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Standing over the world

Why is based on the laws of open science can not explain the origin of the universe, life and mind? Hard to believe, but, most likely, the reason is one: what we are taught in schools and universities, as written by people who devoted his life to science, in most cases — a fairy tale. Indeed, in much of the science that is unshakable — just a theory, which according to most scholars. But the majority is not always right. So tomorrow will be a new hypothesis, and textbooks will be rewritten. So we picked up gradually to the truth,

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God lives in a different universe

Scientists at Cambridge and Princeton universities made a sensational statement, saying that "Big Bang" by which allegedly originated from the void universe was preceded by 'Big Splash. "

And it happened in a certain higher-dimensional space — not three, as we have, and with eleven dimensions, six of which are rolled into tiny threads. The energy of this surge has created "Big Bang." And he, in turn, the visible matter and time. There was our universe, which is now the "neighbors" with the — "mother" and invisible.

There is even a hypothesis that there is — in "Through the

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Russian sensation: Psychics. Battle for Happiness (2012)

Battling the deadly disease, he often sought help for her … Personal psychic Ilya Oleinikov tells how she tried to help the artist and could not.

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End of the world of animal viruses

In the next five years on humanity may strike a disease transmitted from animals and kill their victims. We are in for a real Armageddon, experts believe. 

Symptoms of the disease appear suddenly with severe headaches, high fever, aches in the joints, stomach cramps and vomiting. Then the disease progresses, causing the formation of large bruises on the body and non-healing, bleeding ulcers. At least 30% of the hemorrhagic fever Crimean-Congo is fatal to their victims, says Medikforum.

Recently in the medical center of London Royal Free Hospital, died 38-year old owner of an automobile repair shop Glasgow, which contracted

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World government: myth and reality

Historian, sociologist, writer Andrew Fursov a world government as a capitalist dream. Presenter — Andrew Fefelov


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We are waiting for planetary catastrophe?

Environmentalists Potsdam Institute for climate change have concluded that sea levels will rise by 60 per cent faster than the world scientists predicted earlier. Every year for the last 20 years, sea levels rose by 3.2 millimeters instead of the expected two. Such rapid growth can talk about the imminent planetary catastrophe.

Previous forecast of sea level change was made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). However, the German experts together with their colleagues from France and the U.S. have denied previous IPCC conclusions. Recent findings are based on a comparison of the forecast increase in global

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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. Artifacts of the past (15. 11. 2012)

In Bashkortostan, was found the so-called "Card Creator", in Bulgaria — an alien skull, in the Tula region — stone with strange creatures. That hide the mysterious artifacts from the past?

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Secret area. Who occupied lands? (16. 11. 2012)

Recently in Primorye were found traces paleocontacts — visit to Earth of extraterrestrial intelligence. Some scientists have made a sensational conclusion: the Far East was a laboratory in which was artificially created by a reasonable man.

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Irkutsk scientists have developed a new program to monitor earthquakes

Quickly learn about the earthquake. Now, the opportunity was at Irkutsk scientists. At the Institute of the Earth's crust have developed a new program to monitor aftershocks. It gives a picture of what happened just a few minutes.

— It shows how to handle the earthquake that struck on 11 November. Was defined as time from the records of three seismic stations. That is the nearest seismic data is sent, it is Chara.

These screens all the latest seismic data Baikal and the surrounding regions. In near real-time information they convey all, even

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Alien technology will be indistinguishable from magic

Stephen Hawking recently warned that contact with an advanced alien civilization might have uzhasnayuschie consequences for the human race. Arthur C. Clarke once famously observation that sufficiently advanced technology is for the observer to be indistinguishable from magic.

In the story, the Strugatsky "Kid" was first occupied zvezdoletchiki another planet for mind blank and after and could not understand what kind of laws there is intelligent life out there.

Following in their footsteps, the recognized world experts from physicist Sir Martin Rees of Cambridge University to astrobiologist Paul Davies of Arizona State University asked the question — and if

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