Visualization — a term that has become well-known thanks to Jung, is conducting a comprehensive study of the human mind and psyche. But even before the term Jung and the concept existed in the older and less well-known science, foundered Buddhism and meditation.

However, not only in Buddhism existed and exist meditation techniques, not only in meditation begins and ends with visualization. Visualization — property of the human mind is able to reproduce the visible and invisible visual images (visual) of the series in my mind. In fact — the images that our mind perceives as a visual

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Apocalypse: The Earth Stood Still (27. 11. 2012)

Whether or not we believe in the apocalypse, but the promised end of the world in 2012 very little time left. It is time to provide for their own path spaseniya.Otkuda expect trouble? What will be the end of the world? The danger may come as a huge meteorite alien assault and deadly viruses.

And then the land may become uninhabitable … But there are ways to avoid a global catastrophe?The crew of the documentary "Apocalypse" — are journalists, first of all to obtain reliable information about where to build bunkers, which will save humans from certain death.


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Apocalypse. Deadly fun

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NASA experts recommend «sleep» End of the World

What is special about the date December 21, 2012? That's right, in this day happen apocalypse, according to experts, properly deciphered the writing of the Mayan Indians. However, archaeologists and astronomers NASA gossip not really believe. And therefore advised not to worry.

Particularly nervous chief specialist NASA program to monitor NEOs Don Yeomans (Don Yeomans) recommends 21 December 2012 Sleep well, reports

"It's like saying, if the calendar year ending December 31 marks the end of time, the end of everything. But the Maya never predicted that this time will be the end of the world! "- Outraged

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Apocalypse. Not breathe (26. 11. 2012)

Permanent carbon emissions, chemical pollution and deforestation inevitably lead to deterioration of environmental conditions on the planet. It is true, that if the loss of oxygen supply in the world is already running? Will humanity find a way to survive in such an atmosphere, or necessarily will die?

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Before the end of the world remained a matter of days

The Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012. On this day, a parade of planets, there will be disasters and the face of our planet will change. Many expect the Apocalypse, the complete destruction of the Earth or the rebirth of humanity. Is there scientific evidence that the predictions?

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Proponents of the theory that on December 21 will be the end of the world or the rebirth of humanity, guided by the Mayan calendar, which is not really finished. Researchers say the Maya civilization that ends one phase of the calendar

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Territory misconceptions number 7 with Igor Prokopenko (27. 11. 12)

USA — Evil Empire or the standard of democracy.As American financiers conned the whole world.Criminal springboard as after World U.S. unexpectedly rich.Why are descendants of Indians sharpen the ax of a new war

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How to survive the end of the world

On December 21, 2012 once again announcing the end of the world. And the sources of apocalyptic predictions very different — it's the Mayan prophecy, and the statement of the Buddhist monk that the world is mired in sin and be destroyed, and wandering planet Nibiru, and the so-called "parade of planets" (celestial phenomenon when the planets in the solar system, "line up "in one row). In short, the end of the world would be, but there is a reason.

Therefore, we asked our experts to question why people always waiting apocalypse and believe such predictions? Moreover, these predictions

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The most intriguing mystery unraveled water

Scientists have managed to solve one of the most intriguing mysteries of water: they found out how it can store information about the people who inhabit it. It turned out that some of the organic molecules trapped in the water, can be stored in it long enough. It's weird — in theory, they should be immediately destroyed. But somehow it does not.

Tradition has it that the water medium transmits odors over long distances is worse than the air. The reason is that signaling molecules, the aggregate of which, strictly speaking, is any odor, being very active in the

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Special Project. Conspiracy mortals.

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