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2012 — under the banner of the 4th Reich

Of course, we all heard about the Third Reich, started World War II. But the third time was, therefore, have to be the other two? And they were! That's only right we would like to improve our reader Nicholas Chizha all Reicha existed only in Germany. And indeed, the word "Reich» («Reich») — German and translated as "state", "empire".

The history of the first and most powerful of the Reich began in 962, when Otto I, king of the East Frankish kingdom, Germany declared the Holy Roman Empire. Capturing Italy, he found that it was Germans deserve to continue

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Spear of Destiny (2012. 09. 06) Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman

In the struggle for power, the powers that be are turning to the occult, secret knowledge is used, looking for magical relics. Many of the great rulers of the dream to get the spear of Longinus pierced the edge of Jesus Christ.

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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Fateful year … If you believe the rumors

Fateful year … If you believe the rumors raging online, December 21, 2012 must be prepared for the worst. All will be worse than in 1999, when we barely escaped destruction of Paris, predicted a great fashion designer Paco Rabanne? Worse than in 2000, when computer geeks and believed in the "problem of the millennium," trembled with fear? Worse than in 2008, when the launch CERN particle accelerator quantum catastrophe threatened to absorb the entire planet? Even worse!

This time, the real end of the world, we are all dead. At least, so says a handful of clairvoyants, hiding

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What happens on Earth, when the Mayan calendar ends?

The birth of the myth

Mayans were counting down the days on a mythical date, which corresponds to 11 or 13 August 3113 BC This date is not recorded by Indians as zero point of the beginning began, and, that is, as a symbol of thirteen quatercentenary (baktun). Then begins the first day quatercentenary zero, then the second, third … seventh. But what happens if quatercentenary Othmer full circle "back" to the date of Is not it would be the end of the world?

The first is related to the accident year 2012 Professor of Anthropology at

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Recently, in the prophecies of St. Malachy

Malachi — the famous Catholic saint. He was born in 1094 in Ireland, in Ulster. From his earliest years, he believed in God, spending all his free time for prayers. 06 this phenomenal Mohl all the time a child soon found out, and when he got older, he was appointed a deacon, after a while he was ordained a priest, a missionary, drawing people to the Christian faith. He was loved by all, came to him to receive his blessing.

Pope Innocent II called him to the audience and had a guest unprecedented honor. In the presence of the

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The predictions of the Hopi

This prophetic prediction was first published in 1959, the year of American pastors and presvitarianskogo Methodist denominations, as otpechatanoy on mimeographed newsletter.

His legend is as follows:

In the summer of 1958, driving the desert southwestern United States (probably in Arizona), a pastor by the name of David Young, took his car to an elderly Indian Hopi. After sitting on an Indian custom, some time in silence, the old man said:

— I — White Feather, an ancient family Hopi Bear. In my long life, I have traveled the country looking for my

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Scientists have confirmed that in 2012 — the most dangerous for mankind

The prophecy of the end of the ancient Maya, it seems, can come true …Scientists have confirmed that in 2012 — the most dangerous for mankindAstrophysics fear of future disasters.

The unpredictable 11-year cycle

Despite the skepticism of many scientists who do not trust the prophecies of the ancient Mayan, which ended their calendar year 2012, are confirmation of impending catastrophe. And even — to assert that global cataclysm will look exactly as it showed us In his film "2012" directed by Roland Emmerich

Recall that in the blockbuster it was shown how a solar flare and electromagnetic radiation

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St. John of Shanghai. Talks about the Last Judgment

That day, no one knows only God knows the Father, but the signs of its approach, and given in the Gospels, and Revelation of St. an. John. Revelation speaks of the events at the end of the world and the Last Judgement primarily in images and intimate, but St. Fathers have explained it, and there is a genuine church tradition which tells us about the signs of the approaching end of the world and the Last Judgment.    Before the end of life on earth it will be confusion, war, civil strife, famine, earthquakes.People will suffer from fear, will fail them

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L. prophecy of Chernigov on Russias future

Saved recently is not difficult, but wise. Who overcome all these temptations, he is saved! He will be among the first. The former will be as light fixtures, and the last — the sun.

Comes late, when the clergy carried away worldly worldly wealth. They will have a car and house, will be visiting the resort areas, and the Jesus Prayer toss! They forget about it! Then they do not go that way, you want to go, and people will lead the fainthearted for you! The bishops and priests, lovers reduce service of the Church, will go into the

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Prophecies about the future of Russia

John of Kronstadt"Russian people have ceased to understand what Russia! It is the foot of the throne of God."

Matrona of Moscow — blind holy woman accurately predicted all the events that happened in Russia. For a year or two before the war, she said, "War is about to begin. A lot of people will die, but our Russian people win. Knew that Russia will go through times of unbelief, but predicted that the Lord will not leave Russia, and better times "The believers will be small. People under hypnosis, not himself, a terrible

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