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Yakut scientists explore brain mammoth

Yuka — virtually the only well-preserved mammoth specimens

On the Day of Russian Science Yakut scientists have prepared another sensation: the world's first brain will be examined well-preserved baby mammoth. Yuka mammoth was discovered in the summer of 2010, and examined almost all sides. But the study of brain structure mammoth will be a world first.

As previously found the remains of ancient animals brain was absent due to drying or putrefaction. Even a skull could not guarantee the safety of the brain. And Yuka — virtually the only well-preserved mammoth specimens.

Studies will be held at

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Power Flash to the sun can lead to the end of the world

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The creators of the chimeras

U.S. researchers said they have grown animal? Chimera! 85% is a sheep, and 15% — people. Externally, it will quietly: head, body, legs and tail of it are the same as ordinary sheep, but the liver is mainly composed of human cells.

Implementation of a long-standing scientific ideas required of a professor of the University of Nevada Esmail Zanjani seven years. The project was conceived as a search for an alternative source of organs for transplant to sick people.

The thought-men as living containers for growing bodies need is not new. It is based on the idea of the miraculous

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Displacement of the Earths poles

How and why can occur shifting of the poles? Among scientists

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Apocalypse. Fatal faults

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Scientists around the world are aware of the upcoming change of the poles of the planet Earth. This was first predicted by Japanese scientists 16 years ago. Even before 13 October 1917. was the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary to three shepherd in Fatima (Portugal) with a message of great importance for the future of the human race.

This message contains information about the change of the poles, and planetary catastrophe as the "end of the world" as well as an explanation of the upcoming "solar and lunar miracle" — the appearance of two suns in the sky,


Atlantis — is Ireland?

Modern Ireland — a legendary sunken Atlantis. With such a hypothesis made Swedish geographer Ulf Erlingsson.

As in 360 BC. e. wrote the Greek philosopher Plato, Atlantis was a huge island in the middle Atlantic Ocean, where about 11.5 thousand years ago has blossomed oldest civilization on Earth. But then some catastrophe of universal scale island plunged into the depths of the waters, and he was gone forever.

Controversy about the fate of Atlantis and its possible location being not the first millennium. Ulf Erlingsson, contrary to the opinion of the Greek classics, believes that all the descriptions of

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Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko. (25. 02. 2013)

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Kuzbass yeti was a bear

The myth of the Russian Bigfoot seems debunked

Hair samples of Bigfoot, supposedly dwells in the Kemerovo region, studied by scientists from the University of Oxford (UK). Their conclusion was categorical: being "terrorized the Russian for three years," is the most common bear.

In Mountain Shoria (Russia) in the three years of rumors about the existence of the Kuzbass "Bigfoot" has accumulated a great many patches of hair that were found in various caves and named wool of this mysterious creature. However, to date none of the samples has not been studied.

Recall Mountain Shoria recently got

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BBC: How does the Earth. Documentary

The surface of our planet may seem static, but the mechanisms that take place in the center of the Earth offer us a completely different picture. Every day, the Earth is about fifty large earthquakes and the average twelve powerful volcanic eruptions. Every second, the ground beneath our feet is moving and changing. Traveling to the center of the earth, we're going to show you how geological processes in the heart of the planets influence our lives and draining the oceans.

Planet Earth is unique, it is a miracle of planetary mechanics driven by an internal heat. The latest satellite

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