Horoscopes for 2013: Eastern, zodiac, pagan, Chinese feng shui horoscope

Predictions for 2013

The coming 2013 will bring us change, forcing rethink the values of life and to identify new horizons. Will he be successful, depends on with what baggage we come to it. That promise us horoscopes different traditions?

Oriental horoscope. Predictions for 2013 Snakes

In contrast to the bright and powerful dragon who likes to shine for all to see, the snake is always very cautious about everything and always ready to repel the danger. We need to look to the mistress of the year: her best qualities — intuition, insight, flexibility and prudence will be valuable

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Buddha as an incarnation of God, and his mission

Despite the fact that the Buddha rejected the authority of the Vedas and the idea of God, he was the incarnation of God who came to earth with a very specific mission.

While most people were atheists and carnivores, justifying the sacrifice of animals and eating their meat recommendations sacred Vedic scriptures. They held these slaughterhouses under pretext of fulfilling the requirements of the Vedas, although there is no other requirement is not fulfilled, because they did not believe in God.

Seeing the ungodly, and out of compassion for animals, the Buddha preached non-violence, and this was his

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If a loved one has died, what to do

Death will take all of us, it is a fact, but we are increasingly concerned if a close loved one dies, than the idea that we are ever going to die.


The death of a loved one — it's usually a big loss that shows how much we were attached to him.

Faced with this phenomenon, a person may experience a variety of negative emotions and experience the unpleasant state:— a state of shock, stunned, numb, confused. Usually it happens in the first few minutes after receiving the sad news.— feelings of guilt, remorse, self-reproach — if a

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Parable of wealth, happiness and freedom

It just so happened that in our time the happiness and freedom is associated with wealth, as many people believe that wealth and provide freedom and happiness. A little parable about this.

Near the small village held a small caravan, and a wealthy merchant, owner of the camels and upsell decided to stop for the night nearby.

Seeing the sage, sitting in the shade of a huge tree, a merchant came up and sat beside her. Struck up a conversation. Merchant and then spoke of happiness and freedom, alluding to his wealth and opportunities, thus subconsciously trying

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The secrets of success for each day of the week

Vedic astrology, talking about the quality and influence of the planets, thus shares with us the secrets of success, giving us the appropriate keys to success on any given day of the week. With this knowledge, we can, in fact, plan your success and being in harmony with the forces that we are influenced by, catch good luck every day!

According to Vedic astrology, the creator of the universe created the stars and planets for the distribution of cosmic energy and control over what is happening. Planets give us certain kinds of energy and have an impact on

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The true message of Jesus Christ of Gods Kingdom

Quotes of Jesus Christ, you will hear in this clip, taken from the book "The Lost Pages of the Gospel" (see Gospel of Dionysius), and these words, full of divine wisdom, may open our eyes to the true teaching that Jesus Christ preached the Kingdom of God , and which is now forgotten and erased in contemporary religion.

Deep wisdom of the true teachings of Christ cleanses our hearts and minds, eliminating the ignorance, lies and delusions. This teaching will turn all of your ideas about God, religion and religious rituals taken now.

Due to the true teachings

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The mystery that connects all things

Divine Matrix

Science can not comprehend the mainmystery of the universe. And because wethemselves are part of the puzzle thattrying to solve.

Max Planck, physicist

Looking at your life from the outside, for the whole life and spiritual experience, wealth, relationships, the fears and the fear of something does not get or lose, love, career, we are also looking at the deepest and the most part not conscious beliefs . From the above it is obvious that the mind plays a key role in our lives, but it plays a lesser role in the existence of the universe.


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Secrets of the world. Code of the Universe

What do the letters named Zodiac killer in San Francisco, Egyptian and cuneiform message from space, accidentally recorded radio amateur from America?

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About the future and the possibility of change. Information field theory

Some friends asked an interesting question, but I have repeatedly answered him.They believe that if one sees the future, then what will happen — will happen in any case, because otherwise it would not have been visible.

Theory is true only in part, and then only in the form, assuming that the future of one-dimensional.If we assume that the future is multi-dimensional quite possible to assume that changing the present, you can just go for a totally different course, and the future can develop in a very different scenario, and such scenario could be a lot of great, if not

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Prophecies of the coming of the Golden Age

Surprisingly, there are many prophecies from various sources that point to the particular situation of the times in which we live. Although predictions thing sometimes is not quite reliable, but it can easily be mistaken as "food for thought" …


We begin with the "popular" Prophet — Michel Nostradamus. In his influential book, "Decoded Nostradamus" Dmitry and Hope Winter, it seems, were able to correctly pick up the keys to encrypted chronology of his prophecies. And what is their main conclusion? After a series of wars and turmoil in the world should be followed by the Golden Age,

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