as in the jar of spiders: frightened and disgust … Oh, how wonderful discoveries … that is to say, I'm sorry about how much we all have terrible predicted by today! And the truth, how much?

Good luck to you to die!

There will be many people who will argue with an affectation that the doomsday is not far off. Argument, "so many of them

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Predictions Ray Kurzweil

This man is compared with Thomas Edison on the number of inventions, it awarded epithets "thinking machine", "gushing genius", he received 19 honorary titles doktora.No more likely he is famous for its numerous predictions that always sbyvayutsya.Vot several acclaimed (and come true! ) predictions of Ray Kurzweil. In 1980 he predicted the emergence of a worldwide network WWW, linking together the 100 million computers. He predicted the fall of the Soviet Union in the late 80's. He predicted that the computer will win the World Chess Champion in 1996.

He foresaw the decoding DNA project "Gene" in the

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The fate of Russia. Secret predictions of the prophets

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

Secret base underground, under water, in the clouds

Hundreds of secret facilities, underground bunkers, command centers, test tracks, medical laboratories, warehouses, advanced weapons … All this is literally packed with globe …Pentagon top secretsIn Arlington, 40 miles from Washington, DC, September 11, 1941 in the wasteland called Hell swamp the construction of the Pentagon. It lasted more than a year and cost the taxpayers a huge sum. The purpose of the project — to bring together all the military, strategic services, and other relevant ministries, which until that time were located in different places. The initiator of the Pentagon was John McLay, chairman of the Council on Foreign

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Conspiracy theories are not that fiction!

Rumors and urban legends usually do not occur in a vacuum. Even the most absurd conspiracy theories tend to confirm the actual historical facts — at least indirectly.The government controls our minds!

This is perhaps the most common conspiracy theory. At least among patients in psychiatric hospitals. It is known as a "cap foil," and is as follows: the government has the ability to penetrate into our heads with special light and inspire us what it sees fit. For this, supposedly, the technology Illuminati (the sinister organization of conspirators who tried to secretly control world affairs in Europe.) This theory

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World behind the scenes. Freemasonry

Masons. A secret world government? Masonic Temple at the walls of the Kremlin … Satanic Castle in the city center … and the Mass dedicated to … How many Russian ministers wore an apron mason? That is encoded in the dollar sign? And how do you know a member of the Masonic Lodge? And also — for the first time on television — the forbidden initiation into the Masons.

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

2012 offset the inner core of the Earth and the prophecies …

Many of the prophets predicted that in the near future will begin global tectonic upheavals. What are the causes of the forthcoming catastrophe?

"If you think of a simplified structure of our planet, in the Earth's inner core is iron-nickel, which is like the yolk in the egg" floats "in the liquid outer core of our planet. At the beginning of the first systematic observations of the geomagnetic field (1829) noted that the magnetic dipole of the Earth (and the inner core, respectively) offset from the axis of rotation of the planet at 252 km in the Pacific

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Illuminati rule the world, the aliens?

Not so long ago in the U.S., the stores came the book conspiracy theorist David Ike. He studied the Illuminati for decades and believes that the leadership of the Order, his inner circle of old are not made of people, and of the Reptoid aliens who can take human form. In his "Children of matrix" Ike claims to know hundreds of witnesses who saw these beings convert back into reptiles.

He had a lot of followers, and now the Internet can be read, for example, is: "The reason for the presence of breeding and only at the top of

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The Illuminati — the keepers of knowledge

According to the opinion prevailing in history, a secret society was founded in the second half of the XVIII century by Professor Ingolshtadtskogo University (Bavaria) Adam Weisshaupt. But not necessarily this is the case. For some conspiracy theorists, based on the Masonic legend, believe that the history of this award should be calculated for a period 6000 years, from the time when there is extraterrestrial, or otherworldly forces have revealed some Sumerian priests Book Authority, which was recorded by them in stone. Egyptians then copied it to the papyri, which are always kept in the strictest confidence.

"Falsify history"


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