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Named the «Top Ten» most intelligent people

There is in it, and one representative of Russia

International Organization Super Scholar, specializing in the evaluation of mental abilities of students included in the top ten most intelligent, in her opinion, people Garry Kasparov, the youngest world champion in chess history and record holder for the duration of stay in the first line in the rating of the strongest chess players of the world. His IQ — IQ — is 190, which allows him to take the honorable fifth place in the "top ten" of the greatest minds of our time, drawn Super Scholar. To be sure, Super

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Methods for identifying a persons personality

There came a time when fingerprinting, retinal scan or voice features of spyware attributes passed to ensure the safety and comfort in different areas of modern life. It is a biometric technology.

ID cards to biometrics

Biometrics is a collection of methods and devices for human identification, which are based on its unique physiological or behavioral characteristics.

This type of identification can be used to prevent the forbidden access to buildings and to the computers, ATMs, mobile phones and so on.

Biometric features are:

fingerprints; the geometry of the face; iris of the eye; Figure retina voice; handwriting; type on

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How Astral controls peoples lives and society?

According to the magazine "SA Scientific Journal", a group of scientists from the University of Cape Town made a sensational discovery. Were received confirmation that our minds control astral beings! Significance of this discovery is so great that all the research related to the study of the effects were not only classified, and attempts have been made, remove all previously published an article with information about these studies?


The general public has long been known Kirlians method has allowed to take pictures of the fields surrounding the biological objects. The researchers involved in the study of the paranormal, these

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Energy plot

Industrialized countries in dire need of energy. Its consumption is increasing every year as well as the price. What if energy suddenly become cheap and available to everyone in unlimited quantities? Large companies — the world suppliers of expensive fuel — it will be bankrupted! And that the world remained the most expensive depending on traditional forms of energy, there was a conspiracy — energy.

Objectionable inventors

From 1890 until his death in 1943, the Croatian "electric" genius Nikola Tesla registered a number of patents: transformers and generators of free energy, propulsion and even weapons,

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Worst days on planet Earth

For more than four billion years, Earth has undergone difficult times. What else can happen? Can fateful encounter with the planet flew too close? Or deadly rays vyzhgut on the planet all life? Life on earth is constantly teetering on the brink for a variety of reasons, ranging from volcanoes and ending izverezheniya tiny microbes that cause global cooling. Ended in a terrible times or they are coming to us only? We made a list of the seven most terrible days that may befall the planet earth.

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Secret area. Signs of Darkness 18. 01. 2013

Why not place all the expected end of the world? Who prevented embody the idea of the dark forces? Why is the threat of the quantum leap of the Earth, which could destroy all life is saved?

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We live inside a giant brain?

For decades, scientists and writers discussed the idea that our universe may be a "giant brain." And now physicists say that we were able to get some evidence that this can happen in reality.

In the journal Nature's Scientific Reports, an article appeared on the study, the results of which proved that the universe has the ability to grow as a huge brain. This process is accompanied by electrical discharges between the expanding galaxies, a sort of "mirror" cells.

This was revealed by computer simulation. The researchers built a model of

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Siegel teaching

Beginning in 1990, the students of Felix Siegel, Soviet astronomer, one of the founders of Russian ufology, conduct an annual "Siegel reading." They researchers of anomalous phenomena share their successes and challenges.

— For his book "UFOs over Earth" I won the Lomonosov — boasted an honorary member of the presidium, the famous test pilot Marina Popovich. — Now I am asked to write a book about myself, but I'm not interested. I am passionate about searching for anything related to UFOs.And then with enthusiasm, with a gleam in his eyes, and slowly choking fascinated room is packed full

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What scientists now believe, but can not prove

For twenty years, beginning in 1991 founder of Edge Foundation, John Brockman, supports research in science and technology, the world's leading intellectuals asked the question: "Great minds sometimes guess the truth before they appear facts or arguments in its favor. The great philosopher Denis Diderot called this ability "spirit of prophecy."

What do you believe, though can not prove it? "Scientists share their hypotheses on various topics — from the mystery of love to the other life in the universe. It turned out that the authorities did not even ashamed to believe in something that looks like sheer

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The threats of the modern world. Thirst of planetary scale. Doc. film

We use it every day, we've learned that she dutifully pours out of the tap at our request, but we often forget that it is water that manages all of our existence. Depends on it, what will be the weather, the landscape outside the window, without it we will live for a week, because we are 90% water. We think that water supplies are limitless, but we are wrong. And becomes less water in general, and the liquid that is suitable for drinking. Today is experiencing water shortages in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and in 25 years, according

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