The planet has gone mad.

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Three days of darkness

Kahu Fred and Master Kirael created together channeled the book I'm trying to imagine tezisno. Work "Kirael: The Great Shift" is written on the seven levels of reality. Kirael — your guide, if you go on a journey to the ancient worlds of Atlantis and Lemuria, and pass into the world of extraterrestrial life and UFOs. Great transition takes place already, become a conscious part of the process now.The book "Kirael: The Great Shift" was created in 1998, when few people talked about the Great Shift. The truth of this event is very dark and a detailed description of Drunvalo

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Lightning struck the Cathedral of St. Peter in the Vatican with Pope abdication. Video

The Vatican news of the imminent abdication current Pope Benedict XVI marked the mysterious natural phenomenon. Local residents confirmed that on February 11, shortly after the Pope's statement about the impending retirement, played out in a thunderstorm. During bad weather struck by lightning in the Basilica of St. Peter, reports BBC News.

Some of the believers saw in God's sign of lightning. The news that Benedict XVI is going to leave the Holy See, has caused excitement among Catholics. Some speculate that the reason for the split will be the renunciation of the church, as it was 600 years

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The origin of religion

Saturday the seventeenth of September. Cold morning. Outside the window, the rain, but the house warm and dry. I drink tea. And I am going to talk about the origin of religion, put in a small amount of notes.

In my opinion, the verbosity level is due to the uncomfortable views on the subject. For example, if you explain what it looks like an elephant, looking at it from below and behind, and not in profile, you'll need a lot of make up, masking this long argument.

We begin with an assessment of the ratio of the

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"And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. And I saw the seven angels who stand before God: and to them were given seven trumpets. " (8:1)

Heaven as if frozen in silence due to the exceptional importance of the upcoming events. Seven angels with trumpets come out as makers of the greatest events that determine the fate of the world, why all beings and celestial forces into a state waiting in silence.

Then comes another angel, who gets a lot of


Nibiru? Yes, we will pass the planet And this …

God Nibiru — the one that crosses the heart tirelessly Tiamat: "Let his name will be" Crossing "- the name of who is in the middle."(Sumerian Epic)

According to the texts of the ancient Sumerians in the solar system, there is one, the twelfth (?) Account planet. Her name Nibiru and more land is three or four times. Nibiru has a very elongated orbit, making one revolution around the sun makes for 3,600 years. Having gone to the farthest point of the orbit, it is three times farther from the Sun than Pluto, in its aphelion. Nibiru appears near

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Nibiru, a hypothetical planet, which flies into the solar system. By hypothesis, December 21, 2012 Nibiru will pass through the ecliptic of the planet as a bright red star and will appear as the second largest sun. The earth will quake, tsunami and catastrophic changes.

"From Nibiru aliens to protect us," "Nibiru — Planet of the Gods", "Nibiru — The spacecraft "," End of the World "," The Beginning of a new era ", etc. etc. — Another prediction of doom decided to name "Nibiru"? Based on the study of the materials of this kind, quite easy

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Salvation from Armageddon

In 2012, people wait for the end of the world, so it is important to find salvation from Armageddon.

The strongest instinct, which lies more in the nature of man, is the instinct of self-preservation. But the very nature at the same time constantly tests the strength of man, that is, its ability to survive. At a time when natural disasters occur, and continuously increasing day by day in a geometric progression, the question of the end of the world is still open. If what is happening is only a warning of the impending disaster that is destined to

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The truth about the prophecy of Fatima

In April 2005, the cold went away from earthly life, Pope John Paul II. Respected and revered bishops of earthly power, beloved by thousands of believers throughout the world, he left and did not tell people the most important thing — the truth about the third prophecy of Fatima.

The fact that the Catholic Church was published in 2000 — it just creates a legend for all curious about this. The real truth of the church hardly ever tell people. Because the church is afraid of her.

Because it is so unusual — beautiful and joyous for all

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Prophecy John Chrysostom

John of Antioch (Chrysostom Chrysostom), probably in the year 395 AD, saw a vision, which he described in his work "The revelation in storm and tempest" (translated by NA Morozov), which is almost identical to "Revelation" John, but Chrysostom has some additional information about future earthquakes …

Allah reveals to John Chrysostom vision disasters that have to go through all earthlings. One of them — a series of devastating earthquakes, which will begin in Aries (according to the Julian calendar). On the modern Gregorian — in the end of March, beginning of April. Maybe in 2012.

According to prophecy, will

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