The fourth call to humanity

The fourth treatment Coalition Troop Observers (KOH)

Preface to the Fourth Appeal interpreter GPC.

The first reading of this document makes the uninitiated light shock. To treat it can be different, but the issues raised in it, confirmed by numerous sources spread across the globe. He fits perfectly in the scandalous treatment of Milton Williams Cooper's "secret government" in the project "Gradzh" incredible for its fantastic truth of the reports Crilly, Appeals GPC and many other remarkable documents revealing the truth about the colonization and land use in other civilizations (including our soplanetnikov).

I received this document from

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The ancient Egyptians had predicted the events in 2012 in the Book of the Dead

Today, many argue, the ancient Egyptians had predicted global events in 2012 or not, because of their civilization has reached a certain height in astronomy and mathematics. Similar issues arise in connection with certain similarities in the cultures of ancient Sumer and Egypt.

Many researchers are looking in vain synchronization prophecies, the same features in the calculations were seen between the Sumerian and Mayan civilizations. With this analogy Egyptians also referred to the forthcoming catastrophes, and they declared 9792 BC as of the first date of such events. However, rigorous evidence that a global catastrophe occurred during this

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The world is ruled not by politicians, secret societies rule the world

The world is ruled not politicians rule the world secret societies. They control the banks, security forces and entire industries. Conspiracies, bloody wars, financial crises, political intrigue — all with a light hand is not the presidents and parliaments, and a handful of conspirators who dream to destroy 80% of the population and live forever with the help of advanced technology. In the hands of the secret societies — money, power, and our and your life.

Student tusovka or shadow government?

Illuminati "Bohemian Grove", Bilderberg — the activities of these organizations are strictly conspiratorial little is known about them

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Secret signs: People do not want the truth

People do not want the truth … Unheard prophecy Jane Dixon.Jane Dixon, it has made almost impossible, she was not a politician, but to listen to her Winston Cherchel. She's shared the secrets of Franklin Roosevelt, it was the personal adviser to Ronald Reagan. Behind the scenes of the political theater Ms. Dixon called "Predvornym magician", but it served only one boss — the gift of his own to the end of his life continued to amaze the world with new insights.

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses


Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

Klimaksicheskie conditions of Earth

North-West Europe and North America be a sudden chill. In coming years, the average annual temperature in the UK, France and the U.S. will fall by 3-4 degrees. Scientists believe that the reason for this, strangely enough, it was global warming.

Observations of the Atlantic Gulf Stream showed that over the last 12 years of his power decreased threefold. This means that in the next decade warm Europe face serious climate change. Winter, there will be no warmer than, for example, in Ryazan.

Slowing of the Gulf Stream are explained and strong winds that blow over

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End of the world in 2012. Six theories.

Surely you've noticed that the media began to appear very often frightening message about the coming apocalypse, which, according to all accounts, there will be right in 2012. All of these theories seem to be fantastic and even silly, without clear justification and forecasting too implausible consequences. Despite all this, people believe in the possibility of early onset of Armageddon. And all this without the help of some very convincing theories.Theory number 6: Mayan Prophecy

Mayan predictions — is one of the most popular claims, allegedly predicting the date of the death of the Earth was in 2012. Mayan tribe

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Disaster scenario.

Thus, the lithosphere moved after meteorite impact and "go" Addicted Greenland:

In lithospheric crash involved two shells: a stone — the lithosphere and the water — the hydrosphere, the ocean. The most dynamic and most mobile is the hydrosphere, so when disaster will only shake the earth, without having to change its shape according to the changed position of the axis of rotation, while the water is rapidly redistributed to create a lot of problems for the land creatures. But the main thing in this, and that in the process of disaster rotation axis moves along the Atlantic

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Holding on to the Faith (fingertips)

When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she gets the due date, even though the pregnancy, and ranges from 38 to 42 weeks, and only 5% of women deliver in time. Nearer to this date, the woman begins to feel excited anticipation mixed with anxiety about childbirth. If she misses that date, it begins to climb a storm the other senses. Could she go all the natural process?

Everything was all right with the baby? It usually starts to feel the pressure from other people, in order to speed up the process, though, in fact, it has not

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Global warming — the machinations of the Antichrist?

In volume treatise devoted to the occult, the famous French explorer Bataille talks about the so-called sect Paladin demonopoklonnikov of the late XIX — early XX century in Charleston (USA).

Prophecies about the future of our world today, made this devil cult followers certainly deserve attention. All the more so, along with the usual sects faith in the coming of Antichrist, they predict that the world will end as a result of environmental disaster, ie attract attention to global warming.

The word "palladizm" writes the pre-revolutionary Russian researcher MA Eagles, obviously derived from the word "Palladium". Readers will

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