Humanity as a quantum jump

In its evolutionary development of humanity in a tight was over a time period 260 000 Earth years. During this time, the Sun will visit all 12 zodiac signs. Following this event, coming a whole range of anniversaries: a milestone life comes to the constellation of the Pleiades, which includes the solar system. This constellation is here — that will end its stay in orbit around the center of our galaxy, where it was stored for 230000000 million years. But the whole of our galaxy also completes the period of the rotation around the conditional center of the universe.

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The new reality, the technology transfer

Many individuals associated coming "end of the world" with the transition to a new reality. These wretched understanding Earth move somewhere there in time or space, and begin a completely different life. Of course, happy and well-fed, because humanity will be in terms of something like intergalactic investment fund.Nonsense of course, but it clogged the Internet. One gets the impression that the psycho nutcase sitting and crazy chases.And what you old reality does not fit? You did it yourself, and now waiting for a miracle? Yes, the hell we need at least a little bit of advanced civilization? All sorts

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One of the scenarios of the quantum transition

Events taking place on Earth right now, this is a huge jump start most of humanity into the higher realms of existence. Currently, the Earth and all who live in it, reached the end phase of the planetary cycle, and it's time to take the test of the maturity of the Soul. That is why so much attention is paid to this planet from various cosmic civilizations.

Depends on each individual person — whether the energy flow of grace for his body and mind or destructive. The most reliable remedy — it purify their thoughts, feelings and body. And

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Jump condition. Transition 2012

People who prepared the mind and the physical vehicle (body) to the coming changes in the world will not die, but to change and extend your life "to the Old Testament", and can and will gain immortality, offered together with the planet in the etheric octave.

Change the body, a way to maintain the physiology of living conditions. Change thinking, become commonplace ability, speaking of which, as we use the prefix "on …" They will come "from above" — from mastering the heart, mind, body, upper-range energy coming from the Galactic Center (the Great Central Sun) in the ring

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Shower and transition space systems Transition planet

We live in the great prophets foretold a time when the end came together together several cycles of development: universal, galactic, solar, earth and human. This point in time is marked by an event of great magnitude and importance. What is the meaning of these changes?

Let us return briefly to the past of the Earth and humanity. Over a long period of existence of different races changed many civilizations. First — their birth, flowering, then — the decline and death. But the race did not die completely, always remain its best representatives, giving life to the next generation.

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The phase transition of humanity!

We are scared and for good reason. We were afraid that we expect in the future. If we speak of the phase transition, it is necessary to define what it is. Here, the issue is more about physics.

Phase transition — a transition of matter from one state to another. And in this case, a matter we shall mean a person's name and its possible transition to a new state. The simplest example of the transition of matter from one state to another, we can observe with you every day — it is the boiling of water, ie,

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The greatest problem in the world — the lack of self-awareness. People do evil, because I do not see what they are doing. Only our reflection can give us immunity from kneeling slavery reflexology. Self-awareness breaks the spell. Our only chance — to be able to create the reflection itself. Otherwise, we will remain slaves, controlled by external stimuli. Reflection allows you to base their actions on the internal tendencies, and this choice is born.

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Secrets of subtle matter

Most people realize, a few even believe that the physical body has an energy basis. This framework in the esoteric tradition called "etheric body", it provides a number of surprising phenomena and effects, and simultaneously serves as a source of mass speculation. The existence of the etheric body also questioned many of the principles of traditional medicine and points to its alternatives.

Esoteric view of the world suggests that a man has seven subtle bodies: atmanicheskoe, buddhialnoe, causal, mental, astral, etheric and physical. These bodies and their relationships are the main tools used by man in his daily life.

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Another look at one: Upcoming Events

Recently, a few people got similar questions about the future: what awaits people than myself will mark 2012, will there be a new era for what it is, whether to wait for the "end of the world", will be different than life in the near future from today.

With these questions I turned to my grandfather, and his answer is always to motivate the development and improvement of search — to expand the knowledge of the cosmos and the divine law. He says that will give a ready answer only those who are not interested in that person

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