2012: The real threat — its not what you say

Millions of people around the world are actively preparing for disaster, inspired by television shows such as "Doomsday Preppers" («survivalist Judgment Day"), a demonstration of pervasive social trends. One of the popular thesis used in the discussion of this trend, it was often cited the phenomenon of "2012." If you adhere to the popular theory of culture in 2012, you probably "kupites" on the Mayan prophecy about the "end of days", which supposedly predicts the end of the world December 21, 2012.

Obviously, people are concerned about, and instinctively attracted to the preparation, from which arises a legal

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END OF THE WORLD December 21, 2012

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Matrix. Part 2


Key Climbing

From the translator: At last I have defined the optimal terms for the two types of the higher self, described in the materials of the "Matrix 5?, And their ways of gaining experience. Now translated they will be referred to as synchronous (Simultaneous) and Singular (Sequential).

Higher selves — and in fact is an emanation of the One Creator, to know yourself by immersing himself in density, and an awareness of the experience of different densities and Octave Genesis.

Leaving "home" (stay in the Common Creator), Higher I (emanation) go "wander", and in these

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End of the world — 2012: An explosion in the sun as we fry in a skillet! Opinion CIA

Retired Major Ed Dames, a clairvoyant, who for years worked for the CIA as a team leader of clairvoyance working for military purposes, predicted many of the events at the national American radio that have already come true. One of his predictions — a global catastrophe that will claim the lives of billions of people and this event is just around the corner.

Clairvoyance — one of supernatural abilities, which means the ability to see future events.

Many are talented psychics over the years working with the military. Many of them are members of the military research programs. For

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Sinister Planet Nibiru

Some just two weeks left before the end of the world, and then the Catholic Christmas, then New Year's. Do you think so? So you an optimist. However, millions of people around the world believe that the whole of human history will end on December 21 of this year.

Our civilization will disappear forever. And this is connected with the fact that the earth is approaching the mysterious planet Nibiru.

Pessimists say, that while it is observed in only a few telescopes. But soon it will be visible to all, and

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Matrix. Part 1

The nature of reality through the eyes of astral travelers.

Foreword by the translator.

Want to know who you really are? Why were born here and at this time? Which means going around and your life in particular? What awaits you after this life? What is the Reality?

Published here for the first time ever need a very interesting, global and sobering stuff, which can be called the most powerful package of knowledge at the moment. Before you — the Matrix, as it is. For information about the book can be found in English, on the original site here. (Find

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Message of the Maya have been sent via the «heavenly pilgrims,» the people of the North

People of the North — that's us, the ones who live in the north of them, from the Yucatan Maya, it is we — the people of Russia. "Heavenly Pilgrim" — is also we, we — a small group of people in Russia, who felt the call of the Maya in his blood, and therefore went to meet with the elders and shamans of various tribes of the Maya in late 2012, at the end of the Great Cycle.

Tickets also fell on the date November 11 (11-11, those "accidents are not accidental," as Master UGVE :-)). Actually,

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Apocalypse Part 2


Apocalypse human values

All the talk on the prevention of global risks makes sense only if the preservation of humanity is the goal. Although we think it is a matter of course, it can not be. Loss of interest in the preservation of human existence can cause decay of civilizations. Civilization may play itself out from the inside. Scientists are seriously discussing the possibility of exhaustion and criteria of civilization. What if humanity as a desperate, lost faith or jaded person would not need to live anymore?

On the other hand, the struggle for the survival of

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Apocalypse. Part 1

December 21, 2012 … most mysterious date of recent years … What will happen? The end? A quantum leap? Below we will examine all of our options for the end. It is a kind — the final review before the date of the sign …

What is the apocalypse

Revelation — the last book of the New Testament of the Bible — often also referred to as the Apocalypse (from the Greek. — "Disclosure", "revelation"). In the Book of Revelation, as is known, describes the events that will take place before the second coming of Jesus Christ to the

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End of the world will happen, or start anew?

End times, supposedly predicted by the ancient Mayans, only means the beginning of another calendar cycle

Hysteria about the end of the world, "scheduled" on December 21, entered the home stretch. Around the world, people with unstable mentality seek shelter in order to survive the apocalypse. Byugarash French village in the Pyrenees, was forced to move to a state of siege: some seers prophesied that this phenomenon is expected to place the aliens that will save everyone in the Day of Judgment.

Thanks to those ads about a hundred thousand people have expressed a desire to book a

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