Nibiru will destroy the Earth or …

The hypothesis of the existence of the 12th planet in the middle of the 20th century pushed the journalist, astronomer, historian Zecharia Sitchin, who was born in 1922 in Baku. Being a well-known researcher of artifacts in the Middle East, Sitchin believed that the Earth was created highly advanced civilization from the planet Tiamat, whose home, according to the Sumerian manuscripts, was destroyed in a collision with another cosmic body — the planet Nibiru. Nibiru — the mysterious planet beyond Pluto — rotates an elongated orbit around the Sun, approaching again in 3600 (according to other sources — in 2120)

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How to survive the next end of the world

Doomsday, Of course, ever be sure, but not as quickly as many expect. You still have to pay for all of your loans, raise children, live to dentures and senile dementia, and then had come the end of the world, your personal doomsday, because, sadly, none of us are immortal does not suffer …

  During World War II, the Nazis threw from planes in England false quatrains of Nostradamus, who predicted the defeat of the British and various troubles 

If ancient Maya knew that their calendar cause such a stir at the beginning of the third millennium, they

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Waiting for the planets tectonic disaster?

Since the planet is something going on. Once at the beginning of March 2011 massive earthquake and the ensuing tsunami monstrous turn many of Japan in ruins, the crust is still unable to return to balance. Japan, and not only her, continues to shake. If after the main shock is usually celebrated a few dozen less intense avtershokov, now it is almost the hundreds of aftershocks c magnitude 6 or even 7.

In order to better assess the situation, is to say that the terrible destruction in Haiti in 2010 that killed hundreds of thousands of lives have

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Enoch: Mankind offers unprecedented disasters

On Earth entered a new era of climate. It is after much agonizing discussion and analysis recognized meteorologists. None of them can not predict what will happen to the climate of the planet in the near future, so it's worth listening to the predictions of the ancients, many of which are true to the letter.

As for the next two years, 2011 and 2012 will be a turning point in the so-called quantum evolutionary leap. It began to fall at the beginning of November 2011, ending — for the first half of 2013.

Land actively

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The last word — Apocalypse forever

End of the world — he did come? True that disasters and diseases God is punishing us for our sins? How will the apocalypse How to prepare for him the rich and famous, and that will save us from the Last Judgment?

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Predictions. Forecasts. Prophecy.

There are so many who can anticipate, and so few who know how to prevent.  (V. Brudzinsky)


At all times the man had a burning curiosity about the future. Appealed to all kinds of fortune-tellers, soothsayers and other visionaries.

It sometimes happens that the predictions come true, but for the most part they are found to be false.

Predictions are definitely piece goods, depending primarily on the talent of the seer, and the amount of time separating the event from the moment of its predictions. As a rule, the accuracy of the event is inversely proportional

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CREATING A NEW CIVILIZATION (steps and key dates).

CREATING A NEW CIVILIZATION (steps and key dates). Forecast for the period up to 2122.

This forecast is made based on the individual views of the future of humanity and the planet Earth New Group of Seers (New Seers). Event Dates may vary by + — 5.10 years.

2012-2022 years. The gradual increase of seismic activity in Europe, Africa, around Australia, North and South Pole, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and possibly in the Indian. Increase in volcanic activity. Gradual but inexorable rise in temperature, the beginning of melting glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic.

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Unique predictions of Vanga

She saw the future of the common people and nations. But the worst of her only predictions will come true. New details about the life of most of Vanga and the truth about that, of the prophecy came true, and what is not — in "Confrontation."

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Will the world end in 2012?

Recently, we all too often hear predictions about the coming end of the world. The question on everyone: whether the end of the world in 2012 to the year?. How do we treat these forecasts? Is there an ancient Mayan prophecy? Terrible tragedy in Japan: earthquake or beginning of the end of the world?

There is a lot of bad prophecies that point to the beginning of the 21st century. About pending disasters warn us: the famous Wang, Nostradamus, the Mayan calendar, and many other sources. Their predictions are treated or concrete — as nuclear war, epidemics, natural disasters, or

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Extraterrestrial technology. Cancel the apocalypse. Nibiru, crop circles, etc. precursors …

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