Entity in the cycle of life and death

The theme of the film, which is, without exaggeration, care of every living person on the planet! It is the story of the real circle of life and death, in which millions of years of spinning our essence — we are. This film has long been hushed information that will allow us all to learn the truth about himself and get rid of the fear of death, because in reality we all live for millions of years …

In fact, it turned out quite differently, as told before, all those who do not know, but only pretends to

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Predictions and Prophecies

Helena Roerich prediction of the invisible sun.

Helena Roerich prediction of the appearance of the invisible Sun "cosmic phenomena it will soon become visible … This phenomenon will be visible for a few moments, but will continue for seven days." (EI Roerich From a letter dated 6/21/52, the)"Half of the sky occupied by the unusual banner. Nearly invisible light as a vast circle shine, beams run along the edges of it. Furies of terror moved back to the caves, strangled glow sign …This phenomenon will be soon. Invisible Light — is the new sun, which will pass through our

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Sandy hurricane caused panic in the Ukrainian media environment

Turn on the TV — shows in the New York subway sharks, brought there by Hurricane "Sandy." Against this background, a Tibetan monk warned that all of us will come 12/21/2012 scribe, seems logical. And that — maybe it's true, otmuchaemsya with minimal losses?

For those who like disaster movies, especially broadcast live — in the wake of the hurricane "Sandy" on American soil. Honestly, is impressive. First, we see how the hurricane comes in the Bahamas. Then coming to the U.S.. Sour cream on the way the legendary sailing ship Bounty. Coming to New York, subway

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Night vision of doom

Recently, friends, returning from a trip to the Golden Ring, brought me a wonderful book that has become my most precious gift. Its very name inadvertently suggestive: "dish DRC, kako dangerous to walk." After reading I got the impression that this is one of the most relevant books to date.

Author of the book — the confessor of St. Bogolyubsky convent (which under Vladimir) Archimandrite Peter (Kutcher). It is impossible not to agree with him in a clear assessment of the processes occurring in the world today, all explained in clear, comprehensive and simple. The first section of

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Ten prophecies of Satan

Since the XVI century in the secret cellars of the Vatican holds ancient tablets, engraved with the history of the last battle between good and evil. Chilling events must end our world, and a prelude to the reign of the devil in him. About inscribed on the tablets of the predictions it was decided to tell in 2001, when all the world will be convinced that the end of the world will not.

Later, Pope John Paul II, for some reason it is forbidden, and only now under the new Pope was again the case in motion. Vatican

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Apocalypse. The last fifteen minutes

In recent years, many countries have declassified documents about encounters with aliens. There is evidence of the existence of alien bases on the moon, and even the UN appoint a person responsible for contact with extraterrestrials. By the Earth is approaching the planet Nibiru is coming pole shift. What other cosmic events to survive the planet? What can we expect and how we can influence their own destiny?

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Apocalypse 2012. When judgment day comes?

It would seem, nothing serious. Ancient peoples, stone slabs, somehow break off calendars — it's all so far away. You could just send the found in the ruined city Mayan artifact in a museum — and forget. But for some reason now, as if on purpose, in anticipation of that same date intensified natural disasters — earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions long dormant volcanoes, — the number of man-made disasters are incredible things to which we are not ready — freezing rain, frozen southern seas, the inexplicable behavior of birds and fish. What's going on?

The worst thing is

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Mankind is condemned to ease end of the world

Oracle in December 2012 comes complete silence and darkness

Terrible hurricane in the U.S. again forced to think about the approaching end of forecasters promised light. They say it's time to include a countdown of the remaining life of mankind. Before the end of the world is left for 54 days, 53 … 52 … And now we will have "round" date: exactly 50 days before the "break" of earthly existence, predvozveschennogo supposedly ancient Mayan calendar, and they set for December 21, 2012 On the eve of the "jubilee" appeared the next interpretation of what awaits us

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Great tribulation

Period of time, which is commonly called the "Great Tribulation", is a special time of the test the living. This concept was introduced by Jesus Christ when He told His disciples about the signs of His Second Coming.

Mention the last of Daniel's sevens, the Lord highlighted other half, and the hallmark of the beginning. This feature is the "abomination of desolation" that will be installed in the middle weeks (Dan.9.27). Then Christ, pointing to what they should be doing are in Judea, described this period of time with the words: "… for then shall be great tribulation,

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Second Moon — the forerunner of the Great Flood and the reason

Myths some people, telling of a great flood, sometimes casual and hints, and sometimes plain text argue that earlier in Earth's sky was no moon. One of the most well-known facts of this kind is common in ancient Greek tradition of "dolunnyh" residents of Arcadia.

Greeks called Arcadia central part of the Greek peninsula of Peloponnese. In the time following the end of the legendary Trojan War, almost the whole of southern Greece was conquered by the people who came from the north to the Dorians. The indigenous inhabitants of the Peloponnese were able to maintain the independence of

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