Why do we sleep?

At this session, we spend about a third of his life. If we deny this, we get sick. But we still do not know well, why should sleep.

At first glance, the answer is obvious: to the brain and other organs to rest and recover. But why can not we have a rest, staying awake and continue to be on guard? Why we can not restore power, and watch? Mystery …

Photo HelenHates Peas.

Sleep — so common phenomenon in nature, that it must be incredibly useful. Even fruit flies and nematodes sometimes fall into a state of inaction, of

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Mirror matter

Mirror matter — is not anti-matter, but something even more strange. These are the "reflection" of ordinary matter, a sort of a parallel set of particles, requiring to restore the balance in the universe. Seems fantastic? But now conducted experiments designed to prove or disprove the existence of this strange, potentially significant, but so far undetected component of the cosmos.

Mirror matter — a hypothetical form of matter that restores damaged natural mirror symmetry. The laws of nature, for example, defines the interaction of fundamental particles, show a high level of symmetry, with the exception of some of the

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In black holes lurk advanced civilizations

Inside black holes may exist forms of life, including in the form of highly developed civilizations, which for various reasons do not want to disclose their location to "brothers in mind," said an employee of the Moscow Institute for Nuclear Research, Vyacheslav Dokuchaev.

According to popular belief, black holes suck in everything that is around them, including light — and then everything disappears. However Dokuchaev confident that within them there are areas where the photons can survive in stable periodic orbits. And if there are orbits for photons, there is no reason that we could disprove the existence

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Scientists gave a dreadful forecast for the 21st century.

Space provocation, similar in its surprise attack from Japan on Pearl Harbor in 1941, will result in 2050 of a new world war, which will take place on Earth, its immediate neighborhood, and even on the moon. On the political map of the world Russia.

This treacherous attack first reported American futurologist George Friedman … forty years before the events in vivid colors he described in his new book. According to the forecast of the writer, space provocation, similar in its surprise attack from Japan on Pearl Harbor in 1941, will result in 2050 of a new world war, which

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Planet against man. Dead water

About the film: In the spring of 2011 in Krasnodar the tragedy. Dozens of people died, not having to leave home, in a flood. A year has passed and the tragedy has come again, in the Crimean.

Original title: Planet against man. Dead waterYear: 2012Genre: Documentary, thematicIssued: Russia, "Studio Ivan Usacheva" LLC, "acceptance"Director: Maxim VolodinModerator: Vitaly Chuvaev

Category: Scientists, experts, science

Sergei Apin — Message (March 2012)

SERGEI APIN doomsday and what happened on 11-13 November 2012

Category: Scientists, experts, science

The truth about 2012. What can the Illuminati. Impact on climate

Category: Scientists, experts, science

Part of God and the New World Order (Sergei Salle)

Sall Sergey Albertovich superluminal NEYTRINO.VSYA TRUTHReport of the International Congress "Fundamental Problems of Science and Technology"

Category: Scientists, experts, science

DNA can be replaced by modern media

Modern carriers of digital information — whether it is magnetic or optical disks, flash cards and so on — are not perfect. In their place are soon to come … the DNA molecule.

Throughout its history, mankind has used many different physical media — from stone, clay, bone, wood, papyrus and parchment to paper, plastic, magnetic and semiconductor materials. Scientific and technological progress is evident, however, he not only brought benefits. When it comes to media capacity or speed of registration, it is clear that none of the Sumerian scribes with their clay tablets would not be able to

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The Migration XXI Century

The power of man today is obvious. The click of a few buttons, he is able to destroy all life on Earth. However, this power and limited. While we can not prevent droughts or catastrophic flood or volcanic eruption, earthquake, tsunami … The consequences of them are always the same: in addition to the death of many people, large areas of land are unsuitable for further accommodation, and that involves the migration of peoples . And it is very possible that they will come to another country is not in hand, begging for help, and with a gun!

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