Ragnarok. End of the World in 2013-2014.

Some scholars of ancient Scandinavian and Irish sagas say that the end of the world (Ragnarok) may occur as early as 2013. In ancient manuscripts — "Edda" in the song "Völuspá" (witch), and "Prose Edda," says the World fire, flood and darkness, which is accompanied by the "three winters without a summer."

End of the world (Ragnarok) will come when evil will penetrate into our world. Wolf Fenrir will swallow the sun and natural disaster. As a result of clashes between the Wolf and the god Odin, as well as between the world serpent Jormungand, which means Velikansky

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False signs and wonders of Antichrist

Seducing men, the Antichrist will show many amazing miracles. Chosen vessel of God, the Apostle Paul says, "His coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception."

In the interpretation of these words of St. John Chrysostom says, "with all power and signs and lying wonders — said, that is, the Antichrist will show all the power and all that is possible to seduction, but will do nothing of the true" (4 Bes. -I). He performs great signs, according to the Apocalypse, so that makes fire come

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And a star fell from the sky …

We were fast approaching a huge comet, which promises to be the brightest in the history of observations and eclipse the moon.

In the picture: This artist saw a comet in 1860. Scientists believe that comets may be carriers of life in the universe

It will be interesting

A recently discovered by two amateur astronomers comet demonstrate unprecedented celestial show, starting from November 28, 2013, when a celestial body will be less than 2 million kilometers from the Sun, in astronomical terms it is very close. If the forecasts are correct, the comet will be one of the biggest in

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Russian prophets

What about our local, Russian prophets? They were also. Among them are famous for their predictions Basil Nemchinov (of whom I shall speak later), Abel, Seraphim of Sarov, John of Kronstadt, Daniel Andreev … What did they say about the future time? Monk Abel, who lived XVIII — XIX centuries, predicted the exact date of the death of Catherine II. Paul I, who became afterwards the Emperor of Russia, called Abel and learned from him the date of his death through strangulation hands closest courtiers, and the burning of Moscow in 1812, after its capture by the French.


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Change of eras. Shambhala.

It is known that, long before the appearance of Jesus Christ to mankind on earth had other beliefs. For tens of thousands of years before he came around the world were the pyramids, as the spiritual center of the world, and, to put such a pyramid man himself could not.

 Pyramid, like the man himself, "put" aliens. Part of their set aliens from the Sirius star system. Under one pyramid they left their crystal that supports them not only communication, but also a kind of post. The rituals conducted by priests Maya were particularly brutal.

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Number of fear

After celebrating New Year's comments appeared in blogs — a year that came thirteenth … So what?

In the culture of many peoples number 13 has long been associated with something unfortunate. In the UK, Canada and Australia do not find homes in that number. In aircraft German airlines missing thirteenth row. In the U.S., on the streets without seeing thirteenth buses, not to live on the thirteenth floor, but not to stay in hotels in the thirteenth room. What did not come up with people to get around that number. For example,

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Predictions of doom 2013 2014.

According to the Mayan calendar, in 2012, ending the era of the Fifth Sun, and the world would cease to exist. However, as we can see, it did not. According to some researchers, it remained there for only two years …

Sinister object approaching Earth?

Land "dilute" acid mist

Distress, which in fact should soon fall upon mankind, said American Observatory "Chandra". In 2010, she discovered a giant cloud in space "acid mist." Astronomers call it sowing chaos. 16 million miles, the cloud destroys everything in its path: the stars, planets, asteroids. Now it is the speed of light

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Mysterious Russia. Matron, patroness of the capital

In the heart of Moscow every day there is something inexplicable. Dozens, and sometimes hundreds of people come to a single place in the hope of a miracle! What they expect and what they believe? How does this site helps them once and change your life? Who is Matrona of Moscow?

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Why not take place, «Apocalypse 2012»?

The Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24:

36 But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but my Father only

In the film industry, there has long been a category of films as "horror". Consequently, there is a reason, and that is why this genre demand audience. The retreat of the person from the Holy God has led him to such a perverted state where he finds pleasure in watching the various scenes of violence of some people over others, scenes of various transformations of the body and the scene of mass

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Great mysteries with Igor Prokopenko Ether 07. 01. All issues of 2013

1st edition. "Guardian Angel":Illness, accident … In everyone's life there are times when it seems that no one can help. But there are miracles … As if someone gives more than a hint helping hand … Heavenly helpers, who are they?

2nd edition. "Secret stars"

In 1912, Italy was found one of the most mysterious books in the history of mankind — the Voynich manuscript. It is written in an unknown language, the amazing illustrations show plants unknown to science, the mechanisms of the constellation. For over 100 years the best cryptologists world are trying to unravel the

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