Zecharia Sitchin and the aliens from Nibiru

The last two or three years, the media strongly hysteria about the end of the world in 2012. Armageddon scenario that emerged from a bizarre symbiosis last date the Mayan calendar and the myth of the planet Nibiru, Marduk. In the reshuffle of arguments and counter-arguments seem to have forgotten that man, through which the myth of Nibiru was modern sounding — who died in October 2010, the American scholar Zecharia Sitchin — called a different date closer to our planet and Marduk, as follows: 2085.

Zecharia Sitchin knew many ancient languages

Ancient mythology as journalism

Zecharia Sitchin

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Nibiru — the spacecraft Overseer!

Nibiru is a planet-spacecraft, which is much larger than Earth. This ship is defined as the controller of the cosmos and the inspector of the planet on which we live. I must say that the Earth has always been of particular interest and possible danger to the Cosmos. Ever since the days of Sirius, Vega and the broken planet we call Phaeton concerned about energy in the universe of Earth, so constantly maintain its energy balance. But even then it was created spaceship-guard, which looks very similar to the planet.Sumerians called Nibiru ship is home to a higher power.Currently Nibiru

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Nibiru — the threat to the Earth

A story about a sensational discovery appeared in a documentary film "Apocalypse Now." Two American astrophysicist Daniel Uitmar and John Mathis reported the discovery in the solar system is one of the planet — Nibiru or Planet X. However, this news is nothing good in the world. This planet can change the motion of heavenly bodies near the earth's orbit and attract dangerous asteroid or comet that will cause a real apocalypse.

In December 2010, the space telescope WISE were given regular observations of the cosmos in the infrared range. They had registered a giant red planet, located at

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Oleg Cherne. The Great Shift 2012

Oleg Cherne He studies ancient Vedic culture for over 25 years. Traveled to more than 120 countries, studying the various internal and external practices. Oleg tells the story of "The Great Shift 2012"

Time greats gone. Today is the time of gray people, little people, who are able to adapt and adjust to this down-beat. And nothing to do but wait until they die. The rhythm of today's development, the education system is set up for just such recruitment perishable mutated bioproducts. Therefore, those who have not become the slave of these mutants should step back and work on

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Elder prophecy Philothea

Abbot Filofei nekanonizirovannyh is one of the saints, but this does not detract from its sanctity and truth of the prophecies. Abbot Filofei since a very young age, he traveled and visited many towns and villages in Italy, Poland, Germany, the end point of his trip was Mount Athos. There, on the Holy Mountain, he spent 30 years in a long prayer, and then returned back to Russia. This happened during the reign of Metropolitan Zosima (1490-1494 years). In Russia Filofei openly opposed the "Judaizers heretics", for which he paid with his freedom — his chained and kept in Sarskaya

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Shamanic prophecy XXI century

Soothsayers and prophets lived on Earth at all times. For some, their prophecy is cause for deep reflection on life, for others it was just an opportunity to satisfy his curiosity, well, and still others do not want to hear or are too skeptical. But whatever criticisms have not undergone the prophecy, the fact remains — many of them are already reflected in reality and, judging by what is happening in the world of change, many more are to come true in the near future …

There are a number of global predictions point to a looming catastrophic changes.

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Assault awareness. Soul of a legacy (31. 08. 2012)

Some researchers suggest that the soul lives in the human heart. Others — that it is part of the human mind. Did our ancestors have the answers to these questions? Can I track the path of the soul beyond the grave, and to understand what kind of body it finds its continuation?

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Nibiru (Nibiru) and Underground bases of the world

Maximum approach of Planet X — Nibiru (Nibiru) will be February 13-14, 2013, when it is between the Sun and Earth, in this case because of strong gravitational perturbations on the Earth will occur: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and as a result huge tsunami above 100 meters. World government is ready to meet with Nibiru, the world's elite has built underground bases as entire cities with complete infrastructure.

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Secret area. 2012. Return of the Gods. 31. 08. 2012

Today, scientists have come to the conclusion that the Maya did not say anything about the end of the world in 2012. However, this date marked on the calendar really Indians. Their gods who flew down from heaven and gave knowledge, should go back …

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End of the World 2012: The hard truth

End of the World 2012 sounds ominous. Parade of Planets in 2012 could be the end of the world. The greatest invention of the Mayan calendar was. The basis of the Mayan calendar was the mythical starting date — 13 August 3113 BC.From it, then simply by reference number in the past days and was carried chronology. The Mayan calendar, despite its antiquity, amazingly accurate.

According to modern calculations, the length of the solar year is 365.2422 days. Maya calculated the value of 365.2420 days. The difference — just two decimal. To produce such a precise calendar, according to scientists,

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