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Quantum Transition 2012 — 2013, and who we meet in the 4th Dimension

In the process of quantum transition Earth and mankind will undergo a process of transmutation, that is forced, the external transfer of vibration of the atoms of the body at a high level. Combined psychic energy Humanity will send a signal about the processes with him, into the space of its universe.

This energy will cause a wave of vibration, which will be perceived conscious beings of the universe and to shift in their consciousness. Experience the evolution, freedom of consciousness of the Earth must be positive! In 2012, many of the encoded (encrypted) objects (skulls, rocks) will

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The Great Shift. Mechanism.

Your transition into a new dimension will be multi-dimensional. We have been told that many will pass the threshold almost instantly, perhaps in a dream. During the transformation of fields of Gaia (Earth) will total co-tuning of all components of your system. To do this, construct a parade of planets to the center of the galaxy.

Signals will be transferred to the entire series of attunement. The signal will be born in the center of the galaxy and the chain will be transferred to Gaya and lead to transformation. Energy, or rather the energy pulse, which goes to

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Disclosure — 2012.

Among all the questions given to those of us who do you define as "extraterrestrial intelligence", often very emotional and sounds: "When you appear in our skies? When you land? When is the opening? "These questions we are asked so often that you might have started to get tired of our vague answers, or you gave up on the false promise of our arrival.

Now I want to clarify this issue. It is time to talk about it openly and honestly. No more room shyness. To solve this problem I will need your full attention, you need

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The Great Shift. Three days of darkness

Great transition — is the rise of a certain level of consciousness to the next. It's time to wake up the true nature of your self, your unique individuality. This new world will offer new test, made new ones: no voice chat, travel without a physical body, love without fear. Powerful governments of the world order, chaos and war — all thing of the past. Each of you has lived many lives in its evolutionary journey, and not one of them was a waste of time.

Approximately every 2000 years the Earth plane undergoes a transition. 6000 years

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Esoterics. Transition

What is the transfer of the land to the new state? This is a shift of all life on Earth to a new level, changing the orientation of the Earth in space and time. Changing the orientation of the Earth — is the transition to a new quality of the space, which will be allowed to do activities that are not possible on Earth right now. This is another specific human capabilities. The space will allow materialize thoughts.

The human body changes, there will be features that people only dreamed of. But in the new space-time continuum will

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Symptoms of a quantum transition, transmutation and ascension

Information at this stage of the so-called quantum transition Planet (the cleansing process, transmutation, resurrection, ascension), bringing some way to almost every person. Another question is — who wants to hear and understand, and who is not. It is time the immediate choice, because courses tightened. Recently, many have begun to global and profound transformation already and physical bodies — as a result of the unfolding of the matrix of the body of the New Man, the Man of the New Age, and "overlay" on the physical body.

This process took place in the past, but

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Instructions for Extraterrestrial Intelligence — Technology Transition

Numerous warnings about extraterrestrial civilizations beginning of global cataclysms forced humanity to change their normal lives and to make the transition to the highest level of the material world in the next cycle of life.



ETC inform, not to allow the coup poles as otherwise humanity will be destroyed within a fraction of seconds.


The goal of global cataclysms beginning — the complete destruction of the planet. This is due to the fact that the development of the consciousness of our planet is completely finished, and it

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DNA changes in connection with the transition.

Since April, the human DNA began to pass his more intensive mutation under the influence of increasing solar activity. More precisely — transmuting the cells of all living things on the planet has been going on for decades. But I write this because many are scared, trying to find doctors, unable to recognize in his physical body the process of change at a deep level. A treatment does not work, government health proposals will not work: it does not meet all the challenges that offers man … Sun. These symptoms appear and disappear suddenly appear for no reason, go away.

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Quantum Leap — the transition energy of the Cosmos

Quantum leap, or the Apocalypse, or while turning — process for the Earth, integrated into the global space system, is natural and logical. Since the inception of the person has already been seen, and his way is the line beyond which it can not move, if not properly perform the task and the laws set by the Higher Power of the Universe.

About the time of the transition from one era to another reported prophets throughout the formative period of human civilization. Now frowning key moment of change, a conditional which peaks on November 2011 — February 2013.

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