Judgment day awaits humanity in 2014

"Judgement Day" for humanity will occur in 2014. On this, as the BBC, said Professor Nicholas Cambridge Bowl.

Scientists believe that at the beginning of each century there is a certain important event that decides the fate of the century. As proof of his theory professor cites historical facts: 1618 — year of the beginning of the Thirty Years War and in all following decades of religious strife in Europe. In 1815, Napoleon was overthrown, why, believes Bowl entire nineteenth century for Europe was relatively quiet. An important argument Bowl — beginning in 1914, the First World War and

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Mysteries of the Bible

Miracle of the Bible! According to the Institute for Bible Translation in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1986, it has been translated into 1,848 languages, so that only about two percent of the world's population does not have its own language no book of Scripture. Now she moved more than a thousand small languages, even if they say thousands, hundreds or even dozens of people.

In terms of circulation, it always takes the first place in the world in 1900 was printed five million Bibles and New Testaments 7,000,000, and in 1980 — 36 million Bibles, New Testaments 57

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Theory AntiZemli

Whether for our sun, on the opposite side of the orbit, there is another planet, which does not differ in mass and size of our Earth?

What planet is this: part of a harmonious dual system, which can be "dubbed" Earth — Antizemlya? A better alternative world and our Earth, with respect to Gloria, "draft" — the idea that inspired the writers — fiction, for example, by Sergei Lukyanenko?

The idea of finding a twin of our planet — unknown to us until Gloria — comes from the priests of ancient Egypt. According to their view, the people were

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Person relinquished the third eye. For sleep

And some animals kept this relic

Tuatara — a priceless treasure for scientists because it is — one of the oldest reptile in the world this type of about 225 million years. Leaving only a few islands of New Zealand. It is a living fossil that looks like a lizard, recalls the time when four-legged turned into turtles, lizards, crocodiles and dinosaurs. Since then, it has not changed, and therefore makes it possible to judge how it would look like "contemporaries," writes science.compulenta.ru.

Samon remarkable — this animal has education at the top of the head, which looks like

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Scientists are preparing for the end of the world: all life is frozen

Around the world, set up laboratories, where at low temperatures stored tissue samples from animals and plants

Log in coldstore at Schpitsbergene.Photo: relaxic.net

Nibiru Apophis. WHAT ELSE?

Apocalyptic mood today is in the air. Tourists from all over the world aspire to get on December 21 settlement Tortuguero (Tabasco, Mexico), where he found an ancient Mayan calendar with the date of the apocalypse. Buy tickets — want to see for the last day of the earth.

The scientists from NASA prepared to launch into space telescope, which will try to find the planet Nibiru. According to ancient legends of the

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Sklyarov about Nibiru and the Hollow Earth

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End of the world. How it will be.

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Secret files Apocalypse Death planet

In the past decade, started talking about the imminent end of the world. Many scholars call a particular year, when there will be an apocalypse. But is it? What might happen to our planet in the near future? If not in 2012, when our planet will die? Perhaps existing scripts apocalypse no more than loud hypothesis scientists?

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Global warming is back to life the ancient monsters

Scientists have managed to revive life, which in ancient times was frozen in glaciers Atlantic. The experiment had been returned to the life-celled organisms. Their species has not been determined.

According to Kay Baydla, assistant professor of marine biology at Rutgers University (New Jersey), the study is of the utmost importance. The fact is that until now, scientists did not know whether or not frozen in the ice of ancient organisms and their DNA, in principle, be brought back to life, and how long after freezing cells retain viability

Together with Professor Paul Falkovski, Dave Merchantom and other doctor

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NASA undertakes search Nibiru planet-killer

And launches a new space telescope

Scientists from NASA plans to launch a space telescope, with which they will try to find the planet Nibiru, or as it is called, "Planet X". It is the ancient tradition of the Sumerians, with a certain periodicity flies around the earth. The existence of the mysterious planet was discovered by scientists at the U.S. space agency in 1983, the year with an infrared telescope IRAS. Some researchers believe that its gravitational force, for example, was the instigator of the Great Flood and the disappearance of Atlantis.

Recall that in 2010 the American

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