Barbieri Flavio «Civilization under the ice»

Arguments in favor of the location of Atlantis in the Antarctic.

Events that characterized the late Pleistocene and their causes.

According to the analysis contained in my previous work, the impact of a comet or asteroid, a small, even much lower per kilometer, could initiate a process that will result in a few days to rotate around the axis of the Earth divesro, and then constant shifting of the poles and the differences in all'eclittica.

This process involves a series of devastating events clearly identified, such as:• temporary sharp rise in sea level during most of the coasts

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Inexplicable, but true. End of the world.

Each edition of the "inexplicable, but the fact" dedicated paranormal phenomena. Real people talk about encounters with the inexplicable. Leading Sergei Druzhko comes to them in any part of Russia. He listens to their stories, and consulted with experts. Then, in the Moscow studio, Sergei analyzes the situation and offer their own conclusions. Sergei Druzhko not only leads the program "inexplicable, but true" on TNT. He decides what will be the theme next gear, meets with scientists, experts, and to experiment on himself.

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End of the world — how it can be

End of the world, perhaps, is the most popular topic in recent years, which discusses the media. No matter for what reasons there are such interpretations: maybe just all the pall, and speak no more to be, and can do everything related to the new millennium, is not clear. If you look back at the history of mankind, we can easily find the date that had to be the last for the people, they are usually connected to the end and entry into the new millennium.

Let's imagine that forecasters were right, and all of us will inevitably be

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Mystery Revealed 2012 Nibiru who arranged Doomsday.

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The fact that the Greek Sibyl really had the gift of prophecy, confirmed by many major contributors. But how far into the future were able to look into these mythical women? And is it true that long before these soothsayer Nostradamus knew what awaits Russia in the XXI century?  

Students of Apollo  

For a start — a little history. So, from the Temple of Apollo Sibyl foretold the Greeks a great war in the event that Atreus, Menelaus — brother of King Agamemnon, Atreus — take a wife Elena spartan. Greek leaders did not listen to the

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The slope of the Earths axis changes everything

Perhaps the most unusual, exciting and maybe even to some extent revolutionary observation of all that we have heard from the Inuit (Eskimos self — annotated. Translator) is that the world as it leaned against its own axis and it contributes to climate change.

When Zacharias and I first heard this, we thought it was very strange, but all the older representatives of the tribes with whom we spoke — Pangnirtung, Iqaluit, Resolute Bay and Igloolik — believe that this phenomenon is real. In today's blog we post video of one of the elders — Japiti Palluq (from

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Vanga. New exciting facts.

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On the predictions and interpretation of the stars in the Middle Ages

In Western Europe, the heyday astrology as a science of interpretation of the fate and the stars, reached in XIII, XIV and XV centuries. XIII century was marked by the appearance in 1245 of the didactic poem about astrology "world view", owned by Walter Metz. The poem contains a chapter tells of the virtues of the sky and the stars, which serves as an interesting source of information about the astrological practice of the Middle Ages. In particular, one can find justification for the fact that in 1179 the Arab, Jewish and Christian astrologers announced the great catastrophe that threatens

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Vitaly Gibert — Answers to Questions …

Vitaly Gibert winner of one of the seasons of the show psychics, it really awakened bright "Indigo Man" — answers questions on the radio March 13, 2012

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Astrology — the art of foresight

Already in ancient times, people have learned to predict the fate of a person depending on the location of the stars at the time of his birth. In the court of each monarch has always been an astrologer, amounting to all family members of the royal personages horoscopes for life and predicting how successful will be a battle or a diplomatic meeting.

Astrologers and priests of ancient China, India, and the Chaldeans from the study of the stars foretold various natural disasters: flooding, droughts, floods, earthquakes. In those days people still consider themselves a part of nature, not towering over

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