Ukrainian engineer knows how to calm the storm

Who the wind will come to us, the one with the wind and die. Ukrainian inventor Victor Bernatsky offers a unique climate weapons to fight hurricanes. The principle of operation is described by Pushkin in "Ruslan and Lyudmila".

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That would be, what would that be?

1. What would happen if the Earth were twice?

If the diameter of the planet was 16,000 km, the mass would increase by a factor of 8, and the force of gravity would be twice as strong. All the plants and animals that exist today would have died under the weight of their body weight, and there would be a new species.

2. What would happen if the world there was another view similar to humans?

If the planet was inhabited by another, as technologically savvy kind of beings as people, then we would take place between the constant

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Cosmic caterpillar.

Now there is great excitement about the fall of the Chelyabinsk meteorite are programs about space aliens, and not a word about the fall of the Sikhote Alin meteorite. And after all, it was by geological standards, more recently — in 1947. And it was a large meteorite entered the top ten — about 23 tons.

In composition, nickel-iron, a fall near the village of Meteor scattered into many different pieces. In early 2000 we had a rush to collect these fragments, the people went out into the forest and with the help of metal detectors have collected a

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Romanian physicist warns that the December 21, 2012 the frequency of vibration of the Earth will be a record

The secret of the so-called end of the world is that on December 21 the frequency of vibration of the Earth will reach a record high — 12.6 — 12.8 Hz. People who are able to "tune in" to this frequency will benefit spiritually. This statement was made by the Romanian physicist Dinke Anka, the inventors in the field of biology, winner VI Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments in 2006, according to "New Region", with reference to the Romanian edition Clic.

While Romanian physicist argues that the world will not end.

"Relax, eat, drink and walk with

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NASA reports: Stargate do exist!

Stargate, magnetic portals, vortexes in space: science fiction writers give various names unusual holes in space / time, to explain how travelers from distant regions of space, time, or both of them to come into the orbit of the Earth. But it is — just a trick of science fiction, an occasion to tell a good story, is not it?

It turns out that they do exist, although the opening is said to be in its early stages. Researcher at the University of Iowa funded NASA suggested how to find them. However, some believe that it is — old

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Secrets of the world. Revenge of the Earth

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Matrix — today, here and now

This sign, which at first glance is a serious delusion conspiracy theorist who had mastered the basics of computer graphics and wants to bamboozle the public evidence of the plot — the logo of the Information Awareness Office, "Information Awareness Office (IAO)", which was founded in January 2002 to bring together several DARPA projects Direction the development of information technologies for the monitoring and tracking of potential terrorists and other asymmetric threats to U.S. national security by advancing "Vseinformirovannosti", Total Information Awareness (TIA).

Some of the projects of the Information Awareness Office included:

(HumanID) human identification at a distance.

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Picture of humanity

Techno telepathy was in the list of five technologies that, according to the forecast IBM «5 in 5? Most strongly influence the life of society in the next five years. "Imagine that you only need to think about calling someone, and it will be perfect. Or you may want to move the object on the screen, and the computer will do it. Within 5 years we will witness the emergence of the first versions of this technology in the gaming and entertainment industry, "- experts predict IBM.

It should be noted that the existing technology is allowed to go

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Military Secret № 165 with Igor Prokopenko (03. 12. 2012)

— Army no longer live. What ended serdyukovschina?— The pillar of cloud. Unknown details of Middle East war.— To the enemy through. The latest development of Russian designers.— Atrilleriya siege. As our ancestors fought.— Battle for Moscow. The biggest battle in the history of mankind.— Russian Nostradamus. How to change the world?— VIP room. U.S. weapons seals.— Mixed martial arts. Universal Mixed Martial Arts.— The mystery of the valley. Scientists have discovered the oldest building in the world

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Alchemy money. The X-Files

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