Alexander Litvin: 2013 — Testing the water

Alexander Litvin, the winner of the TV program "The Battle of psychics" in an interview with TV CAD Anastasia Borisevich said that awaits Russia in 2013, in Moscow, where better to live and work, how to model their lives and find out what energy you possess. This and much more you learn, look interesting interview on TV CAO

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Strange to say the Antichrist. Third coming (16. 11. 12)

Terrible times when the Earth will be the Antichrist is so close … Antichrist was called Napoleon, Adolf Hitler. Who are now preparing for the throne of the Third Antichrist?

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In 2013, the world will come heaven?

While the world waits for the end of the horror world, the former presidential candidate Kyrgyzstan Arstan Alai Abdyldaev calms public predictions about what the next year humanity will "sink into heaven." According to the policy, information about this he got "out of space", and it is supported by some of the events that are happening now.

Abdyldaev a leader of the organization "National Academy", he was widely known for spoken at last year's press conference, the phrase: "Winter is not" as well as the statement that Kyrgyzstan is the energetic core of the Earth. True, later ex-presidential candidate,

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Indigo child online!

1) How to protect yourself from unwanted contact, whether it be extraterrestrials or astral beings?2) What is the human being, whether some fragments of nature, living in other worlds, to influence other parts? Can we protect ourselves from this influence, and whether to do so, whether and how? Essentially as energy is redistributed between the fragments, and what problems may arise in this regard? Can one be a fragment of nature consequences causality caused by the actions of another fragment, what to do in such cases?

3) What is a guardian angel, as it works?4) What extraterrestrials you know,

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Healer Panteleimon (Saints, TV3)

For Russians, the symbol of holy charity and patron with cancer. Volunteers Centre Panteleimon assist in patient care and medical case study to work in hot spots. Many volunteers find it busy with his vocation.

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Seraphim of Sarov. Prophecy

Significantly, the miraculous awakening of the seven youths of Ephesus Church commemorated 22 October / November 4, simultaneously with the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. It is also interesting that the icon of the Mother of God Bogoliubsk between Virgin and the upcoming (Prince Andrew and Moscow Hierarchs) — Seven Youths of Ephesus depicted in the cave. Holy pious Grand Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky, which was associated phenomenon of the icon, was considered, as we know, the first Russian Tsar. On the day of his memory in 1918 in Yekaterinburg ascended Calvary Family of Nicholas II Image Bogoliubsk Youths

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End of the world in 2012 will not be. But what is going to happen … Such a conclusion was normal murmanchanin

In the coming years could happen terrible nuclear terrorist attack, in which will be destroyed by a few large cities in the U.S. and possibly Великобритании.Мурманчанин Dmitry Christmas — normal trolleybus driver. However, for many years he has been studying the predictions — Biblical, Nostradamus and the Mayan.

— I remember in the 90 years of the twentieth century, worked with me electrician, a very religious person, — says Dmitry Anatolyevich. — While a difficult economic situation, hardly ends meet. And I asked him, "What will be with us on what to expect?". He replied that the Antichrist is coming,

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Nostradamus. (Confirmation of knowledge Sergei APIN)

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Navigator. Telluric radiation

Telluric radiation — perhaps there is an unknown type of radiation coming out of the ground and causing a number of diseases among the inhabitants of the place of radiation. In 1930, Paul released G.fon interesting fact related to the fact that they all observed cancer patients slept in places where the dowsing rods sharply declined.

Then, and speculation about the radiation from the earth of some pathogenic rays, which was called telluric (tellus — Latin for earth). Over the past few years since efforts E.Hartmanna, M.Kurri and other researchers identified the network, the nodes of which are the

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Judgment Day and the brown dwarf

JoJo Talks Nouri, a leading American radio station "Coast To Coast "with Wayne Young, known to most as Lukus, the author of the well-known film in America — "The Destroyer Star and the Future of Humanity"

— G. Noory: You know, I have several years talking about the Mayan calendar and 2012, and I believe that will happen for a strong solar event. Well, listen — now some scientists warn: "Be prepared for the fact that the strongest solar storm would cause disruption or blackout (blackout) within a few months!" Scientists say that a solar storm can knock out

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