Reptilians rule the world — Satan comes in 2012

Nibiru, UFOs, aliens and Satanists Rule the World …

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Academician Dudyshev of imminent apocalypse

Russian scientist VD Dudyshev long been studying the natural phenomena of the planet and a unified theory of the theory of natural phenomena. A particular case of this theory is its modern theory of the Apocalypse, which is bound to come, as the inversion of the geomagnetic field.

The growing number of powerful earthquakes (Haiti, Japan) with the growth of the inversion (coup) of the geomagnetic field of the Earth, and global climate change, flora and fauna of the planet over the past few years in line with the conclusions of the Unified Theory of nature. One of

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Secret files Apocalypse Death planet

In the past decade, started talking about the imminent end of the world. Many scholars call a particular year, when there will be an apocalypse. Until the end of the notice period, the world in 2012 just over a year. But is it? What might happen to our planet in the near future? If not in 2012, when our planet will die? Perhaps existing scripts apocalypse no more than loud hypothesis scientists?

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

Wang about the past and the future of humanity

3593 BC Ltd.According to Vanga, the specified date — the beginning of a great, world-year. It will last 3600 years, LTD. This is approximately the same as the duration of the world, the quantity at which the ancient books Cassander (c. 355 — 298 BC), a philosopher, a Macedonian general, king of Macedonia from 306 BCHowever, if in ancient Greek philosophy, ancient and medieval astrology world year — a period after which after the flood and conflagration all earthly events begin to repeat, then Wang gives a very different interpretation of the great year.From the words of Vanga on

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Strange thing № 55. Giants. The dark forces of the Galaxy

One appearance of these strange creatures can lead to terrible disasters. They experimented over the inhabitants of the planet. Where they came from — from parallel worlds, from other planets or from our future, and what they need?

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Predictions Elder Ioannicius

Most of the predictions of the Old Man of Ioanniky was featured in the TV show, but a lot of left-overs. The following is a prediction Elder entirely.— Poverty will increase, sin will increase, because commanded sky, and the earth will only execute. Why is it commanded? Yes, according to our sins. <…>

— Father! And in the near future, this is how you think that Russia will do? The Russian people?— Mankind has prepared for death itself, to itself. Will disaster in places — it just …

What we're seeing now — it's just the beginning, but still

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Hopi prophecy

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Hermit predicted Volgograd big wave

Strength test will come in December

In his youth, Alexander kamyshanin Merenkov was border guard officers and workers, but for the past six years of living away from the creature comforts of an ascetic in like-minded people. He predicts the future and revives a dead village.

Solar water from a well

Cool windy afternoon, around, on the outskirts of a small village in the north of Kamyshin district, not a soul. Land of former Volga Germans. Primer on which slowly moving our combat "penny", wrapped in luxurious herbs. "That's our village Leyhtling, she's in Russian Ilovlinka" — recommends escort.On

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Three pre-cataclysm, as three signals before the start

Extraterrestrials in his letters indicate the exact date of the beginning of global cataclysms, and as nearly equal time intervals between the three preliminary cataclysms. The date and time when the global cataclysms were set many centuries ago, and the end of the Mayan calendar identified.

The Mayan Calendar, as you know — is a system of complex calendars created during the pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. It includes the sacred 260-day calendar called Tzolkin (Tzol'kin), a 365-day calendar called the Haab (Haab), and the 52-day calendar Haab cycle called the calendar round, which is the cycle of the Tzolkin and Haab.

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Visions Scallion

Gordon Michael Scallion — talented visionary gift which is now comparable with the gift Edgar Cayce. The fact that his vision is not classified as extraordinary, is because of the usual principle that the visionaries are not evaluated in life as much as after a while. By Casey, Nostradamus and other great visionaries in the days of their lives treated with disdain as big as he was, and enthusiasm, and they purchased the existing value is only after some time. Humanity's quest to take their prophets as gods,

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