Famous astrologer refuted predictions of doom

Known Canadian astrologer Tim Stevens said that, in his opinion, the end of the world December 21, 2012, which allegedly shows the Mayan calendar will not.

Stevens notes that the probability that the world will end is December 21, 2012 is approximately the same as any other day, or year.

"I wish a Merry Christmas to all the people who believe in the Mayan prophecy about the end of the world. I'll meet you on the other side — after December 21, "- wrote a Canadian astrologer.

The Canadian said he receives a lot of letters asking to talk

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Apocalypse postponed. Debriefing.

Secrets of the Earth's climate.

Our planet's climate is changing all the time of its existence. Countless past changes were local in nature, affecting only a certain continent or hemisphere, but occasionally the case of global things, each time bringing substantial "amendments" to the evolution of terrestrial organic life. For example, everyone knows that the Ice Age has transformed the planet into a riotous blooming ice desert. However, for some reason, have little to say that the name "Ice Age" was given only to the most recent cold snap in the world, what happened in the time

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Prophecy of the Mayan calendar: in 2012 mankind will enter into an entirely new civilization

According to the calendar "long integers" Maya, 21 December 2012 concluded the present human civilization. People come into a completely new civilization, different from the current one. Maya did not tell people about the cause of these changes. One thing is clear: the "last day" does not mean a disaster, but rather, it is intended transition to a new spiritual civilization with a new holistic understanding of the universe.

Maya did not own our current advanced technology, but they had amazing knowledge of astrology and mathematics. Remains much unexplained. They spread their network of roads, but did not use

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Predictions tectonic upheavals. Biblical prophets and seers

Additional information about the coming disaster, there are many prophecies about the destruction of humanity as a result of tectonic disaster may cause displacement of the Earth's inner core. In many biblical prophecies of the prophets are mentions of the devastating earthquake precursors — trumpet and "banner on the mountain," ie, airglow and auroral intensity caused by disturbances of the magnetic field of the Earth.

The prophet Isaiah previously predicted this catastrophe:

All you inhabitants of the world and those who live on the earth! See, when the banner rise to the mountains when thunder tube, listen

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St. Malachy. Judgment Day

Pope predicted Judgment Day One of the most famous prophets of the Roman Catholic Church is St. Malachy, who lived in Ireland in the XII century. and died in Ulster (Belfast) in 1148. 

The main work of the saint was a list of all future popes from Celestine II, who died in 1143. This list has a unique structure: for each line of text has a phrase that gives a clue to the characteristics of the person. The list contains 112 popes.   The deceased Pope John Paul II was the 110th, there are only two.Commentary to the description of

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Creation of the universe. Overview of hypotheses universe

Indestructible eternal breath

As already noted, the question of the origin of the universe arose at the dawn of humanity. The earliest hypothesis of the universe belongs to the thinkers of ancient India. In the book H. Roerich's "Space legends of the East," they are presented in the form of myths and legends, but its physical nature and harmony presenting claims to a scientific hypothesis.

According to the "Cosmic legend" the story of the cosmos (universe) is infinite alternating periods of his life — the Great Manvantaras and nothingness, called the Maha Pralaya, which are equal to each

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Seven gods of happiness

Seven gods of happiness that came to us from China, India and Japan is often called "the international team." They worshiped in the East, their honor in the West. However, what a difference, where I came from celestial. The main thing — to help in difficult times to us, mere mortals.

Ebisu — the god of good luck, patron of the fair trade

Depicted holding a fish. Sacred fish — a symbol of good luck and spiritual achievements. Very hard to catch carp with his bare hands, so it is difficult to achieve inner peace and enlightenment.

Ebisu was

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Country wise. Part 2

Log in Mandala

So, I will come along with dedicated inside the "body" mandala, where there is divinity and where they receive initiation into the highest wisdom of the world.

We are in a dark labyrinth, whose walls are decorated with images of deities tantristskih — Buddhas, saints, spirits of the underworld, female deities shakti embodying inseminated energy world. Here the cool and quiet, even the sounds of gongs were outside behind the thick walls of the palace-mandala.

Mandala has four double doors, each of which serves as the gateway to one of the

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Country wise. Part 1

Perhaps the greatest mystery in the world — it is a mystery of the human spirit. Where is the source of the harmony of wisdom, who opens within us some amazing gate from which a man — a great sage, who gives us knowledge, which can not be expressed in words? These questions are eternal and inseparable from humanity as integral to his philosophy and religion. In the culture of the people no matter what we did looked everywhere face the riddles of human wisdom — the wisdom of the ineffable, the secret by a dense veil of myths and

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In various parts of the world, over the entire surface of the Earth are special points that mystics call "places of power." These singular points of the planet are the keepers of divine wisdom, they have a special energy and human consciousness are some light codes, which beneficially affect the physical and mental health and are able to uncover the secrets of the ancient knowledge, finding that he could use it to benefit yourself and others.

The complex of the Great Pyramid of Giza is the central point of the system, its "North Pole." It originates electromagnetic coil, which,

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