The end of the world in 2012 or tomorrow never dies

End of the world, the invasion of space aliens, flares, sizzling Earth and other celestial cars excite people since ancient times. This is the feature of our psyche: if people do not keep certain fears, he destroys himself. Waiting for the end of the world, someone appointed on December 21, 2012, has gone beyond the usual concerns and threatens to develop into a worldwide hysteria. But there is no reliable forecast or prediction, global cataclysm, not only for 2012, and for the next 4 billion years.

Myth number 1. Tzolkin

Refuse amazing knowledge of astronomy Mayan Indians who lived

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First the bees die, and then — people

Vang was wrong for two years

In one of the prophecies attributed to Wang, the death of bees all over the world was set for 2004. But they began to disappear in 2006. And, as scientists believe, is this ecological disaster has reached alarming proportions.

Every winter in the U.S. are killed more than a third of bee colonies. Although I tend to not only withstand cold tenth. Disappear in Europe every year to 20 percent of bees. Drastically reduced their population in Latin America and Asia. Such alarming statistics in the report led experts recently Food and Agriculture

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Near Kiev predicting crash and train wreck

Forecasters woes threaten Ukraine, the Emergencies Ministry, "Their predictions have not come true"

Earthquake in Iran. PE predicted two clairvoyants — Ukrainian and Russian, even to guess the date. Photo: AFP

Ukraine is expected soon terrible disaster, clairvoyants promise. In edition it unusual letter to a certain prophetess from Mykolayiv region was forecast for Ukraine and the world for 10 days.

First to her story, we were skeptical, but just a couple of days the first prediction came true. So, the woman said that before August 18 in a foreign country a violent earthquake. Indeed, on August 11 Iran

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Terrible prophecy of a nuclear explosion

One hundred years ago in a village in the county Krasnogradsky Kharkov province lived an old woman. Did not like her men: rich, literate, was an avid pilgrim. But most people do not like her talk about the impending war, revolution, famine, and the atheist regime. Even the gendarmes from Kharkov repeatedly staged her "soul-searching conversation" about such outrageous prophecies.

Laugh speeches old woman stopped a year after her death, when the first world war. But forty years ago, the worst came to pass her prediction that in these parts will be at night as light as day,

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Wang Vamfim about aliens and a possible collision with Earth celestial body

But as very distant future (in particular 7000-year), here Vanga predictions about the end of the world or global catastrophe — not so optimistic. And in "Evangeline chronograph due to these states as follows:"As a result of the collision of Earth with a large comet (a celestial body) would cause a great disaster, natural disasters, earthquakes, environmental disasters, rapid climate change.To this period of time is the next picture, which saw a clairvoyant Vanga: "Here I sometimes see the following picture: blackened and scorched earth, and on it goes a handful of people who are like shadows .." (For more

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Islamic Wisdom: What elevates and that demeans man in both worlds

One of the great scholars said: "Who in this world was an honest servant, that in the next world will be clean ruler". Whoever claimed power over anything in this world, including members of his body, so his fate will decline in the next world, that is, just as it will decrease the extent and level.

In the next world will not be a greater man than he who is in this world belittled himself to the Almighty Allah, even if he was a great leader. And there is more degraded in the other world, than he who in

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The Time of Trouble

"And at that time Michael, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and the time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation until now, but saved at that time your people, everyone that shall be found written in the book "(Daniel 12:1). When will the preaching of the third angel, God's grace will leave the wicked inhabitants of the earth. God's people did their job, he got the "latter rain", "joy of the LORD," and prepared for the coming hour of trial. Angels in the sky rushing in all directions. Angel, who has

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Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri prophecy

January 29, 2006, died Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, one of the most famous rabbis of Israel, the leading Sephardi Kabbalist of his time. Then they all said that he left one of the greatest Jewish teachers XX century. Rabbi was — according to different sources — from 106 to 118 years.

Before his death, he regained consciousness and asked to be left alone with the four closest disciples. Then said:

— If Kabbalists explore what I said in the last few months about the coming Messiah, then find his name, hidden in my words that opened my 9 year Cheshvan 5764

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Signs of the End of the World — the testimony of the Prophet Muhammad

Mankind at all times speculated about the nature of the universe, believing that the universe is eternal and has no end. This understanding was the basis of the materialist philosophy.

Today, however, science has conclusively proven that life on earth was the exact moment of the beginning of our Universe is finite, as well as all men are mortal and living suschestva.Rano or later there will be no end of the world, and any doubt about the truth of this commandment, sent down by Allah Almighty in Quran 1400 years ago.

People are always concerned by the question, when

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Sun-sentient being.

Sun — dominant celestial body. It is an intelligent being, managing the solar system-the part of the space you occupy.

The sun enters the space of your existence and reads vibration, touching your skin. It is intimately interconnected with all aspects of life, what you imagined them. This field is the mind, which "charges" and allows your very existence. The sun creates around you environments where a fact of your development. Sun is interested in your spiritual development. As your spiritual growth you are providing new information to the sun when it touches you. In many cultures speak of

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