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Gods judgment. The mystery of the cross and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on the eve of Passover. The birth of the holiday due to the start date of the exodus of Jews from Egypt under the leadership of Moses and those astronomical events, against which they occurred. It happened in the age of Aries (2330 — 170 BC), during the reign of Amenhotep II. The first Easter was held at night ("night vigil") during the kind of God's Judgment — tenth "plagues" in the evening 14 days of the lunar month of Nisan (March-April) until the morning of the day of Nisan 15, the first full moon after

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Armageddon virus destroy humanity in 5 years

Scientists are sounding the alarm: they discovered a previously unknown to science virus, which is transmitted from animals and insects to people and that in the near future can almost destroy humanity. This writes the Daily Mail.

One victim of the "virus of Armageddon," as he was called scientists, were 38-year-old Briton. The other day he died in a London hospital of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever.

The symptoms of the disease — a headache, and joint pain, nausea and fever. As the disease on the patient appear extensive bruising, starting uncontrollable bleeding of internal organs.


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Stephen Hawking and the Theory of Everything

World-renowned physicist and bestselling author * Brief History of Time * — Stephen Hawking asks the question: "How did it start and why are we here?" -Wants to answer these questions.In the understanding of the Unified Theory can help the so-called string theory or M-theory, as it will be discussed in the program.

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Bomb for a tsunami

According to the telegraph, the U.S. and New Zealand had secretly underwater super-bomb to create a tsunami.

The tests took place during World War II in the waters around Auckland and New Caledonia. According to the results proved that such a weapon is quite real, and it can fulfill its purpose. To create a tsunami thirty-three feet, able to flood a small town, rather a series of ten large explosions.

As part of a top secret operation, known as «Project Seal», was tested "apocalyptic devices", which was seen as a possible

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Kozyrevs Mirrors and experiments with them

Aluminum (at least — glass, mirror or made of other metals) spiral plane, which, according to the hypothesis proposed by a renowned astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev, reflect physical time and like the lens can focus different types of radiation, including those coming from biobektov. Kozyrev mirrors conventional design is of folded clockwise 1.5 turns flexible mirror sheet of brushed aluminum, which houses the chair test and measurement equipment.

The device resembles stone mirrors Tibet, which "compress time." There is evidence of the strange death of four climbers who were in the field of the Tibetan mirror and a few hours

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A kilogram is heavier?

The confusion has caused the scientific community to the British scientists from the University of Newcastle.

It was reported that as a result of the changes in the environment of world standard — kilogram becomes more difficult. "Stored in Paris at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures as the global benchmark for the kilogram added 137 years of its existence in weight," — said the London newspaper "Daily Telegraph". Although the extra weight of tens micrograms, but the physics is very significant value, since they lose its weight constant.

The situation is complicated by the fact that in

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Paraboloid death

The beginning of the twentieth century has brought into the daily life of mankind many useful inventions: the distribution of electricity and the internal combustion engine has reached unprecedented proportions, which made travel much more convenient.

In the military has also witnessed a breakthrough — the battlefields dusty tanks in heaven chatter engines bombers, railways ironed armored … However, this inquisitive design ideas did not stop, and one by one began to appear a weapon, striking enemies … "death rays."

Krysoboyka Mathews

The mysterious identity of the mysterious device

The most famous character in the creation

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10 good reasons for panspermia

There are phenomena in the universe that my mind refuses to accept and understand. One is spontaneous generation of life. I can not put as from non-living, and there was further developed, self-improving, as have such complex biological mechanisms and linked together for a common goal — to life.

There are several theories of the origin of life. The scientific world can not come to a general theory, since each of them has their arguments and their inconsistencies. One of the possible theories of the origin of life is panspermia — entry germ of life (microorganisms) from outer space.

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Theorem, which came up with the genius of the Indian death, was proved in 100 years

Puzzle, which came to a brilliant Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan in his sleep at his deathbed, was solved almost 100 years after his death.

The data thus obtained can now be used to explain some of the properties of black holes. Near death in 1920, Ramanujan wrote to his mentor, British mathematician Hardy, a set of new mathematical functions, which no one had ever before heard, and wrote their guesses about how they worked. It was only decades later, researchers can say that they have proved that Ramanujan was right, and that this formula can explain the behavior of

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Britain is preparing for the apocalypse, and the invasion of zombies

In the case of an apocalypse caused by the onset of the armies of the undead, officials will coordinate the military, and the development of plans to combat the invasion of zombies will be engaged in the cabinet, said the representative of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence.

The Ministry of Defence does not intend to attack zombies or struggle with the consequences, because this role to the Cabinet of Ministers, which coordinates emergency planning. Details about the amazing willingness of the British authorities came in response to a citizen.

The Ministry of Defence said: "In the

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