Apocalypse. Land.

Why natural disasters are becoming more frequent and destructive? Maybe this is a reaction to the aggressive behavior of the Earth humans.

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Matrix tricks or captivity dimensional illusions.

Changes come to us early in the morning to take us more cushy, but not when we are waiting in full gear.

Now we live in a reality where new words, or rather, the description of the world, such as software programming .. . It's no secret that the program — a sequence of instructions. Put simply — orders for the computer. We, like most superficial know the principle of programming — something like a binary code, usually 0 and 1. This is followed by a whole bunch of incomprehensible that we, mere mortals, all this brain enters into a

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Apocalypse: There are too many (2012)

Statistics show that in spite of wars, natural disasters and disease, humanity is still growing. A further increase in the number of people can not only lead to a shortage of food and water in the most developed countries, but also to the fact that people will kill each other in the fight for a place under the sun.

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Underground world of the Maya. The real end of the world (2012)

Diego Bunuel dives into the water and travels through underground tunnels, exploring the mysterious death of the Mayan civilization about 1000 years ago.Documentary

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Than like astronomy and astrology?

One of the most controversial science today, perhaps, is astrology. On the one hand, each person who declares himself a modern astrologer, says that he can with the help of the heavenly bodies to look into the future and explain the mysteries of the past, but on the other hand, astrology is a science that does not have such fundamentals as the same mathematics or chemistry.

This provides food for many talk about astrology as people who are guided by a little transparent in explaining the laws of certain astrological predictions and horoscopes.

There are even more specific section

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Flood planetary

According to German researchers, the level of water in the oceans is increasing much faster than previously expected, and residents of low-lying coastal areas around the globe will soon have to face the threat of flooding.

Researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change learned from recent satellite observations, and found that over the past twenty years, sea levels rose by an average of 3.2 millimeters per year, which is 60% faster than thought, UN experts. In this matter, tried to understand energy program director of Greenpeace Vladimir Chuprov.

He noted that the statement of the possibility of flooding

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Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life (2012)

This new film-thinking British ethologist Richard Dawkins, an evolutionist and popularizer of science is not about whether there is a God or not. It explores more complex questions, such as:-"What happens when we move on and leave behind a religion?"-"That will guide and inspire us in a world free from all the gods?"-"As an atheist finds meaning in life?"-"How can we face death without consolation afterlife?"-"How do we distinguish between good and evil?"

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Apocalypse. The eruption of Krakatoa

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Curves of our time

Time travel — it's not a fantasy? For more than half a century, scientists draws theory of so-called "closed curves of time." According to her, there are some temporary streams that, in describing a trajectory, are sent back to the starting point. The publication spoke with the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Joseph Steiner about the possible presence of time trends in our universe, and their practical application.

Theory of closed time curves (SPC) describes that in a general relativistic physics, when driving in the same space-time continuum, any particle eventually returns to the starting point of the

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Scientists NASA: end of the world on December 21 will not be

Scientists of the American space agency NASA convinced, despite numerous predictions that the end of the world in December of this year, will not occur.

"Our planet was fine for more than 4 billion years, and claims that the end of the world is coming soon, are without any scientific justification," — noted in a statement posted on its website.

One of them, in particular, is that the Earth will face wandering in the solar system mythical planet Nibiru, which supposedly predicted the existence of the Sumerians. Originally disaster for this scenario was planned in

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