Alexander Litvin: 2013 — Testing the water

Alexander Litvin, the winner of TV show "Battle of psychics" in an interview with TV CAD Anastasia Borisevich said that awaits Russia in 2013, in Moscow, where better to live and work, how to model their lives and find out what energy you possess. This and much more you learn, look interesting interview on TV CAO.

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Astronumerologichesky forecast for 2013

The coming year can be described with a few numbers.

The total number of years — 6 (2 +0 +1 +3 = 6), it corresponds to Venus. Begins the year with the number 2, which opens each year of the third millennium and is related to the moon. At the same time, he participates in the numbering of the number of twins — 13, in the amount it gives the four (1 +3 = 4), the number of Mercury. In addition, there exist the Sun and Mars (1 and 3). In the middle, hidden zero — and the years

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Spirits warn of the threat of war and disaster

Recently, the American magazine "Travel has uolds second form," the title of which translates as "Travel to other worlds", has published a very interesting material on proskopirovaniya future attempts by spirits.

Initiated action was an expert on the occult Gabriel Woodstock. In his opinion, there was too many unscrupulous astrologers various prophets and soothsayers, many of which are capitalizing on the growing interest in the occult sciences, but in reality are nothing more than scams that have nothing to do with astrology, nor with any other occult sciences.

Woodstock invited to apply for predictions about the future of humanity

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Vysotskys song of Tau Ceti was prophetic

"The Tau Kite live in beauty, live, by the way, in many ways, our comrades in Mind", — says Vladimir Vysotsky, a few decades ago. The other day his "prophecy" is essentially confirmed. An international team of astronomers from the UK, Chile, Australia and the United States announced that around this same Tau Ceti spinning planet capable of supporting life. That is, it is in the so-called habitable zone. As our Earth. In other words, the local sun — the star Tau Ceti — create on this planet quite comfortable. In particular, and in order that the water

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… For the light never goes out

This prophet XI century is very unusual. Although most of his life he lived in Europe, but went down in history under the name of Johannes of Jerusalem. The reason is simple: his famous book "The Secret of the prophecy," he wrote in just three years spent in the Holy City …

The main thing is that, unlike most of the visionaries, Johann accurately indicates the time period, which includes his prophecy: "When the thousand years of the millennium followed suit." We are talking about the third millennium, in which we all live for 12 years.

In ancient chronicles

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Genesis and modern science

One of the most complete systems cosmological views within monotheism presented in the Bible — the book of Genesis, and even for this reason alone it should be emphasized. But for this, there are other good reasons as well as because of its strange fate Bible in the eyes of countless followers of religion, considering it as a holy book, was for tens of centuries and still today, infallible authority in the matter of creation.

Consequently, the Bible has played a unique and, I must say, very sad role in the history of science. How many scientists avoided

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Modern humanity — a very complex social system with many problems and contradictions. To one not the best day cease to exist, our technological civilization is enough of its own wrong effort. However, at all times, enough fans to talk about the "end of the world", coming from the outside. Thanks to them — and only them — year 2009 of the Christian era is marked by the "Nibiru".

No, this is not some kind of wayward asteroid, which only can do is cut into the poor Earth. Nibiru is we change the length of day and the earth's

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Zodiac signs and their impact

The Sumerians and Babylonians believed that the gods to man and his deeds can be found by observing the motion of stars and planets, and that an experienced astrologer can detect motion and the changing characteristics of celestial bodies or signs of future health disaster. So they made similar observations, and the results recorded on the plates and then interpreted from the astrological and magical perspective.

These observations, interpretations and commentaries are the basis of astrology, the practice in the world of the past 5000 years. According to ancient legend, perpetuated by the Greek writers, the Babylonians made

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In 2012, from 12 to 24 December, will inevitable event

The transition of humanity to another energy level of existenceThe information used in the preparation of this prediction, first published in esoteric literature 5-6 years ago. It is strange that it has not yet been widely recognized as the immediate future of all humanity. How much it will hold true — time will tell.

A prediction following.

From 12 to 24 December 2012 will inevitable event: transition all mankind on a power level of existence.Other names of this process: planetary ascension of humanity; quantum evolutionary leapAnd the transition into the 5th dimension.

No matter how fantastic it may sound

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Apocalypse: The last of the Maya 4 series.

All year special correspondents TV3 traveled the planet in search of answers to questions plaguing all, when will our world, how will the end of the world, and will he do? Where the Mayans got their amazing calendar? How are the predictions of the Maya and 13 crystal skulls, now scattered in private collections? The researchers concluded that the mystery of the coming Apocalypse is closely linked with the mystery of the disappearance of the Mayan civilization. It turns out that there are many similarities between the ancient Indians and us … What? Soon we will know about it!

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