In all catastrophes on Earth to blame black holes

Military Warning: Do not shoot down the UFOs, there may be your great-grandchildren

Physicists are increasingly saying: open science — minuscule, which incorrectly interprets the world around us. In response to those of biologists and geophysicists, who decided to move away from dogma, timidly ask: you may be right, but how else? The shells of terror

When, in January 2001, British scientists have begun to experiment to create black holes in the lab (!), None of the ear does not lead amateurs. Eco business, another to deceive the people. Black-hole is formed when a star explodes — its mass is

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The third world will be launched during the 2014 Olympics

Twenty-fourth in March 2011 known Russian astrologers, shamans and parapsychologists gathered to discuss forecasts for the year. But 2011 the predictions are not limited to …

"What is called the global financial crisis, it was not really the financial crisis, but only its sign. This financial crisis is ahead of us "- the audience cheered the first speaker, environmentalist astrologer Alex Kolov.

The most weighty astrological way, of course, Pavel Globa, "I now many accused that I promised to Russia peaceful year. Like, what is he quiet, just shakes Japan. But

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«The idea of catastrophe pervades society, weary of themselves» (Liberation, France)

Michael Fessel (Michael F? Ssel) philosopher, not Nostradamus. In his latest book, "After the end of the world" (published by Seuil), he makes no bold predictions, but shows how, in the face of many crises demand progress gave way to anxiety and catastrophism

This specialist in political philosophy, a professor at the University of Burgundy, believes it is better to revise the concept of progress based on alternative political experience, cooperative or the protest movement. It has all the features to learn it, because he lives between Berlin and Paris.

Economic, social, ecological crisis: it turns

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Unknown Prophets.

List of famous in the history of the prophets is very broad, but along with the illustrious names of Abel, Nostradamus, Wang and others will certainly need to remember the amazing prophets, the life and fate of which we have only very meager, fragmentary information. However, the inexorable progress of time have often allowed descendants verify the accuracy of predictions made by them.

Etruscan soothsayer Spurinna crowned with glory, was a contemporary of Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar. About the mysterious Spurinne us nothing is known except his prophecies. It was he who had predicted a victorious Caesar violent death

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Predictions Pushkin

Long attributed to the prophet Alexander Pushkin and usually we are that he predicted his future, incorruptibility, eternity and immortality of his poetry, his prose works, and cited as an example of his well-known poem, "Monument", "I am a monument erected without hands … "(In one chapter, we also cited the example of his" Monument ").

And it is unknown to many of us that he was a prophet in the broader sense of the word, and that is, its name can be put in this context next to the names of all known the great prophets

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End of the world will last two weeks. Tibetan monks explained how to survive the apocalypse

Less than two months left before the end of the world predicted by the Mayan. Astrologers and soothsayers are seriously discussing what would be the apocalypse. Scientists urge not to believe in their forecasts.

The twenty-first of December the Mayan calendar ends. And along with it, according to the skeptics, will fall to Earth cataclysm that will destroy our civilization. Some, for example, the organizers of the festival in Latvia acquired on December 21, insurance that provides compensation in the event of a "break the space-time continuum, from which you can get to parallel worlds."

Moreover, the end of

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The Earth may be hollow?

In 1947, Rear Admiral of the Navy Richard Byrd during a research flight over the North Pole saw from the air on the ice a strange spot. And then he thought he saw a mirage: instead of white ice desert under the plane stretched forests, rivers, meadows with grazing animals like mammoths … Maybe at some point in the earth's crust has been made transparent and Byrd saw what lurks in the depths of our planet? ..

Halley's epiphany

When many years later Richard Byrd diaries were published, they certainly do not believe it. This is not surprising. After

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Prophets and prophecies of doom

Biblical "revelation" What people say about the Apocalypse ancient prophecies and predictions about our contemporary psychics? The most famous in the world of all the ancient prophecies about the end of the world is, of course, the Bible's "Revelation" or "Apocalypse."

The central idea of the "Apocalypse" — the struggle between good and evil, is inextricably linked with the fate of mankind. The plot of "Revelation" is: Lamb, Christ opens the seven seals of certain mysterious books, and begins the description of the various phases of the war between good and evil, and

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Judgment Day

Scientists around the world are aware of the upcoming change of the poles of the planet Earth. This event is expected during the parade of planets, when all the planets line up in a line, and then they separate and form a tunnel that will easily boost the amendments from the Sun to Earth.

That is what will help catalyze other processes. Expected quantum transition, the change of the poles, the change in slope of axes of rotation and other parameters of the solar system planets.

Many scientists believe that the Earth in the next few years actually expect unprecedented

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Top secret. Our time. Myths Wolf Messing. (2013)

In the minds of the people he has two aspects: an unusual hypnotist, psychic, psychic predictor of the future, and entertainer. So who was Wolf Messing, a man with superhuman abilities or talented artist?Olga Migunova — psychotherapist, Honored Artist of Russia, currently the only woman in the country, serving the artistic genre of hypnosis. She worked with Wolf Messing. What special abilities possessed this man? Is he predicted the fate of people? How did he do it? Which apartment lived a famous artist, and what money he possessed.

Name Wolf Messing overgrown with legends. Some events in the life of

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