Edgar Cayces prediction about 2012 or the new era on Earth

After Edgar Cayce left more than 14,000 records of his stories (read) during sleep or trance. Some of them are the predictions about the changes in our world.

Among these predictions of Edgar Cayce:

* The temperature changes in the deep waters of the world, which is now called El Nino, and they have already caused severe weather changes.* An earthquake in the Indian Ocean, which took away many lives in coastal areas from Indonesia to Africa.

Edgar Cayce was asked about a new era in the world after 2012, when, according to the predictions of the Mayan cycle begins

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St. Seraphim Vyritsa. Prophecies and teachings Elder

Seraphim has undeniable gift for prophecy. This was eloquently many living testimony. Some of the prophecies of the great old man has already been fulfilled. 

Predicting the Elder in 1927 patriarchal service Hutynsky Archbishop Alexy (Simansky) and approaching severe persecution, the prophecy of the coming of the ascetic of the Great Patriotic War and the victory of our arms in it; foresight father died Archpriest Seraphim Alexis Kibardina fifteen years after their own, as well as insight into the exact fate Many people have now become an indisputable fact.Deeply prophetic lines are written by the elder in 1939 poem "The

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Mehdi and his predictions


Mehdi Ebrahim Wafa was born June 8, 1973 in the capital of Iran in Tehran. Mehdi grew up in a large family, where in addition to his parents brought two other brothers and two sisters. Mehdi middle child. Mehdi's father has been in business, and enjoys philosophy and wrote poetry. Mehdi mom Turk by origin, but for the sake of love and respect for his handpicked successor, she mastered the Persian language to perfection. In her speech lacked the slightest accent, which in itself is impossible.

That she did father Mehdi happiest person. As a child, Mehdi was

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Vitaly Gibert: die unprepared for the expansion of consciousness

Vitaly Gibert end of the world told in the summer of 2011. Winner 11 season of the popular show "Psychic Battle" is one of the best esoteric our time.

In addition to deep practical experience, Gibert has extensive knowledge in the field of Islamic and Jewish mysticism. As for information about the end of the world, then it, as well as other information received from Vitaly Gibert cover him Higher Powers. What is this higher power, the mystic does not tell, but strongly suggests something absolute and universal.

So what exactly said Vitaly Gibert end of the world,

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Nibiru and predictions of Vanga

It should be noted that the predictions of the prophet Vanga no statements about the upcoming end of the world in the near future (meaning 2012), but it has repeatedly stated that he sees a global cataclysm that caused many deaths of people — these visions belong to the distant future, and we did not wait.

By apocalyptic period the picture, seen Vanga: "Sometimes I can not see such a pattern, when the blackened and burnt earth moving a small group of people who are more like a shadow …".

However, if you follow the visions of Vanga, even in

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December 21, 2012 all die

Many of the predictions have been adhered to in 2000, but others have argued that the light must end May 5, 2005, when all the planets were to line up in one line.

The Mayan civilization, which inhabited the area from the southern states of the modernMexico to the western border of Honduras, experienced its dawn in the 250 — 900 years BC, and by the time of the Spanish invasion, the best years were behind.It was Maya, one of the nations of the Americas, had a well-developed script, imaginative, densely populated citiesand deep knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, and

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Announced by HP Blavatsky

translation from English EF PisarevaThe translator

When you pass this gem Eastern mysticism inspired me not only sublime beauty of its content, but also the realization that for my share the privilege and good fortune to pass the first time in Russian product of the remarkable Russian women, which is still quite understood his compatriots.

The share of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky had the plight of not only live and die unrecognized and slandered in his homeland, which she dearly loved, but after his death did not find defenders who would openly stand up for her and


Excerpted from Irina Nilova Great Shift in the Golden Age

What is the current situation in the world? Is there a danger for a global catastrophe?

Preponderance of negative global catastrophe was a danger to the planet all the last five and a half thousand years. Was especially tense in the last 200 years, when the planetary complex literally walked the line between life and death. The twentieth century saw a powerful militant opposition of demonic and Light Forces, which has resulted in Armageddon, the war against the demonic demiurge Light Powers of the Universal Mind, and some representatives of the people who remained part of his Bright Beginnings. The

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Secret knowledge

The translator

This little book is an excerpt from the Hindu ethical "Book of Golden Rules" of great antiquity, is dictated by the Master of the East for the students. Pupil is the only one who was determined to clear his heart, to destroy his ego and develop their intuitive abilities to the highest service to the world, to facilitate its darkness and suffering. Psychology of the East and the religious sentiments of his devotees is so alien to the European consciousness, this book requires some guidance and clarification. In the original, the text will add comments. I will try

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2012. End of the world. George Kavassilas.

Who we are, where, and where to send?What does "Transfiguration" and the related date of 2012?What does the activation of the planetary light body in 2013?Could this mean that the planet Earth will turn into a star?What role play in all this Divine Feminine particles?Can the Divine Feminine be "forgotten hero" of what is happening?What is the grand illusion?Who and what is a "Galactic Federation of Light"?The harmonic synchronization of our DNA into the precessional cycle.Understanding Life after the Transfiguration.

Yeah, it's pretty comprehensive topic to read, but to some extent is still attainable for our mind. This second

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