Global warming in «The Mahatma Letters». On the causes of the current warming

Climate change is already noticeable to average citizens. Scientists say global warming, but no consensus about the cause they do not. Modern science can not tell the public exactly what is happening to the climate.

Forecasts, built by some scientists say, for example, that if all the other polar glaciers from melting will decrease with the same acceleration as in recent years, it is still in this century, global sea levels could rise by more than 1 meter. In turn, this means that many of the coastal countries will lose much of their land, and many small island

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Earths magnetic field. Clear, or not?

The change of the magnetic poles is a clip supposed causes of doom, which is expected December 21, 2012-year.

Science today is powerless to give a precise answer, as far as possible a sharp reversal, however, scientists continue to explore this natural phenomenon.


French researchers from the University of Paris VII Denis Diderot name found that the change of the magnetic poles may occur at any time. In their view, can only predict the polarity of 10-20 years. More long-term and accurate prediction impossible.

The inversion of the magnetic poles of the Earth, which has been marked in the

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The Truth About Angels and Demons (Illuminati)

Sensational historical investigation sheds light on the hidden activities of secret organizations: the Knights Templar, the Priory Smona society and, especially, the Illuminati, leading back to the Merovingians — the royal family, which ruled the Franks for three centuries. With them, the authors believe, are related by blood almost all monarhhicheskie houses of Europe, as well as most U.S. presidents!

The filmmakers tell us about the modern Illuminati, among Ktorov are influential world leaders occupying the highest positions in government, religious, scientific, military and financial circles. Particularly sensational sound theory of the presence of a considerable number of

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Indigo children — the most important message for humanity!

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

St. Padre Pio. Priest, foresaw the future

Italian priest Padre Pio (in the world — Francesco Fordzhione) a few years he was canonized. His life was full of miracles that will amaze even the experts to study the lives of saints. In the 1950s, the priest opened the future. Thus, he predicted the September 11 tragedy of 2001 in New York and a number of subsequent attacks in the world.

Francesco was born May 25, 1887 in the village of Petrelchina province of Benevento, which was located in the Campania region of southern Italy. According to the account, he was the fifth child of a farmer,

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666 and 999: If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of

Satanic symbol 666 comes from the Bible. In the Revelation of John, Ch. 13, art. 18 we read: "Here is wisdom. Anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of man: His number six hundred sixty-six."

Commentators have a common understanding and to who we have in mind in this puzzle. But almost all agree that the so-called "Gematria" may be the mechanism by which we can try to solve this riddle.

Gematria is an ancient method by which relate numeric and literal values to understand the hidden meaning of

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Underground explosions — who Leaky planet?

When several old TV in the God-forsaken village Ushakovo just started to show chronicles the consequences of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, on the outskirts suddenly, a row a few monstrous force of explosions. Whether it be a bomb, local residents, mostly elderly survivors of the occupation, were surprised to be much smaller.

The closest, about 70-80 meters from the epicenter, were sitting on the bank of the pond a few visiting Fisher, who immediately picked up their gear and without looking sprinted out of the dangerous area. While they were chosen off the land behind

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Familiarity with the main puppeteers "new world order."

I wonder why it is we in the sight of this intention? Why we need to destroy, and if you can not war, then strangle ideology? Why so cool for us come from? What is so special to us, if we — just rusish Schwein? Constant wars and revolutions. Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Lenin, Hitler, and now Dulles? And Soros? And Brzezinski? Who and why are we the way? Do we attack a someone? Want to take over someone else's land? We hardly can order on their visit.

So what's


Clairvoyants Tibetan monks and 2012

Clairvoyance is not new in Tibetan monasteries. For thousands of years, clairvoyance, among other spiritual abilities, dominated Tibetan culture. What some Indian tourists came to learn a few Tibetan monasteries, most disturbing and surprising.

According to them, clairvoyants see world powers going in the direction of self-destruction. But they also see that the world will not be destroyed. Between the present time and the year 2012 the world's superpower will continue to engage in regional wars. Terrorism and covert war will be the main problem. In world politics something will happen around 2010. Then the world

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Fateful year … If you believe the rumors

Fateful year … If you believe the rumors raging online, December 21, 2012 must be prepared for the worst. All will be worse than in 1999, when we barely escaped destruction of Paris, predicted a great fashion designer Paco Rabanne? Worse than in 2000, when computer geeks and believed in the "problem of the millennium," trembled with fear? Worse than in 2008, when the launch CERN particle accelerator quantum catastrophe threatened to absorb the entire planet?

Even worse! This time, the real end of the world, we are all dead. At least, so says a handful of clairvoyants,

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