Tarot forecast for 2013

Arcana of the Tarot, the corresponding coming year, characterize its main features — both event-driven and on a spiritual level.

2013 correspond to the number of arcane death (13), the major arcana year and Lovers (6), auxiliary noose. All that will happen to us in 2013, somehow determined by these cards.

Arkan's death, despite its intimidating name, is more concerned not with physical death, and with the transformation, radical changes in the life, rebirth, liberation of all superfluous and obsolete. Of course, change does not always take place peacefully, but in the end we are able to reach a

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OSHO: Life can not understand the mind, it is necessary to live.

Osho says: "Do not try to understand the life," and he was right. Because life can not understand the mind, it can only live from moment to moment.

All attempts to understand the life of the mind is doomed to failure, because all these understanding of time. Today you understand life, a month — or in ten years — a completely different way.

Life — is the mystery and the mystery can not be understood, it can just get along.

Life can not be understood

Attempts to understand life — it attempts to mind, and

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The soul of the universe

Today, many authors try to explain the structure of the universe and the place and role of man in the universe, promote non-traditional methods of treatment, refer to the esoteric. Esoteric — another new concept, firmly became part of our language. But what does it mean?

Architecture of great faith

Someone very aptly compared religion with buildings of different architectural styles. And indeed: the Orthodox temple, church, mosque look different from each other, but the main part of these structures are similar. Each of God's house, despite the different religions, have a foundation and a roof truss structures. Also

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Zodiac of Dendera

In the world there are many places where the ancient sages used different tools to describe the motion of the sun on the zodiac. Most of these devices have been destroyed by time. But, fortunately, we have kept one, the clearest, the most mysterious and the most beautiful artifacts — stone zodiac disc in Dendera temple on the banks of the Nile.


Dender same zodiac — drawing.

"Performing in detail in high relief, the ancient astronomical card contains all the information necessary to calculate the Earth traveling from one zodiac sign to another in the course of

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Count of St. Germain: the history of the immortal

Mysterious and attractive, with a face like that does not touch the hand of time. He is constantly traveling from one place to another, carrying a secret of his mysterious and attractive personality.

Who was Count Saint-Germain, a mysterious and charismatic figure of the 18th century, who was lucky enough to not get lost, and even play a role in the turning points of history? Perhaps even more important issue is whether he was a real person or a fictional character who managed to subtly weave into reality.

Although that is not known exactly when or

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Great blind XX century. Wang and Matrona of Moscow

A documentary film by Russian director Igor Vereshchaka, which tells about the fate of two amazing psychics — Bulgarian seer Wang and canonized Matrona of Moscow.

Much they have in common: both early blind, both from childhood to "see" beyond the bounds of the world, and to recognize not only the present, but the past and the future, as predicted by both the fate of people and historical events.

Before his death, Wang has built on their savings church of St Petka. And thanks to the transfer of the relics of Matron female Pokrovsky monastery was reborn from

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Scroll doomsday Essenes and their prophecies

How it all began. Started this unique inherently epic in late May 1947. Two shepherd herding tribe taamire large herd of goats in the desert called Wadi Qumran. Pasture located just 20 km to the east of Jerusalem near the Jordan River, very close to the shore of the Dead Sea. The shepherds were young boys, so do not sit on the ground, and took a keen interest in the rocky terrain bordering the green grass covered meadows.

Inquisitive youth drew attention to the narrow opening at one of the rocks. Teenagers squeezed into it and ended up in a

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Clairvoyant Keir

Today his name is known only to specialists in magic, and in the beginning of the last century, his name was all over the world. He predicted a sensational discovery in archeology, loss of world famous writer, warned of the various disasters and tragic events.

Quick look at the hand of man, it is unusual to talk in detail about his past and future. But suddenly his clairvoyant faculty disappeared. The reason was the violation of the highest ethical principles relating to the law of karma.

Curriculum vitae

His real name on the passport, William John Warner, but he

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End of the World 2013

Message from Earthlings: "It is the end of the World, not with bullets, but with tears, — Elliot. Humanity has already come close to the end of the time period in 26,000 Earth years, which completely covers the next cycle on a huge scale dynamic space of the "constellation of the Pleiades — the sun — the planet Earth." Now your Sun or as we call it "Sun Ring" revolves around Alcyone, the central star in the constellation of the Pleiades.

The uniqueness of the forthcoming evolutionary quantum leap is that constellation of the Pleiades, which

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Predictions 2008-2179 gg.

Ilya Klimenchuk — Head of the Interregional public organization to promote cultural and spiritual development of people "Holy Russia" and the Center for Studies of heaven "Most Holy Trinity covenant." "The Book" 250 prophecy "- a collection of predictions made and recorded by the author from 1987 to 2011 in different materials, publications, and presentations.

2008-2014, the breakthrough in science and medicine, the discovery of a cure for cancer and AIDS, the end of the Iron Age, the transition to the golden age, the beginning of the events described in "Revelation." (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy",

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