Global natural disaster since the Great Flood

We Russians will never forget the summer of 2010. A wave of heat, cover Russia lasted from late April to mid-August, almost without releasing and not giving weary people no respite. Mortuaries in Russian cities were crowded, but no one will give us the true statistics, how many people died from the heat, because, in contrast to the cold, dying not from the heat, and by its associated factors. Temperature 40 ° C in the shade was common to most parts of the country in July.

Accompanying heat nebyvylaya drought destroyed much of the harvest, and many springs, lakes

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Apocalypse: what will happen?

Topics covered in detail: the myth of global warming, climate and geophysical weapons, GMOs, vaccinations, etc.

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12 main questions about the upcoming end of the world: NASA told all

National Space Agency of the United States (NASA) decided to calm people's concerns and responded to 12 major questions about the end of the world

Recently, the Internet is literally bred predictions coming doomsday prophecies backed Vanga, Nostradamus verse and, most importantly, a mysterious Mayan calendar. According to the most common in people of legend, in December 2012 the first crash into the Earth planet Nibiru, which, of course, put an end to the fat of the entire human civilization. The story became so popular that the Internet-users from around the world have begun to attack the official NASA

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The true reasons for the end of the world.

The true reasons for the end of the world — from the past to the future. What awaits us in the future, after the global errors of the past? These questions will be answered: Victor Rogozhin, Sergey Mader, Yuri Kovelenov, as well as the permanent leader Sergei wisely

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Quirk of nature in the cube

Magnetar, pretending to be a pulsar, has puzzled astronomers

Using several large radio telescopes located on different continents, managed to clarify some of the amazing details of the "life" of a unique facility, opened in 2003 X-ray Observatory NASA Rossi (as transient anomalous X-ray pulsars) and the designation XTE J1810-197. Expected that XTE J1810-197 is a single rotating neutron star, which has a high-powered magnetic field — the so-called magnetars (magnetar).

However, despite the fact that all magnetars represent a very small class of objects, XTE J1810-197 and of magnetars was truly unique, capable of such tricks, which previously

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Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko № 163 (19. 11. 2012)

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Territory misconceptions № 6 (20. 11. 2012)

For many years, physicists, astronomers, anthropologists and archaeologists argue about, from whom there was a man, as the universe was born, why the solar system is not arranged in such a way as everyone else, and who have made our world so. Weekly program "Territory errors" with well-known scientists of the world will go on an exciting journey to the various continents of the Earth to find the answers to these difficult, but so many people are interested in the questions …

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Scientists have discovered a gene-predictor of the time of death

U.S. researchers have identified a genetic variation that affects the body clock is so strong that it can specify at what time of the day most likely will come the death of a person.

Study author Andrew Lim Medical Center Beth Israel (USA, Boston) have found that the internal body clock influence on the advance of acute clinical conditions such as stroke or heart attack.

Lim and his colleagues looked for genetic traits that indicate an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease. The study involved about 1.2 thousand people over 65. All of them

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Dmitry Puchkov and Andrei Kochergin: end of the world will be!

Dmitry "Goblin" Tufts — a writer, translator, and Andrei Kochergin — Orthodox Christian cancel doomsday and explain who is who in the so-called "opposition".

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End of the world 2012. As catastrophe

In the Mayan prophecy for 2012 on December 21, said no further … Will be a unique astronomical event, galactic eclipse, when our sun comes between the earth and the center of the galaxy, and hide us from the source of the mind … The last time this event was 26,000 years ago …

Possess this information, not all Indians without exception, and only dedicated. In present-day Mexico, it has become fashionable to speak the language of Nahuatl Indians and speak with the New Age style. But this is not, is another matter and respect the traditions of the

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