Fateful year … If you believe the rumors

Fateful year … If you believe the rumors raging online, December 21, 2012 must be prepared for the worst. All will be worse than in 1999, when we barely escaped destruction of Paris, predicted a great fashion designer Paco Rabanne? Worse than in 2000, when computer geeks and believed in the "problem of the millennium," trembled with fear? Worse than in 2008, when the launch CERN particle accelerator quantum catastrophe threatened to absorb the entire planet?

Even worse! This time, the real end of the world, we are all dead. At least, so says a handful of clairvoyants,

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In 2012, the Mayan calendar ends and begins June Calendar

Around 2012 and the events that it expected, a growing excitement. Most often, the phrase "2012" can be found in connection with the words "end of the world," "apocalypse," "Armageddon," etc.

Is under these expectations any texture or is it often just a point of convergence of the two sides of the information space: sensation seeking (and not necessarily even unverified) newsmakers and tending to negative expectations of information consumers.

I would like to present its point of view on this issue.


1. The Mayan Calendar


Mayan calendar generates major speculation about the end of the world

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Explanatory note to the Apocalypse 2012

If you search the internet on some best-sellers in 2012, the number one book is sure to be a little-known author David Wilcock, published as recently as the end of August — "Studies of primary sources: the hidden science and extinct civilization based predictions for 2012." Volume of 528 pages is unlikely to be easy reading. Besides, this is just one of the hundreds of other books, videos, conferences and other intellectual products on the subject of predictions for 2012.

  Fans of the 2012 soldered together data on the archeology of Central America, the spirituality of modern times, stories

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Phaeton. And Hell followed with him …

"The third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star is Wormwood. " / Open. 8:10-11 /

With the explosion of Phaeton over the Jordan Valley, presents some well-known mysteries of the biblical text, which, incidentally, is not surprising, because the power of its explosion was so incredibly high that exceeded even the most unreasonable fancy modern scientists.

The prophecy of the ancient sages

On one such mystery of the biblical text,

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2012 and Kundalini Earth

Kundalini — is coiled, dormant cosmic force behind all human life force coming from the earth.

Kundalini is by its nature a higher consciousness, the energy that creates the spiritual teachers of mankind.

The science of Kundalini has always been one of the most esoteric aspects of Hindu philosophy. Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit word kundalini, which means "to fold rings."

The symbol of the Kundalini — fiery serpent coiled in 3? turnover in the root chakra — one of the seven energy bands along the human spine.

Esotericism, astrology, ancient prophecies say that the Age of Aquarius, which

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Land under the hood

This article is not a revelation of various "masters" and "lord", as the information was obtained through various intricate practices and communication with spirits.

This material is the author's thinking. Just at some point there is a fairly interesting logical sequence of facts and events. I apologize in advance for possible inaccuracies and blunders. I would be grateful for criticism and possible additions. I would like to hear from people who know.

It's about the earth's magnetic field. Plenty of information about him and the whole reduced to one — Earth's magnetic field protects the planet from the harmful

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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. Back to the Future. 27. 09. 2012

Many modern inventions were predicted long before they occur. Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov anticipated mass production of robots, Jules Verne — submarines. The most unique visionary Leonardo da Vinci. Such foresight — an attempt to warn children about something or want to put on the development of civilization long-planned scenario of someone?

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Nibiru and the preparation for the cataclysm in 2012

Some ufologists claim that in 2012, the mysterious planet Nibiru approaches the Earth and so greatly affect its gravitational field, which will be a new deluge. They also say the government's leading countries have long been aware of the threat and thus hardly build underground bases, connected by a tunnel, where the chosen will survive the cataclysm.

There are persistent rumors, saying the billionaire sent emails offering to buy for themselves and their relatives in a safe place bunkers somewhere, either in the Himalayas, or the southern Urals. Without further ado, these shelters called arks.

Under the U.S. allegedly

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Lost worlds. Antichrist

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Maya prophecy. Lost Worlds

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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