A quantum leap in 2012

Now society few people who are seriously interested in the question whether the so-called transition (Quantum Leap) or not. Most of it is not in any way interested, they consider all contrived and artificially inflated the media (TV and print). I think that the media themselves in the same and the "fault." The whole issue boils down to a discussion of the Mayan calendar, and supposedly nothing extraordinary in their opinion is not going to happen. Really serious scientific work in the media are not advertised, and not duplicated. And, as if all the information is open and there is

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Year 2012, Quantum transition and the protection of the Earth

Global Space Quantum transition, which entered Earth will reach its peak in about 2012. Notorious date December 21, 2012, many associated with the <end of the world>. Some scientists believe that the Earth in the next few years actually expect unprecedented disasters.

But everything has a scientific explanation. His version of the upcoming events at the request of the Agency's popular information APInews.Ru expressed candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences Andrey Dragunov. Andrey, in his popular science articles published on the Internet, you mentioned about a global cataclysm that could occur in the world in the coming years. How do

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Leo Fangs of transition in 2012

Category: Quantum transition, ascension

So, what is the quantum transition?

In order to understand this phenomenon, we need to break away for a while thinking of our land and look at everything from the point of view, as if we were the Creator of all things.

If you've never played this game before — do not be afraid to try, it's very exciting. In the end, each of the 6 billion people on this planet came just then, to learn to be a Creator.

The cause of the manifested universe, to which is ours, was the desire to Prime Creator (Creator of all things) to know himself through the

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Changing the measurement and the Great Shift

The great change

Most of the prophets and indigenous peoples around the world are predicting <mighty change> expecting the Earth and humanity. We see this final and concrete change as a change in the measurement of the planet and a new level of existence, the change in human consciousness to Christ consciousness, or Unity Consciousness.

In the last chapter we will look very great change and that understanding of what it is to us. We will focus on the essence of inter-dimensional transition in order to learn from this and make our present life on Earth is the

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Symptoms of a quantum jump or escape from the matrix

… Of course, it would be foolish of me to say that I know exactly how to go beyond our matrix and that there is a concrete universal plan. Our knowledge and experience gained through years of life on earth, are designed primarily for ourselves. But since we are a collective entity (connected to each other by invisible threads of energy), our thoughts and actions speak to all mankind, even if we're sitting quietly alone, where — somewhere in the mountains.

Breakthrough in consciousness, or rather out of the human perception, I had spontaneously when my earthly consciousness was not

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The process of gradual ascension

In the article Steve Bekova "Death of a progressive and rapid ascension" discusses the differences in the perception of what will happen December 21, 2012, the data in the messages of Matthew Ward and SaLuSa messages and the Archangel Michael.

There are also differences in information from other sources, which may suggest that the planetary changes will not occur for many years after 2012. Steve Bekov not consider information that the rapture will not occur until 2016 or even 2050, he sees the message that the ascension process is started or will culminate Dec. 21, 2012.

Representation of

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2012 — completion of the fifth cycle of the Aryan race

2012 — completion of the fifth cycle of the Aryan race, or a smooth transition of Mother Earth and humanity into a new dimension, or the Last Judgment, which must pass through the human race.

In the prophecies of many ancient civilizations, including the Sumerian, Aztec, Maya, and others, in the esoteric literature, esoteric sites, information obtained by channeling in messages received contactees said the imminent completion of the fifth cycle of the Aryan race. That is, we — all living descendants of Adam and Eve in the space of the Earth, the solar system, constellation of the Pleiades, the

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Shower transition and space systems. The transition period of the planet

We live in the great prophets foretold a time when the end came together together several cycles of development: universal, galactic, solar, earth and human. This point in time is marked by an event of great magnitude and importance. What is the meaning of these changes?

Let us return briefly to the past of the Earth and humanity. Over a long period of existence of different races changed many civilizations. First — their birth, flowering, then — the decline and death. But the race did not die completely, always remain its best representatives, giving life to the next generation.

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Time travel, the essence of light and Ascension

My friend wanted to do regressive hypnosis session after a series of disturbing dreams in which he was under some kind of attack or in a war zone. Also had several dreams about UFOs. The most recent of these beings of light vklyuchyal kidnapping, which he could not clearly addressed. After the sudden awakening of last sleep, he found red marks on his wrist, as if someone was holding his arm, and 2 identical puncture resembling a spider bite (photo attached).

Ligatures disappeared within a few minutes after waking up, but puncture marks still clearly visible three days

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