Monologues Doomsday

2012 — the year in which the Mayan calendar is over. He was expected and feared.

And he almost came. But will the promised end of the world? This philosophical and scientific question is answered by representatives of five religions and three scientists atheist. Buddhists

Aiur Lama, abbot Ivolginsky datsan, Ulan-Ude

"Our region is Buddhist, and all the people philosophical about death. About the end of the world can, and they say, but do not believe. Chatter is all. I would say that everyone has a choice. We do not impose their doctrine. And say:

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Pyramids around the world began to emit beams of energy in the region of photon cloud

Although NASA hides information about the strange cloud of photons, which is now almost covered the entire solar system, the information have leaked from some scientists.

And now, as it is an ominous cloud of seeping into the solar system, it starts to have an impact on the Sun and planets inexplicably.

What is surprising is that, as this strange energy invading our space, some of the most famous pyramids of the world begin to produce intense energy.

Several cases where powerful visible beams were injected into the space in the direction of the photon cloud,

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Indigo children say …

13-year-old girl who is taught the Virgin, help sick people

Indigo children — special tribe: they see and know more than others, and more than you can explain.

They know each other in the street by color — blue-violet, which is the shell extends around the body. It's like the mark: it is not like the others.

Normal people learn to understand these children and help them. But more indigo children themselves come to the aid of the "ordinary" people, making it the blue, as if against his will.

13 year old Yasha Pazdera accurately can find someone in

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Prophecies and predictions Mother Alipio

Mother Alypy Golosiivskyi prophesied war will begin on the Apostles Peter and Paul. Will lie: there is a hand there leg. This will happen when the corpse will make a "(the mausoleum). Serendipity mother was obvious to all who knew her. A few months before the resumption of the Kiev-Pechersk stronghold let slip: "Already in the caves and the lamps are lit."

However, when she reported the discovery of the monastery, said a cut, "Open, but not for pleasure." The fate of the world is hidden from people. Who knows the ways of the Lord? He's the One —

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2012 end of the world and hirologiya

We know that with the help of a natal chart in astrology can determine the effect of various planets (which form the character of a person), the impact of social planets (which form the social conditions of life), and the influence of the planets on the generation. Thus, we can predict both the local and global events, not only in the life of each one of us and humanity in general.

There is another practice of weather, through which you can look at the past, present and future. This is hirologiya: science dealing with the definition of fate's hand.

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Human civilization on the Moon

What told the scientist, like science fiction, he said, is that Tipo 40 years ago on the moon there are traces of ancient and apparently extraterrestrial civilization. Here are just a NASA gave the order to kill photographic evidence. Johnstone also disobeyed and hid some. Briefly charges Johnston Hoagland limited to the following: the astronauts mission "Apollo" was found on the moon and building technology traces of old civilizations and photographed them.

Apart from this, they seize antigravity technology. All these data NASA has hidden from the public. Johnston was responsible for the photo information lunar missions, was ordered

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On the other side of the Moon and the Sun

November 14 — a total solar eclipse at 02:08 in Moscow, according to the 21 degrees of the sign of Taurus and Scorpio.November 28 — penumbral lunar eclipse at 18:33 in Moscow, through six degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius.

Solar eclipses are known to occur at new moon, eclipse and the night lights — the full moon. But, in contrast to the new and full moon, eclipses do not happen every month, and at least once every six months. Because for that must be met is another cosmic condition at new and full moon eclipse occurs in the immediate

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Indigo child online!

1) What can you say about Shambala (like the Brotherhood of advanced beings)? 2) and the relationship with Shamballa civilizations of other planets.3) and their role in the future developments in the world associated with the changes.4) What can you say about the connection with extraterrestrial origin of man on Earth? 5), and of what is the truth in the history of the origin of man on Earth, which runs from the Sumerians?6) What can you say about the relationship of Jesus and extraterrestrial life?7) and of knowledge, which says that once came to Earth from Venus being highly (7

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The Bible — Scriptures

Fyodor Dostoevsky: "Lord! What the scriptures, what a miracle and what force, the data in it man! ..How many mysteries resolved and frank! I love the book, even! The death of the people without the Word of God … "

"The Brothers Karamazov"

The Bible — a book for all

"The Bible should not be taken seriously" — said one teacher institute during the lecture.

"Have you ever read the Bible?" — Asked him from the hall.

Teacher, caught off guard, I had to admit that he did not open the book. He realized that he can not speak

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World after 2012. The embodiment of prophecy.

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