Humanity is looking for long in space brothers in mind. But the aliens can not be far away, but literally under our noses! The assumption is that the orbit of the Earth, there is another planet that dubbed Antizemley or Gloria.

From time immemorial

The existence of the world's first twin spoke of old. Even in the period of ancient Egypt, it was assumed that each of us has its own energy, astral double. Later it became known as Soul. It is from there and has its origin theory of the existence Antizemli.

Egyptian representation of the world of

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Selestinskie prophecy

Great writer James Redfield wrote a book: "Selestinskie prophecy," which tells of a unique search every piece of ancient wisdom. However, after reading the book, I want to write all the prophecies in the bar, which I do on this page. Briefly, 9 Celestine prophecy says:

1. All matches, not an accident. People who understand this, be — a critical mass. When a critical mass will be enough, people will understand the meaning of life and made many discoveries.

2. Mankind zanogo comprehend the historical process and its errors. Realizing that financial development has reached its peak, threatens the

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The power of green dollar

In the history of the dollar is really a lot of mysteries. Who benefits from this pyramid of green bucks?

Christ drove the money changers

Masonic mystery lover author of "The Da Vinci Code," Dan Brown has written a new novel. About Masons USA. Encryption of the main will be the very dollar bills. So we are waiting for the "Code Dollar". But the central mystery of Dan Brown certainly does not disclose there. Who actually built a giant pyramid bucks with "seeing eye"? Smart people say that it all started when Jesus drove the merchants from the temple,

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Americans attacked on the moon?

Scientists have long been considered as the moon pantry mineral resources and the future of human civilization outpost for solar system exploration. However, there are indications that at our cosmic neighbors owners already have.

After the hype surrounding the American lunar program "Apollo" in the 90's. The Moon is almost forgotten. And then sensation poured from the horn of plenty! In particular, because of the "Clementine" — a small satellite, which was sent into space mainly to photograph some asteroid. However, in 2.5 months "Clementine" has managed to make 2.5 million unique images of the lunar surface. Astronomers from

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Planetary processes on Midgard

Earth is forced to abide by the law

Yes, indeed, all over the paramount importance of acquiring planetary processes, because they set the direction of future scenarios of the evolution of the Earth, which means life and ensuring its climate.

Natural that planetofizicheskimi processes planet implanted (sic) into interplanetary space and solar-terrestrial relationships.

Hence, the entire solar system is near-space habitat lifetime of humanity, and this medium more deeply, studying, and not the "will of the people to conquer outer space." But habitat for the solar system is the interstellar medium, ie Galactic branch, with their star

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30 incredible prophecies for 2013

A longtime friend of editorial "KP", Krasnoyarsk physicist Paul Poluyan suddenly decided he could predict the future. And their predictions shares with readers the "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Check it out at the end of 2013?

1. Continue anti-corruption perturbations: all who have caught, sit under arrest will be two of the governor and a minister. Corruption investigations and trials will lead to the confiscation of the property purchased by uvorovannyh funds. At the suggestion of President Vladimir Putin seized homes, land and vehicles will be sent to orphanages family.

2. Russia will

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Wind — to revolution and suicide

Several years ago, Andreas Lomayer leading criminologist Hamburg, working with archival legislation, came across a remarkable document. This was the so-called Lex Frisionum («Code of the Frisians") — a set of laws veka VIII, which referred to a direct link with the air temperature offenses.

Climate — in the first place

Lomayer — people are not superstitious. At first it seemed that it smacks of, as they say, in the early Middle Ages ignorant. But loving all reach essentially criminologist decided to check unexpected version. It turned out that as many centuries later, namely in 1748-m, and said

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Yahweh and the fear of God

On Araama example, as a model of ideal servant, we can see that Jehovah cultivated adoption of its teams, the main factor of morality ordinary Jew.

Lord God, by definition, is All-Good, the All-Seeing, and the Almighty, that is, in the eyes of the Jew — is the absolute truth and goodness, and by good means unconditional commands and teachings of Jehovah, and the bad — it is not the execution of these commands. With that Jehovah was very important that these teams met without any thought, "because God knows everything in advance!" Explained Levites other Jews, knowing

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The parable of the butterfly dream

One day came, as usual, the students to listen to their spiritual master Chuang Tzu. It was a great sage, and the famous Chinese philosopher, and every day people came to him to listen to conventional wisdom.

Chuang-tzu in the day looked gloomy and thoughtful, which was unusual for the wise. The disciples were worried and asked:

— Teacher, what to you? Usually you are so happy and cheerful, and now gloomy and thoughtful. Whether there will be a bad thing?

The sage replied slowly:— This night in my dreams I was a butterfly. I dreamed that I —

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The world, which under us

Legends of creatures living under, portrayed in many countries of the world. In Western Europe, they are called gnomes, in Norway — Zetta, Lapland — chahkli the Caucasus — the Lilliputians bitsenta in ancient Rus called Lyudkov. For a long time these stories were perceived as exotic, far from reality tale.

However, since the end of XX century and in the scientific community and the media are more often been suggested that by us there is still a world populated by people unknown to us, and developing according to its mysterious laws.

Surprising findings

Miners often come

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