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Operational information about the transition

The transition process will be gradual. And it will happen as soon as available human consciousness. The very process of ascension is individual enough. Of course, there are common signs and stages.


The first step, as we have said — the inclusion of individual awareness in streaming. With the inclusion of a greater number of people will be ready for streaming consciousness, the more likely to include all those who, for various reasons, can not pass this barrier. As the candle is lit from the heat, and some people will be able to turn his mind under the influence

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Transition time

Most people, even well-informed by the alternative media, there was an active advertising in 2012, and believes that it will decline — "one more in 2000." They have read too many poorly written articles, watched a lot of movies and hastily made acquainted with the cult channeling, attracting those who are too trusting.

At one level, people laugh and deny it, but on a deeper level, many know that something else will happen, a unique and very important. Change is happening so fast that they are hard to follow, even if you pay to find full-time.

However, the

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Processes fiery transmutation of the body, or … DNA changes due to the transition

Since April, the human DNA began to pass his more intensive mutation under the influence of increasing solar activity.

More precisely — transmuting the cells of all living things on the planet has been going on for decades. But I write this because many are scared, trying to find doctors, unable to recognize in his physical body the process of change at a deep level. A treatment does not work, government health proposals will not work: it does not meet all the challenges that offers man … Sun.

These symptoms appear and disappear suddenly appear for

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Excerpts from «The Transient and Eternal»


Reuniting with higher collective consciousness is the Angel of the Presence. "Spark" of the human Monad incarnated in parallel worlds as long as the Chalice of Life Monad energize the experience to end. After this the "assembly" and the integration of the experience gathered the whole team of the particles of the Monad, the latest incarnation of the world's people. In the final life man sums up the whole team. Of course, he may not know it, but in situations of life in the trials he appeared as the best and most imperfect, to identify strengths and weakness.

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Great transition. Inclusion Awareness.

Upcoming events, of course, take more than one day and one moment. Too many things to change in your mind, and in its corresponding reality.

Direction of the transition set, as well as many options for the development of each segment of the universe. You ask for specific information, and it will be sent to you as necessary. Why we try not to give you specific descriptions of scenarios. Because your brain's ability to cling to the concrete first, inhibits your ability to shift your awareness to the specification of external events, and second, the real picture of your

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Possible transition option rights in the fourth dimension.

In the book, Irene Nilova "great transition" describes the experience of ascension into the fourth dimension, has gone through a kind of embodied Melchizedek. Today for every earthling at least some valuable experience to prepare their minds for the coming soon metaphysical transition process people in this dimension.

By the way, Melchizedek states that every person who has ever lived on Earth has been going through a transition. All people had to do to get here on Earth.

"It is an undeniable fact of space. Whether we came to Earth, we had to go through the Void to get

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Quantum Transition 2012 — 2013, and who we meet in the 4th Dimension …

In the process of quantum transition Earth and mankind will undergo a process of transmutation, that is forced, the external transfer of vibration of the atoms of the body at a high level. Combined psychic energy Humanity will send a signal about the processes with him, into the space of its universe.

This energy will cause a wave of vibration, which will be perceived conscious beings of the universe and to shift in their consciousness. Experience the evolution, freedom of consciousness of the Earth must be positive! In 2012, many of the encoded (encrypted) objects (skulls, rocks) will rise

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One of the scenarios of the quantum transition

Events taking place on Earth right now, this is a huge jump start most of humanity into the higher realms of existence. Currently, the Earth and all who live in it, reached the end phase of the planetary cycle, and it's time to take the test of the maturity of the Soul. That is why so much attention is paid to this planet from various cosmic civilizations. The preparatory phase of the quantum transition was completed in August 2002.

Currently deployed the final stage, which is characterized by an increase in the number of natural and social disasters. The

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That for me ascension?

Eyes opened at 6 am — without an alarm clock … The condition was clearly unbalanced, the body and shoulders ached, in its space feel sticky and heavy energy, … Everything inside has said that the energy absorbed by heavy showers leaving (which we were yesterday, while serving 8.8 released in abundance from all over the country from all tiered layers of time) … and held just enough clean energy …

Almost went through several consecutive Balansirovok … and attracted high characters — it is much easier, but something has not been built …

Angel card saying that

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Freedom of choice in the New Civilization

Periodically break out messages on the three days of darkness, the death of most of the people at the time of the quantum transition (change of the vibrational frequencies of human and land), the destiny of the future and many similar themes that frighten people, in different ways laying the subconscious or conscious belief in their own helplessness, if at a certain time (usually refers to 20-24 December 2012) does not take the necessary level of enlightenment.

Therefore, many are worried for himself, considering himself not enlightened, and for their family members who live ordinary lives and spiritual seekers.

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