Predictions about the comet and star of the Apocalypse

Bertha Dudda prediction of the appearance of Star Apocalypse.

Bertha Dudda (1891-1965) was born in Legnica (Silesia). Since 1937, she received the revelation with the "inner voice." Predicted a difficult fate of all mankind, in particular, the emergence of stars near the planet.

"Pending such events will be awesome and will take such enormous dimensions that we can not leave you in the dark, the more so that through you I speak to other people. You have dedicated themselves to serving me, because nothing will be concealed by or hidden from you.The star is approaching at high speed to

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The indigenous people of Guatemala have told the truth about what will happen 21. 12. 12

Recently, stories about the impending end of the world is increasingly discussed in the media that disseminate to the public a real panic. This led to the fact that Guatemala has become a "apocalyptic" lure for tourists who have heard about the Mayan calendar.

In turn, many residents of the Latin American countries are trying to prove to the public that the government of their country is only interested in revenue from tourism and pilgrimage. According to the elders of the family of Maya and their ancestors tried to convey to humanity that 21/12/12 will be changes at

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Predictions of Albert the Great and Paracelsus

Albert the Great and his predictions

His name was — Albert von Volshtedt. However, he went down in history as Albert the Great, as it is considered the greatest German naturalist, philosopher, theologian, alchemist and astrologer of the Middle Ages. He lived quite a long life, having been born about 1193 and died already in 1280. So long even by modern standards life contains many mysteries and guesses. And here are some more of the prophecy of his book.

"People will open a large beach far away from the Pillars of Hercules. This land will be settled

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The future has begun. Prophecy boy Vyacheslav

Prophecy righteous servant Vyacheslav (Krasheninnikov) of our time and future Antichrist terrible times, including and in Russia, the Antichrist and the ways of salvation Orthodox Christians. Prophecies in the retelling mom boy — Valentina Afanasiyevna Krasheninnikov, published in late 2010, as the second part of the film "Russian Angel. Vyacheslav lad." Vyachesla? To Sergei? Evich dyeing? CENI (March 22, 1982, Yurga, Kemerovo Region — March 17, 1993, Chebarkul) — a boy who died at the age of 11 years, whom many consider a miracle-worker and a prophet who continue to work miracles, and after his death.

In short —

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Eric Hanussen — «court» soothsayer Hitler

It is difficult to find the ruler of the country, which would neglect the prophecies in his address. Forecasters 'good' fates were close to the kings and monarchs in ancient times. They come to the offices of many heads of state and in our days. For Adolf Hitler's dilemma to believe or not to believe astrologers and clairvoyants, who did not exist. He not only devoutly to rely on their own fate, but it was believed that clairvoyants are able to actively change the future through their predictions. That is why the prophets with undesirable prophecies he ended up in

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Angels of the Apocalypse and their prophecies

During the rule of the land of the Fifth Angel of the Apocalypse (2013-2020) war will be greatly reduced and the nature of local operations — regionally-position.

All the warring States are huge losses in the first stage devastate the whole of Europe. The survivors scattered groups of people emigrate to the north of Europe.

Pope is making every effort to bring peace back to Earth with the help of the church. However, he did not succeed. His efforts did not bring about any results.

Almost in the same position and was Russia, which is now creeping war in Chechnya.

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The Bible: Genesis … Creation

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

Protect the planet from the end of the world?

People around the world are waiting for the promise of the fear of Armageddon. However, if you look at some facts about the history of the Earth, it seems that someone protects our planet.

December 26, 2004. In 00 hours 58 minutes local time near the island of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean at a depth of 30 kilometers there is a shift of the crust. Indian tectonic plate at high speed crashed into the Burmese dress ….

The result — begins the most powerful in history earthquake. Energy released as a result of tectonic collision, would be enough

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Moon it is — Nibiru

For fans of the theories about Nibiru and skeptical people in the sky of our planet is amazing in its graphic proof of its existence — the Moon.

As you know, the other side of the moon is never visible from Earth, but it is very interested in academics, because different from the visible. In particular, the visible part of the satellite of our planet is predominantly flat terrain — a giant square of solid lava, could easily be explained if the cold moon was a hot planet with liquid inside. Another mystery — the location

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Ghost Protocol prophet Johann Jerusalem.

About a thousand years ago in the German town of Wesel had a child, whom he called Johann. Over the centuries, remember him only dedicated, passed on from one generation to the writings of the monk who turned his mind's eye line of the second and third centuries. That's why talking about it and today. None of the prophets of the past, even Nostradamus did not dare to penetrate so far into his vision. "When the millennium after the millennium followed suit …" — so he wrote in his "Ghost Protocol."

Having received his prophecies in a book

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